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Winstonia Pro Beauty Flawless Makeup Blender Sponge Foundation Applicator – Latex Free

Winstonia proudly brings to you this professional beauty makeup blender sponge. The makeup blender sponge has a super fine and soft surface which ensures smooth and flawless application, that will evenly distribute makeup coverage. You will obtain the airbrushed finish when apply properly. It is washable and reusable, simply air dry for next use. The teardrop shape enables multiple angle application – use the large flat end to apply foundation on cheeks and the pointed tip to apply along small areas. The size of this makeup blender sponge is about 2 X 1.75 inch, it comes in a plastic case with using and caring instruction. Winstonia Store is a US based seller, check out our feedback.. we ship fast!

Key features

  • Professional Makeup Blender at high quality
  • Super fine surface ensures smooth and flawless application
  • Use to apply all type of makeup including foundation, concealer, powder.. etc
  • Quantity: 1
  • Winstonia (TM) is a registered trademark of Winstonia LLC and is exclusively distributed by Winstonia Store. Winstonia trademark is protected by Trademark Law.

Honest reviews


Great Alternative to the Spendy BB Sponge

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this sponge considering the price. But, I really needed a replacement for my expensive BB sponge after my puppy destroyed it. I have to say that I like this one better than the other blender. After wetting it and letting it thoroughly soak through, I wrung it out and used it right away with my favorite foundation. It blended my foundation, concealer and cream blush flawlessly, and fixed all cakey bits. I’m not sure that my makeup has ever looked better! Totally in love with this sponge! Buying a backup now.

Fay Crested Butte, CO

Love it!

I really love this makeup blender! I was worried it wouldnt work well, because I only paid five dollars for it…but i was reassured as soon as I used it! It not only is a cute pink, but its a very durable sponge, it doesnt stain bad at all after use, and after you wash it and it dries it returns to its original shape perfectly. I would definitively recommend this sponge to anyone who is looking for quality!

Ava Cooks, MI

Great Makeup Tool

The trick to this is not to squeeze out all the water so your product won’t get too absorbed into the sponge (IMO) it was shipped fast so no prob there

Rita Morrison, OK

the awesome beauty blender!

The best purchase I’ve made in the makeup section!This is amazing with foundation and touch ups! I highly recommend this product!

Antionette Walsh, IL

Works really well!

I used to use sponges that you could use a few times and then had to throw away. I wanted a reusable one and for the price I thought Why not? This is a great tool for blending my foundation and cream blush. All you have to do is fully saturate it and then remove the excess water and there you go! It doesn’t absorb a lot of product and blends beautifully! I would recommend to anyone 🙂

Wilda Telogia, FL

Good sponge

I think that think it applies my makeup well, I haven’t use the real beauty blender and now that I have this sponge I’m not compelled to. Let me save my cash and continue to have great makeup application.

Alejandra Williamstown, MA

Love the finish

At first I thought it was a little small, but to my surprise it blew up as soon as it was put under water. Very handy and gives a nice finish.

Liza Swedeborg, MO

beauty blender

Love using a beauty blender when I am not using my foundation brush….blends the foundation so well…this is a must have product and you can’t beat the price!!!

Claudia Ottsville, PA

just like the beauty blender!!

i suffer from terribly dry skin with patches all over. Before i discovered this product, I always used to use brushes to blend out my foundation which i found just exfoliated my dry spots and made it more noticable and gross. I got a beauty blender for my birthday from my friend and I was in love. A few months later it got too dirty to use so i had to throw it away. I was going to repurchase the beauty blender until i saw how expensive it was; I didn’t care, I loved it! I was about to hit that order button until i discovered the winstonia pro beauty flawless makeup blender sponge and its a life saver. So cheap and does the exact same thing as the beauty blender. If you have dry skin, Throw away your brushes and use this ladies!!

Paige Farrar, MO

best beauty blender dupe

I’ve tried beauty blender, the sonia kashuk brand and this one. I tend to favor this one. They all will stay and wear out around 3 months or so. I can’t explain why but I just like the feel of this one better than the other two. This is the one I will keep purchasing. It’s my favorite way to apply foundation and concealer. It helps best in covering my blemishes and I have adult acne. I suggest to anyone wanting a more flawless face to get a beauty sponge.

Reyna Williams Bay, WI

Too firm

I have the original beauty sponges, but they are so expensive I decided to try this. It’s not nearly as soft as the original and I will go back to them. It’s barely usable, but I wish I had just spent the money on the original.

Ophelia Morrill, ME

Ive tried so many of these..

Ive tried quite a few different faux brands of the Beauty Blender. I bought the Beauty Blender and fell in love like everyone else so of course I had to see if the knock off cheapies work just as good…They don’t. None of them that I have tried do so far.This one is no different. I’m not saying they don’t work at all but they dont work the same as The Beauty Blender so be prepared to play with it a bit to make it work for you.The texture is totally different and it’s harder to clean and get water out of it. I would not suggest ever fully submerging the phoney blenders in water before application. You cant just wring it out nicely like the blender. The fake blenders all become completely saturated. They work better if you just get them a little damp before you squeeze the H20 out. Save your money for the real deal and buy some of these cheap ones for back up in an emergency.

Bridgett Balaton, MN

So glad I didn’t shell out…

The $18+ for the original BB. I own a sponge made by Soho beauty that I purchased from Walgreens but they don’t sell it anymore. Nor could I find one just like the BB. I am so glad I found these and so far it works just like the other one if not better. Shipping was super quick and the two I purchased came with no complications. I will buy from this store again

Leslie Foresthill, CA