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Winstonia’s 50 Pairs False Eyelashes Fake Lashes Bundle Set w/ Adhesive – Natural, Thick, Criss-Cross Designs for Day & Night

False Eyelashes 50 Pairs Bundle Set from Winstonia! This 50 pairs bundle set comes in 5 designs – 2 thick and voluminous designs, 2 light and natural designs and 1 criss-cross design. The 50 pairs bundle set gets you ready for different occasions! No matter it is an evening date, a prom to impress, a wedding to attend or an afternoon gathering.. Winstonia has got your eyes covered! The length of eyelashes are long enough, which allows them to be cut and shaped to fit the contour for you eyes. The products are 100% hand made and reusable when you remove it properly. The 50 pairs bundle set also comes with 1 bonus adhesive. Winstonia is a US based seller. Check out our feedback… we ship fast!

Key features

  • 5 designs – 2 Thick, 2 Natural, 1 Criss-cross
  • 100% Brand new and hand made
  • Reusable if used and removed properly
  • Material: Synthetic Hair
  • 1 adhesive glue included

Honest reviews


Professional MUA Review. These lashes are ok

I like that the lashes comes in a neat packaging. The packaging is just cardboard but it fits in the box on little plastic sleeves.ProsAll eyelashes fit in the box. I like that I don’t have 100 different boxes of lashes.It has a good variety of lases.ConsThe weft is a little big. It does not work well with DUO eyelash glue. I would suggest a wand glue in black it holds better.

Meagan Joliet, MT

Lash Lover!

Ok. That is how I would describe this product. At first I was in love with them and they are a good product for the price. However, I love Ardell lashes or Glam I Remy Human Hair Lashes. They are more natural looking. The glue inside this box is useless. I use Ardell Duo(dark) which is the best glue ever.

Tonia Port Penn, DE

Oh Man!!!

Best purchase ever!!! I swear i feel like i won the lash lottery lol!! i got a chance to try lashes i normally never would of purchased

Hallie Port Arthur, TX

Lotsa lashes! Unbeatable deal!

50 pairs of lashes for ten bucks? You can’t beat this deal. The lashes do seem a bit on the large size but they can be trimmed up just perfectly. Two of the styles are too dramatic for me, but I just gave them yo a friend. I also have a tip for those who feel the base of the lashea are too stiff – just take your fingernail and use a medium pressure to “curl” the band up a little before applying – kind of how you curl up ribbon for a gift, just not nearly as much pressure. They will be the perfect curve and much easier to apply once you do this 🙂

Elaine Index, WA


These had everything from dramatic to natural! They worked great even though the band was a little stiff. The glue in the discription was a not included but I like using my own anyways.

Bernadine Pilgrims Knob, VA

The lashes are nice, but it’s not as nice as I thought.

The lashes are really nice..but only one style could be worn as natural lashes. The other styles are very dramatic and not as natural looking as I thought. And it’s not as comfortable as I thought they would be.

Denice Franklin Park, IL

The Eyelash junkie is happy!

These lashes are great! I am a eyelash junkie so I was really happy when I was able to get 50 lashes for such a low price. I don’t why I didn’t think of buying these sooner. Fast shipping and awesome eyelashes what more can you ask for!??:-)

Edna Northrop, MN

Poor quality, no durability.

Was very disappointed in these lashes. They look great on the tray, but as soon as you start to pull them loose in order to apply them, the false lashes pull off the strip and you have nothing.Not a good value as it is a struggle to get them off the tray and applied without them coming apart, then when you remove them, more will pull off the end of the strip, making them a wear once and discard item.

Kristi Ragley, LA

lashes for days

What can you say about eyelashes? There is a nice selection, i ordered this and gave half to a friend, its a steal of a deal to get this many pairs for the price. I like to double up on falsies so it’s nice that this comes with so many.

Florine Piedmont, OH

This is a great product for someone who is great at applying False eyelashes.

I find this product to be great with fast shipping and it came with everything that it claims to come with. I will buy more in the future

Rosemarie Abbottstown, PA

Cant go wrong!

I use fake eyelashes almost every day and this pack is a great way to save money! They are of high quality and stay on longer than any other lash set I have owned. Will buy from again!

Agnes Angle Inlet, MN

Not that great!

Hated all the lashes except the natural pair. Will not buy this triple lash duo ever again!But I will buy the natural one’s by it self

Samantha Plymouth, CT

Very pleased.

I’m quite happy with this purchase! I usually buy high end things, but I decided to give this a go. And I’m quite happy with the quality. The band is actually quite flexible on all of them! With duo glue, they will last all day. Be prepared to trim the corners though, as they are quite long.

Ora Dover, TN

Five Stars

still haven’t worn all the styles they give you !!

Sheena Mineral Springs, NC