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cute but small and slow

Bought this as a present for a little girl’s birthday present. It took three weeks to arrive, mailed from China. The present was two weeks late, but at least the girl loves it. To my personal opinion, the chain is a little heavy since it is made of metal of some sort. hair caught in it from time to time, worst of all, the size is very small. Good for young girls, not adults.

Arline Oneill, NE

Broke 3x but u can fix it

Thi thing is verty pretty but came kinda slow. I gave it a 4 because it boke three times already. I bot 2 and both have broken but i fix it every time with nose pliers for metal. They have links that are very flexible and open up, and open the heAdband. All u do is close it bak up. O ya they give u the necklace on the pik too

Etta Philadelphia, MS

Pretty and not too childish

I’m 36 and have long thick hair. I usually wear it down but with the summer it becomes harder to manage, so I wanted a headband that was functional and pretty, but doesn’t make me look like a 5 year old. This one is perfect, and stays in place all day. The only thing I couldn’t do was use it along with a pony tail, it kept sliding back to the elastic. Also a quick way to polish up your look when you haven’t had a chance to wash your hair.

Rhoda Kinross, MI

cheap looking and made the same way

terrible,,,,The stones are all a mess – – three are missing,- I still tried to use it, as they were missing from the ends, but no matter what I tried, it wont sit flat on my head, it always rolls backwards, and falls off. It isn’t worth the little bit that they charged. Skip this one if you can,,,

Jacquelyn Gansevoort, NY

glod chain headband

I wore this once and got so many comments about how cute and unique it is. Great Price too, (shhh) but I didn’t share the price lol.

Nona Shungnak, AK


When this item arrived the top of the clip was broken off. It is a pretty piece, but I can’t open the clip.I purchased several other clip and they all seem very good quality. This one must be defective since the medal is soft and bendsquite easily.

Johanna Collins, MS


This is a very pretty headband and it’s not to big. You can dress this up or down! If they had a gold one I will purchase it.

Ophelia Woxall, PA

Nice product

Very cute sturdy constructed very we’ll keep in mind it takes up to 28 days to come from china! Happy

Latanya Hillsville, VA