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Womens Cotton Moisture Enhancing Overnight Gloves


Key features

  • 93% Cotton/ 7% Spandex
  • 93 percent Cotton, 7 percent Spandex for a comfortable, conforming fit
  • One size fits most
  • Helps to protect your hands while your lotion works beneath to soothe, soften and moisturize dry, cracked, chapped skin
  • Protects your sheets and clothing from your hand cream

Honest reviews


Grreat gloves…………..

to use at night, after putting on lotion, does make my hands nice and moiste in the morning, however, one glove seems to always come off by the morning,but i till like them.

Tommie Sturkie, AR

Dermatilomania goodbye

I use this to help with nail and cuticle biting at night. I heavily moisturize my hands and sleep with these. I have much nicer hands as a result. Can always tell the difference when I forget to put them on for a night.

Bertha Spencer, VA

Great to have on hand

I bought these for my daughter, who really likes them. They’re nice to use at night with vaseline or a thick lotion, to make your hands super soft. I have some too and I use them often. The quality of these is nice. My only regret is that I didn’t look at TJ Maxx before ordering these, because they had them there several dollars cheaper.

Priscilla Three Rivers, MA


These fit very well and are not uncomfortable. I’ve had ones that were so tight I couldn’t keep them on for very long. These are holding up well after multiple uses.

Joanne Fulton, AR

Skip it!

These gloves are terrible. They are way too thin and come apart at the seams easily. Terrible product!Spa Sister White Cotton Overnight Moisture Gloves

Antonia Alpharetta, GA

cheap little gloves

I use these gloves to protect my hands from the sun during driving. I am 53 years old and my hands and arms are just starting to get brown age spots from the sun. In an effort to try not to look so old, I wear these little gloves while driving. So far they protect my hands well.

Aimee Pinckard, AL

Too small and I don’t like the material

I have such dry skin and I bought these to sleep in at night. I use the hand cream and then cover my hands with these but the material doesn’t feel good and the gloves are too small for my medium sized hands. Oh well, they are OK in a pinch.

Bobbie Springville, IN

Works great

I’m ashamed to admit I have a very bad habit of nibbling my fingernails when I drive sometimes, so got these to put on when I drive so that can’t do it. They work great, and think I may have overcome my bad habit….we’ll see.

Sherri Welcome, NC

Works great

I got a bad allergy on my hands and need to keep Vaseline on them at night and this works fine.

Minerva Bloomingburg, NY


I don’t know whether the gloves would have eventually helped to keep my hands mositurized after application of hand cream, because the area below both thumbs begin to itch a lot after sleeping in them several nights. Once I stopped wearing the gloves at bedtime, the itching stopped.

Marcella Groveland, FL

Nice gloves that work fine

I have a small hand but these work fine. I had someone with a larger hand try them on and they stretched to easily fit those hands too. The fingers feel tight but stretch a bit. I suppose they need to be tight to do the work. The wrist part is a bit loose but I imagine it would be uncomfortable to sleep with a tight wrist. These are very comfortable to sleep in and easy to take on and off. They machine wash and dry just fine. I’ve only used them for a few days and already feel the difference on my poor dry hands.

Laurie Kendrick, ID