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Women’s Viennaaa Dress Sandal


Key features

  • Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Heel measures approximately 5″
  • Platform measures approximately 1.25 “
  • Made in USA or Imported

Honest reviews



I must be defective because I put 3 layers if this on my arms and felt a slight tingle/itching sensation. Granted they say contact them for instructions regarding body application but I figured it couldn’t be THAT difficult or that much different from the facial instructions. I applied the tca Monday … It’s only Wednesday but my arms are just dry. I don’t really think anything is going to happen and I’m kind of annoyed -_-.

Angelica Crewe, VA


I have not used this peel before although I have used a 70% Glycolic peel. Thought I would try this one. From the reviews I read this peel seems to be much stronger that the Glycolic so I went with the 15% to start with, to see how my skin reacted to it. I have used it once. I left the peel on for about a two minutes. It did not ‘frost’ but I did not add more, I just neutralized it at that point and washed it off. It felt as if I had a very slight sunburn. Now, the third day, there are areas , especially around the mouth area, are turning leathery, and just barely beginning to peel. This is nothing that would keep me indoors away from others as it is not very noticeable. I am 61, but many think I am in my 40″s and I am still amazed at that as I was a sun worshipper and thought I had to have a tan to look good from my teens to 40’s! I have never had a face lift but have had face fillers in the past. I have never had botox. When I am not smiling there are no wrinkles around my eyes at all. It must be genetic. I had not used a peel for awhile and I noticed my jowl area was beginning to sag some. I can already feel a tightening of the area and am hoping it lasts after I peel. I believe with any new product it is important not to overdo and to go slowly at first. As I see the outcome of this peel, I will know how far I can go next time. I will probably graduate to the stronger solutions in time. I am also using a Derm Roller with it at the same time so don’t now how that affects the outcome but I hope it improves it. This company seems to have a fine product. They were also kind enough to send a sample of their glycolic acid which I used to exfoliate my lips! Thanks! It works so great for that . I just leave it on for about 30 seconds and it takes off all the dry skin but does not irritate my lips afterward. Anyway, I am happy at this point as it appears my reaction is a subtle one and that is what I wanted. I will add updates later on.A NOTE: Most all my friends have had complete face lifts, having all of it done at once beginning at the age of 40 . Some looked better on than others. All were done by different Dr’s so that could have something to do with it. The thing I noticed, except for one person, was that they did not look the same afterwards, they did not look like ‘themselves’. I decided after watching all them go through this and the results of it, that I would never have a face lift and, if anything, I might do small procedures targeting one area at a time, as needed. I haven’t done that yet though. Not ruling it out, but right now, I doubt I will even do that. There are so many things a woman can do now to improve the looks of her face. Fillers are wonderful , if not overdone, but must be done by a Dr. in most cases, and are expensive. A friend had laser resurfacing with her face lift and her skin never looked quite right after that. It had an unnatural look to it and had some blotches. The chemical face peels really do improve the skin and wrinkles and cause more collagen production. No topical creams can do what they do and they they improve the looks of the facial skin so much. When used carefully they can be done at home for hundreds to thousand of dollars less than a Dr. will charge. So, why not try it? It isn’t difficult. Just follow directions, go slowly and don’t overdo it. This is something we can do for a fraction of the cost of those expensive creams, etc, that will make a difference.Although there are some exceptions, most of the things we buy in jars do nothing to permanently improve the looks of our skin. OK, off my soap box! Seriously, If you have never tried a peel before and/or are tired of paying a Dr. to do it, try it yourself! Research! Read the Amazon reviews carefully, as they have a wealth of information in them, choose your product, read the instructions and have everything ready before you begin and then go slowly. You don’t have to go the full time, the first time. See how your skin reacts first and get it use to the process. All the best to you!

Kelli Bippus, IN

Awesome peel, really works

I decided to purchase this peel after noticing my skin was turning uneven and dull once I hit 30. I was also starting to notice fine lines creeping up around my eyes. I’ve tried the lower concentration department store peels in the past and I find they don’t do much and are a waste of money.First let me say that this strength of peel is not for the faint of heart. It hurts like heck, so if you’ve never done a chemical peel before you might want to start with a lighter one. I put the first layer on and noticed some frosting on my cheeks, forehead and chin. I was able to leave it on the full five minutes, and then did one more layer on the areas that didn’t frost. The second layer made tears run down my face and I could barely leave it on for a minute before I had to wash it off. The first 2-3 days my skin felt tight and leathery. I used a vitamin E oil to keep it moist and stayed completely out of the sun. Days 4-6 the skin started peeling much like a sunburn would. I had to go back to work, so I made sure to use a good sunscreen and I had to put foundation on my face to make it look somewhat presentable. My makeup looked like a caked on mask, but there wasn’t much I could do about it.Now that pretty much all the skin is peeled off I notice a significant reduction in pores, unevenness, dullness and fine lines. There is a slight reduction in dark spots, but I read it can take three peels to achieve a full effect so I’m not too worried about it.The only con is the downtime. You have to keep in mind your skin is going to look like crap before it looks better, so plan accordingly. I wouldn’t recommend doing this peel right before a major event or anywhere you need to look good.All in all, extremely high quality product for a good price that actually produces results.

Lauren Norridgewock, ME

No difference in my skin so far

I applied according to instructions, received a frosting reaction, did what I was suppose to, but disappointed that my hyper-pigmentation is still apparent. I will try it a few more times because I realize that my acne marks are very deep.

Kathryn Wyocena, WI

Use caution if you suffer from Acne

After doing a lot of research and seeing everyones positive results, I decided to order this product. I have had moderate acne for about 10 years. (I am 25.) Finally, in the last 6 months, it had gone away except for the occasional break out. However, I was still left with scarring. I followed the directions and applied the product. The burning wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be (I took 2 advil about a half hour before I applied the solution and also used a fan. I put on two layers. I peeled and healed nicely. There were a few days that itched pretty bad and were tight, but that is normal. I used emu oil as a moisturizer and suki moisturing cleanser and washed 2x a day. Once my face had healed, it looked better than it ever had, I was so excited. But then about two days after I was completely healed, I had horrible purging (acne) as bad or worse than it has ever been in my whole life. I contacted the sellers of this product for help, and they were awesome at giving me advice–prompt shipping too– I’m a little leary to use this product again, because now my face looks as bad as it did before the peel after the 20+ breakouts I had right after all at the same time, but people say the purging is suppose to get better after the first couple times. I wan’t to try it again, just don’t want to go through a full week of down time to have no results. I’ll update if I do again. Just use caution if you have a history of acne.

Aisha Trujillo Alto, PR

Leaves other peels in the dust!

I’ve done all the peels – glycolic, lactic, salicylic with HQ – trying to get rid of sun damage and hyperpigmentation. All improved the overall look of my skin, but I still had brown blotches on my cheeks, forehead and nose. The ones on my cheeks were dark, and were very difficult to hide, even with heavy makeup, they showed through.After a few months of progressively stronger peels, I decided to try TCA. Since I already was a peel veteran, I went with the 20% instead of the lighter concentrations.The first application was a little startling – this stuff is STRONG! I stood it for a couple of minutes then washed with lots and lots of cold water. When I used a fluffy hand towel to pat dry, it felt coarse and sandpapery against my skin, which was exceedingly tender. I gave up and let it dry a couple of minutes on its own, then put on a thick layer of generic Neosporin.Over the next couple of days, my skin went from shocked white to pink, then back to white, but it was like a thin, dry leather over my face. When I talked or smiled, it cracked. I stopped the Neosporin at that point, and needed something heavy and greasy to take its place, so i whipped up an ointment from beeswax and olive oil, and used that.After about 5 days, the peeling started. I didn’t peel in sheets; it was more like my skin “crumbled” off. Gross. But worth it.After a week, the peeling was complete, my skin was much, much smoother and accepting of moisturizer. The blotches were definitely lighter in color, and breaking up. After two weeks, my skin was noticeably younger looking. the blotches were there, but now it was possible to hide them with concealer and makeup, without that telltale gray shadow that other melasma sufferers know all too well. And lines? This stuff has them running scared.The first peel did cause a few pimples along my jawline and one high on my cheek, but a dot of benzoyl peroxide helped that. I understand that it’s common to sprout a few zits on the first peel. The second time, no pimples. I’m two peels into my bottle now, and doing a third in a week or so. I think that by the end of this bottle, I’ll be able to go without makeup altogether and not give it a second thought. The spots are faded to almost nothing. This peel works!Be sure to protect your lip skin, the creases of your nose and your eyelids – I used Vaseline – before you apply the peel. And last but definitely not least – use sun protection of at least SPF 30 from here on out! If you can’t commit to using sunblock religiously, meaning daily, rain or shine, don’t bother with the pain and expense of any peel.Update – 6/4/2012I have continued with the peels, about once every 2 months, and still have over half a bottle left! I have started using Dr. Pickart’s Protect & Restore copper peptide cream, and have started using the TCA as a treatment for hairline scars. I have one on my upper lip in the shape of a V. Last week I used a fine eyeliner brush to paint the hairline scar with TCA, using a magnifying glass to be a precise as possible. No where else – just in the hairline scar. I did this twice, until I got frosting. I’ve been applying my P&R; cream nightly and using a sunscreen during the day. I think this technique is going to work! I can’t tell just yet, but I think one side of the V has flattened out. Right now it’s kind of pinkish and swollen so I won’t know for a week or so if this technique will work. It’s kind of a TCA cross peel but they’re not icepick scars.I highly recommend TCA peels, and even more highly recommend combining them with some sort of copper peptide treatment. The difference in my skin is astonishing!

Marietta Georgetown, TX

The full experience…

Right now I am on day 4. It’s a been pretty tough experience but I’m hanging in there. I don’t like looking like the crypt keeper with a pastry fetish but I guess that comes with the territory. My kids are a little scared of me and my husband won’t kiss me, haha.For anyone who is interested in reading my “25% TCA peel diary”, please use the link to my blog. I am including my whole experience and everything in between with this product from start to finish.I will leave an update on here for the people who just want the final results when they happen. Thanks for looking!www dot uhapi dot wordpress dot com

Rhoda Santa Paula, CA

Does the trick for EYES too!!

This is a great product for a mild to medium-level peel. Let me preface by sharing my skincare routine includes twice daily cleansing with a salicylic acid astringent, I then apply hyaluronic acid (not sure this is doing anything), let that dry and then my sunscreen/moisturizer. At night I dont use sunscreen but instead apply a vitamin E oil.Now to my experience with peels and this peel specifically. I started out using 35% glycolic and worked my way up. Ive been using 75% glycolic peels for a while. Although these did help even out the texture of my skin and kept my adult acne at bay, when I turned 41 I started noticing the fine lines and some dark pigmented spots creeping in around my eyes. The glycolic peels just were not working for this and I think it is because I never peeled unless I applied many layers and used huge amounts of it. After I did some research, I found that the TCA peels tended to be a bit stronger and would peel the skin. But, I wanted to use this for my eyes! If you know about peels, every label tells you to avoid the eye area! After doing a lot more reading, I came to the conclusion these labels were put there to protect the companies from being sued by the dummies that would get it into their eyes. So, with a little bit of fear and trepidation, I got out my baking soda-water neutralizer (one teaspoon baking soda to 2 cups of water), my 100% vitamin E, and several cotton swabs.I dipped the swab into the TCA solution and VERY CAREFULLY started applying it under my right eye, moving quickly but carefully, and getting very close to, but not touching my lashes. I noticed there were some slight fumes from the acid, so I closed my eye. I didnt want any tears to possibly pull acid into my eye. I dipped the swab again and did my upper eye, up to the brow. I made sure to put it all around my eye, avoiding the lashes and touching the sensitive canthus (corners). I applied in a large circle around my eye, going out as far as my nose and crows feet areas, and every part of my upper and lower lids. I watched with my one open eye, very closely for the frosting to occur. It took about 2 minutes to start. Of course, it started sooner in some places than in others, so I waited for the entire eye area to frost over. It was giving me a little pinch, but it was actually quite tolerable (unlike what I feared would happen). As soon as all of the skin frosted slightly, I rinsed with cool tapwater, I then quickly applied my neutralizer. I patted dry. My eyeball hadn’t suffered at all and my skin was slightly pinkish/whitish from frosting, but fine. I applied the 100% vitamin E, VERY CAREFULLY, just kind of dabbing it on. Then, I closed the other eye and did the same thing.The next day, my eyes looked like I hadn’t done anything, but they were maybe a tad puffy. By the 3rd day, the skin around my eyes was definitely tight and crinkly, leathery-looking. It was going to peel! The next day, it started to crack and I made sure to keep applying my 50% vitamin E oil, and my sunscreen, but at this point my eyes were looking uglier and way older. I washed with mild soap each morning, applying my hyaluronic solution, sunscreen, and then a topper of vitamin E every day. The next day, the peeling started. I peeled around my eyes, like a snake for 3 days. By the end of the first week, most all the peeling had subsided and I began to see the results. The pigmented spots were much lighter and the fine lines, especially those under my eyes and at the top of my cheekbones were noticeably diminished! I’m very pleased by the results. I notice it takes longer to completely heal and renew though, so plan on looking terrible for 3-4 days minimum.These are the kind of results I would get from a $500 IPL and mild fractional laser treatment… only no one will laser treat the eyelids! My fears of hurting my eyes or harming my skin are now completely gone, and after doing my research, am reassured that this 20% solution is a safe product for darn near anywhere you want to use use it to improve the appearance of your skin, so long as it is used with care. Never leave a peel on your face for longer than directed, never rub it into the skin, and moisturize and protect after. The results were beautiful using this peel, and I intend to do another eye peel in a couple of months. If anyone else out there decides to try it too, just PLEASE be very careful not to get this into your eyes and do ONE eye at a time, keeping the eye you are working on relaxed and fully closed during the process, then doing the other eye after treating the first one… use a rich moisturizer, one containing vitamin E as this will keep it well moisturized and speed the healing process greatly!

Ashlee Richmond, TX


This is an amazing product. True to all other reviews, this is exactly the same stuff the MD’s use. You will get results! DO NOT USE IF YOUR SKIN IS CHAPPED OR WIND BURNED!! I did and about lost my mind with the burn. I just didnt think about how chapped my face was from a weekend of outside activities in the rain! Use all the directions, keep baking soda water in your sink.. BE PREPARED! You wont regret it! :o)

Freda Grass Range, MT

Not recommended

Excellent vendor; however, I would simply not recommend doing TCA peels at home. Doctors are jerks for how much they charge, but take a lesson from me. I followed all directions very carefully and burned my skin. Be more careful than I was.

Rosalia Blair, SC

20% TCA Chemical Peel

This is very easy to DIY product. It’s not harsh on your skin. Following instructions is a MUST when using chemical peels. I have used this peel several times and I am on my second bottle. I love it because I have glowing skin once my light peeling is complete. Very little down time for me. My complextion is light olive and it has worked well for me. I have some pregnancy mask spots that I’m working on getting rid of but these things don’t just go away over night. I have used this peel with a combination of 4% hydroquinone and my spots have faded to a lighter shade. I will continue to use this until I get my ultimate desired results. Another MUST please give your skin some time between peels. I do them about a month apart.

Trina Glencross, SD

LOVE this peel!

There are so many very, very positive reviews on this Skin Obsession 20% TCA peel. Lots of great info exchanged, so be sure to read info first before purchasing. I agree with several others who have reviewed this product. Get a facial peel done by professional FIRST, so you know what to expect. You just need to pay for ONE peel.This product is excellent! I was pretty cautious – I didn’t want to use this on my entire face all at once. I work full-time and didn’t want to look scary at work (or outside of work either). So my first peel I applied below my left eye, applying vaseline just under the really sensitive, thin part right under eye. So I applied above my cheek bones, targeting my "laugh lines" and then swiped it to the outside are of eye, out to near my hairline. I only used one app, it frosted within 3 minutes so I thought that was enough burning for me! My face felt a bit tight the next day, which was really a good feeling, and I knew from having had a TCA peel at a spa a few years ago that that was a very good sign!I applied Emu Oil mostly, and sometimes used just a nice, rich moisturizer, alternating with coconut oil I got at Sprouts or Whole Foods (don’t recall which one) – the coconut oil is WONDERFUL! I use the Certified Organic, Expeller Pressed. Cost about $10 and has lasted over 4 months so far (I use it for hair conditioning once a week, and also as a shaving cream). Anyway, peeling lasted about a week – not a huge deal at all. No one said a thing at work. And I LOVED seeing that old skin peeling OFF, to expose newer, more youthful skin below.Then I did the same thing a week or so later, around other eye (using Vaseling as a barrier under eye and at the very outside corner of eye).Then I did one side of face at a time, on both side of mouth for more laugh lines (don’t get on lips! Use Vaseline as always!) and the results are great! Softer lines, fresher, more youthful-looking skin. Will continue to do these peels, one area at a time so it’s not very noticeable, in a couple of months.HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BRAND (Skin Obsession) and this TCA peel! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!Also, I had a couple of questions and had emailed Skin Obsession 2 different times and received detailed responses both times, within hours of emailing them. GREAT COMPANY!

Claudine Arabi, GA

Gives great results

This is certainly strong and not for people new at peeling but it does exactly what it is supposed to do. I have some melasma I have been trying to get rid of for a year or so and nothing has removed them completely until this. I can’t take a week off from work so I only spot treated the brown spots. I was able to cover them with a thick concealer for work and they looked ok. Once the treated areas peeled I can see no trace of the brown spots at all and the skin is soft and fresh looking. Can’t wait to build up enough time so I can take a week off and do my entire face.

Kara La Harpe, IL

Seems to work

I am three days post peel. My skin feels slightly tight but not uncomfortable. I was expecting much more discomfort based on feedback I read. It wasn’t that bad at all. I usually use a different acid peel so maybe I am used to the “sting”. I did use a hairdryer on the cool setting during the treatment and that was fine. I did not experience any frosting of my skin. Although, I didn’t really want to have frosting I was expecting it. I can see that my skin is about to start peeling even without the frosting effect. I think this is a good product. I would purchase it again.

Enid Humansville, MO


I had to change my review. The pumkin mask works so I assumed this would also but wrong! it does not. I have used this twice, felt the burn really good, rinsed with the baking soda and water and waited and waited and waited and NOTHING. Not really happy with this. I would like to have the same results as the 5 star people did. wish I could get a refund.

Lorie New Caney, TX

Really good-REALLY STRONG!

This stuff is STONG! I won’t give a detail review-others have done better, plz read those! (Directions & tips on ‘How To’!)This was not my 1st peel, I’d used 40% Glycolic Peels, AHA Peels for about a year before attempting this TCA Peel… I knew this would be different/more strong than the ones I’d used before & I was ready/forewarned!I followed the directions completely, the only thing that differed slightly was I wasn’t exactly sure about the ‘Frost’… When time time ran out, my face didn’t look exactly like it should have! I looked more like a Zombie, actually! My face had more of a blueish tint. I was afraid to leave the peel on any longer, though. As I did NOT want to end up in ER; I ran to the sink & ended up splashing the peel off hysterically! @ 1st I thought I’d over-reacted, should’ve left it on longer! Then– I’m glad I did, as apparently that blue tint WAS the ‘frost’ they were talking about! 5-6 days later, my face became leather-like, started cracking, then peeling.After which, everything happened as promised! Nice, soft, new skin beneath! I am waiting the 5-6 weeks until using again. If you use AS DIRECTED this can be a wonderful tool. The AS DIRECTED is the important part. Anything else is @ you’re own peril. Good Luck! (BTW-Plenty of good tips on other posts!)

Sophie Turbeville, SC


I have used this peel only once now and really like it so far. Its been good with my sensitive skin. Looking forward to the effects. Would definetly recommend the product. Thanks!

Lacey Killbuck, OH

not good at all

i have used a tca peel before with a much lower concentration,so i was prepared for the burning and stinging,as well as the peeling,this tca peel did nothing.i followed the instructions,after the first five minutes there was no frosting or pain,so i added another layer,still nothing,i then used it on my upper body and still nothing.All i have to show for it days later is some dry,flaky skin,im very disappointed that i wasted my money on this,i will not repurchase this again,on the plus side the seller sent me a sample of their microdermabrasion crystals which worked wonderfully,i would buy that again as it did a better job than this peel.

Maggie Rockville, NE

TCA for darker skin

I bought this and then found out that TCA peels were not good for black skin. I did not want to waste my money so decided to use this on thicker skin but not my face. I used this on my knees and neck. It lightened up my knees and skin was a lot softer after the peel. Once applied, it took about 4 days for peeling to actually occur. It came off after a shower with gentle rubbing with a damp towel. I broke out really bad under my chin and decided to use it there. It created a burning, itching sensation immediately upon applying. I did NOT let it frost and only left the solution on the skin for a few mins (3 max.) before neutralizing. This one took a lot longer to finish peeling, almost a week. Since rubbing too hard or picking can cause hyperpigmentation, I let this one peel on its own and just put extra moisturizer on the section when it was flaky. After peeling, the skin was a lot smoother and dark spots were lighter. I will use this again now that I know how to use it safely on my darker skin.

Roxanne Conshohocken, PA

Couldn’t be happier

Fast delivery, solid packaging, quality product PLUS free sample! Just be sure you understand what your getting. This is powerful stuff. BTW – after hours of investigating I ended up using the directions that were sent with the product (there are countless versions of how to apply, how long to leave it on, how to neutralize). As a result I had the perfect first experience.

Mandy Camilla, GA

this is NOT a “light’ peel”-You can get permanent damage

The seller lists this product as a “light-medium” peel, suitable for beginners. This is just not true. Do your research. Now, after the fact, having done a lot of research online and talking to several aestheticians, I have learned that a 20% TCA peel is one of the harshest peels out there! I had a really awful experience with this even though I was no beginner to at-home peels. According to the sellers description I was the perfect candidate for this- I am 39 yrs old, fair-skined, have mild t-zone acne, slight wrinkles just starting, a bit of minor sun damage. I prepped for a few months with 0.025% retin-A (which made my skin absolutely flawless by the way). I followed the directions exactly….First of all, my skin took forever to peel. Didn’t even start peeling until day 10. Looked really gross for about 3-4 weeks. Then once it looked like it was all done peeling it broke out in awful acne everywhere. So embarrassing! After the acne went away somewhat, I had a very odd skin tone. Just very uneven, red and blotchy, very itchy and the acne never went away. I would describe it as a wrinkly “orange peel” look. Just made me look so old. I would come home from public places and just cry. It was very traumatic. Things got even more emotional when I went online and read a lot of stories ( about people who have had PERMANENT damage from TCA peels. Yes, that’s right. YOU CAN SUBSTAIN PERMANENT DAMAGE FROM TCA PEELS!Today is going on week 9 post-peel. Some days it looks better, other days I just cry because it looks like the damage is here to stay. And now this week I noticed I have tiny white spots of Hypopigmentation all over my cheeks. What the….???? I am so frustrated! I don’t care if in the end my skin surprises me and turns up amazing. I am a really busy momma, but I took the time to write this review in hopes that it will hopefull help someone out there. All in all this was a very scary experience.For your information, here is a list from weakest to strongest of the different peels out there (notice TCA is at the bottom). If this is your first time, dilute this bottle with distilled water and start with 12.5% first. And work up gradually to 20% for heaven’s sake.Weakest – Strongest1. 3% Salicylic2. 30% Glycolic50% Lactic12.5% TCA (at 1 layer)3. 50% Glycolic and 15% Salicylic4. 25% Salicylic5. 70% Glycolic6. 20% TCA (1 layer) and Jessners (at 1-2 layers)7. 30% TCA

Regina Allentown, NJ