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Winstonia Nail Art Double Ended Large Stamp and Plastic Scraper Set

Create beautiful stamping nail-art using Winstonia’s large stamper! The white silicone pad is soft and squishy, with an up-and-down stamping motion instead of rolling, it transfers the image onto your nail evenly and covers the hard to reach area nicely! IMPORTANT I: This isn’t regular rubber stamp, the white rubber is made from soft silicone gel which has a squishy and tacky feeling. This is normal and it aims to pick up the images and stamps without rolling, and to cover nail corners that regular stamper cannot reach. Instruction: Stamp in an up-and-down motion instead of rolling. Gently file the white pad a little bit if it won’t pick up the image, use finest grit nail file. IMPORTANT CLEANING: DO NOT use acetone, nail polish remover, cotton as these will cause DAMAGE on the pad. Instead, use scotch tape to tape down any residue. Or you may use lint-free roller. Winstonia is a US based seller. Check out our feedback… we ship fast!

Key features

  • Ships from USA by Winstonia Store
  • Large size stamp made from soft gel silicone at 1 inch diameter
  • small size stamp made from regular silicone at 0.5 inch diameter
  • Plastic scrapers will not scratch the plate surface
  • Winstonia (TM) is a registered trademark of Winstonia LLC and is exclusively distributed by Winstonia Store. Winstonia trademark is protected by Trademark Law.

Honest reviews


I didn’t believe it could be this bad

I have wide nail beds and long nails this makes the regular Konad stamper that i have too small to stamp any full nail images on my nails without double stamping. I have been looking everywhere to find an xl stamper (you can find them on ebay but not really anywhere else). I was so happy to find this one on amazon. Even when I read the review that only gave it two stars I decided to try it. I only gave it one star because amazon does not allow negative starring.When I got it it was in a cheap zip lock plastic bag, no real packaging but thats ok because I didnt buy it for thefor the packaging, straight out of the bag, it fell apart, the rubber /plastic (if you can call it that) at the top separated from the base. Now the previous reviewer said that it came apart, I took this to mean that after a couple of stamps and repeated use it would fall out. This would have been fine because my Konad stamp does it sometimes too. NO. It just keeps falling apart. You try to stamp it the white part remains stuck to the plate, you try to clean it between uses the top goes flying off, you rest it down and pick it back up, you’re picking up base only the head remains on the table. SMH. That was issue number one.The second issue is the absolutely horrible quality. Apart from falling apart the rubber stamp (white part has holes in as it poured into a mould with air bubbles and the holes remain these are both on the top and the bottom and they look as if with continued use they will eventually tear. The stamp is permanently sticky, I’ve wiped with nail polish remover and acetone, the top is always tacky to the touch. The smaller of the two scrapers has a practically serrated edge, its so rough it leaves streaks through the design and is completely useless.The times that it did stamp the softness of it made it much easier than stamping with the harder Konad stamp. Especially with designs that have to be centered on the nail. You can just press your nail exactly onto the design as you want it. The size is also big enough for my nails about the size of the Kona stamp plus half .The images transferred were nice and clear but the trouble to get them in the first place its not worth it. For it to stamp you have to roll the stamp across the image, dont press and lift because as I said some times the stamp stays behind other times the image does not transfer but if you roll it across it picks up.The big scraper works just as well as the metal scraper and I will be replacing the metal one with this plastic one because I hate it when the plates are scratched. But I didnt buy it for the scraper. I think this company should pull this product from their list and just dump them. How anybody could have their name associated with a product this poor is beyond me. I wish somebody would put a dcecent quality xl stamp on amazon.

Carolina Mapleton, MN


I just received mine and the large white end of the stamper is very soft & squishy unlike other stampers I bought. I think that may be what I prefer; stampers are usually hard and feel like you press too hard on your nails. It goes over the nail well because it’s soft. That part also comes out easily though; but some krazy glue could fix that. Haven’t actually tried it yet so I will update my review when I do…. Ok so now that I tested it out I must say that I just love it. It picked up the design well for me; and goes over my nails well because it’s soft. Will definitely repurchase this!!!!

Alfreda Mirror Lake, NH

Hight hopes doesn’t go far in the world of stamping

I had high hopes that this stamper was going to be The One. My decision to try this particular stamper was based on the reviews and its unique design. However, I haven’t had any success in using this for ANY plate using special and (non) special polishes. Nothing picked up. The stamper comes in a simple ziplock bag with a thank you note. No instructions or inserts so many (like myself) would have to wing it.Hopefully I can find reliable instructions or help before I admit to myself that I wasted nine dollars.I…(1)placed double sided tape on my station(2) cleaned my plate with acetone and allowed it to dry(3) applied nail polish to selected design(4) scarped polish using old gift card (the scrapers that come with this stamp…just no)(5) immediately placed stamp over treated design(6) pick up stamp(7) nothing…nothing is on my stamper.(8) have a few choice words with stamper(9) dab stamper over tape (…even though nothing is visible to the naked eye)(10) repeat steps 1-10Help please?!?!?

Ethel Isabel, KS

large stamp

The smaller bell shaped scraper sucks, or at least the one I received did. The end in which you scrape with is uneven and scratches the plate (which defeats the purpose because most people do not want to see scratches on their plates and would stick to the metal scraper). The larger scraper works wonderfully and the stamp itself is large enough to pick up images from cheeky jumbo plates. I’ve had trouble with the silicone stamp falling out, but if you line up the grooves it should stay well without too much fuss. This is great for people with highly arched nails as opposed to having a flat nail bed. As for myself my nails are arched so i can just push the stamp onto my nails and it will mold whereas the hard rubber stamps would require a rolling motion (you can also use the rolling motion with this stamper) it all comes down to preference.

Pam Jackhorn, KY

best stamper in the world

what can i say are there 100 stars that i could give to this product?…in one word amazing….i had tried the konad (only picks up certain nail polish brands $$$)….salon express (sucks not soft and flexible enough)…non brands (waste of money)…okay at first i though the price was too good to be true considering this is the only seller that offers the xl stamper on amazon and the rest of the stampers are only sold on ebay but come from china and are twice the price…then i took a chance but boy was i surprised first impression it was really sticky and soft a little too much and the problem of it detaching i put a coin inside and that not only keeps the soft part of the stamper from going in but because it is sticky it sticks to the coin and does not allow it to fall. I also heard you can take it out and put it inside a bottle top but idk your choice. Anyways it picks up any brand nail polish works with any and every nail plate and it picks up perfect however so the stickiness doesnt go away which i believe makes it great) i clean the residue on the stamper after stamping off with tape to maintain it sticky and saves you nail polish. love it and will be ordering more …oh also less than a week for shipping great service very please would recommend.

Maxine Nichols, FL

5 star plus

I absolutely love this stamper. As an older woman with arthritis I can’t believe how easy this stamper makes everything. I still have a learning curve with getting the stamper to stay in the handle but my full nail stamps have never turned out this nice. The only thing I would change with this stamper is to also make available a full size colored stamper to allow seeing the white stamping better for placement. I would recommend this stamper to everyone.

Abigail Southport, CT


I give it a one star because in my personal opinion it does not work. such a waist of money. The item was defective. The squishy part was like falling apart.

Juliana Pisek, ND

Not what I expected

I bought this cause it was larger than the stamper I have so when I received it in mail and took out of package the pad fell out of it and was very sticky, I could not stamp with it cause pad kept falling out plus I could not get past the stickiness. So maybe just me but I could not get it to work right.

Brandy Hay Springs, NE

Great concept but the way they made it was horrible!

I was really excited for this because I use a lot of full nail designs that don’t fit my nails the greatest (like the 1st set of bundle monster plates) and I saw a tutorial on how to use this product so I bought it feeling very confident! I was totally let down, like I considered throwing it in the garbage after I tried to use it a few times. I do not know how the person who did the tutorial got her stamp to stay in place! It’s a great concept, I love how its soft and conforms to your nails rather than being a hard surface and having to roll it like a konad stamper. But the product itself has a poorly executed design. I know the white surface is supposed to pop out for cleaning but this was horrible, I couldn’t get it to stay in no matter how much I pushed it back in it kept popping out when I tried to do my nails, I ended up taking it out and trying to use just the rubber without the holder which was too difficult, and I EVEN TRIED SUPER GLUING IT IN AND IT STILL POPPED OUT! It’s a major pain to clean it with tape all the time and it picks up tons of fuzzies and what not and the tape pulled it back out all the time, and its really hard to use the images are hard to stamp. I wish I wouldn’t have wasted my money on this product. That and I just found one at Claire’s that is a better value (the stampers come in a kit with 3 plates and a mini special polish for $10 even less if you take advantage of there constant cosmetic “multiples” deals) and there’s doesn’t pop out like this one does I will still have the fuzzy problem but that’s one thing less I have to deal with. If I buy more (like as gifts, or to have one to leave at my boyfriends house) I will stick with the Claire’s version.

Betty Ferndale, NY


The bottom white part of this stamper is very large but it comes out and it is very soft so it is hard for the design to set it is an alright stamper but I wouldn`t order it again.

Tabatha Fieldton, TX


Just started playing with this 2 days ago when I received it and its already made an amazing difference in the quality of my designs! Its certainly easy to get used to and makes thing go so much faster. I haven’t had any trouble with the head falling out but if it bothers you there are two things I’ve seen done. 1) Glue that sucker in and 2)Stack a few coins in the base under the head. The squishy white head makes aligning the design so easy since you can simply press down instead of roll. As other have said the simplest way to clean it is with a piece of tape. I had some double stick on hand so I taped it to my scraping palate to clean between each stamp. Though if your quick stamping on paper after each nail can have the same effect, wont remove lint or hair that way though.Only draw backs to me is that neither of the scrapers work as well as an old gift card and the smaller head is your standard slightly stiff stamper. I wish both ends were sticky as the texture picks up and transfers details so well.

Shanna Burket, IN

Review on Winstonia Nail Art Double Ended Large Stamper

When I opened the package to check out, the rubber end already poped out. I put it back in. I was surprised that the stopper was sticky. I have other ones but this one was different. I ordered it because it was larger and could pick up the whole images from the plates. I tried it out and the stopper would come out. I went to see what other people that ordered it had to say. They said they same thing. I read it the reviews on how to keep the stopper in. I have to get used to the stickyness. I also read how to clean the stopper. I still like it but have to get used to using this one. It is different. It does pick up the images from the plates really good.

Sheena Trussville, AL

It keeps falling a part

I was very exited about this stamper mostly because most of the reviews were good, the package arrived and the note that came with the stamper was all wet, so I don’t now if I got my stamper with any alteration because of the water.When it comes to stamp it just falls apart the white part that stamps falls off so it ruins my stamps. I solved this issue using a bottle cap but it isn’t is so comfortable, anyways it’s good with small images, having troubles with bigger designs. DO NOT USE ACETONE WITH IT

Carissa Winger, MN

Great Stamper

works amazingly. Great for images you have to line up, and it was a lot easier to prevent smudging. When I first used the large scraper it didn’t work which I was afraid of because of another review BUT I flipped it to the other side and tried again scraped off perfectly. Very deserving of 5 stars.

Rosemary Playa Del Rey, CA

Great stamper…once I figured out the routine 🙂

It took me some time to get use to using this stamper. I thought it had filed down the stamper too much, but after doing my first full set of nails with stamping on all of them, I finally got the hang of using this stamper. A few tips for the beginners:1) Lightly file down the white silicone stamper until it is not shiny anymore. I used a very fine grit nail file to do this.2) Use a lint roller to remove left over polish from the stamp. DO NOT use nail polish remover, as I have heard that it can ruin the stamper. I find it so much easier to use the lint roller, or even just stamp the remaining polish on to my nail polish mat.3) After a lot of practice, I learned that I must stamp straight down on to the image plate, and pull the stamper right back up. I have better luck when I don’t leave the stamp on the plate too long. I literally scrape the extra polish off, push the stamper (LIGHTLY) on the plate and pick it right back off. The more I let the stamper sit on the image, the less polish it actually picks up.4) I found that letting the polish dry a little on the stamper before applying it to my nail helps with having a darker image that transfers. When I transfer it from the stamper directly to my nail, the image is more transparent instead of opaque.

Eddie Newhall, CA

was great with a few modifications

never used this kind of stamper before. The white part falls out a bunch. That is easy to solve using a bottle lid as a stamper. when I did it that way, was able to do this well.

Matilda Cooksburg, PA

Five Stars

Once I primed this stamper I fell in love!!! I highly recommend this stamper!!!

Deana Enid, MS

large stamp is sticky and not secure in holder

the scrapers are great. the little stamp is perfect. The large on is very sticky and falls out of the holder all the time. Since my main purpose was the little stamp – it works for me.

Beatriz Dingess, WV



Nicole Owensburg, IN

The best

Hands down, this is the single best nail stamper out there. Does require some prepping before use but other wise completely reliable and easy to use.

Karina Aurora, NY

So So!

I ordered this with a lot of stamping art plates and polish ,but the sponges come off and stick to the nail which makes it very difficult to do the stamp art! I had to glue the tips back in to the holder and they are very stiff! Sorry! Using the plastic scrapers is a better idea though because it does not damage my metal stamp art plates! Maybe a better sponge tip along with the good scrapers and you will have a winner! Thank You! Happy New Year!

Leanna Huntsville, AR

It’s now my favorite stamper

But I can’t give it 5 stars because the learning curve with this is pretty steep. It took me a while to get the hang of this one, but its large surface works great for the length of my nails and I was determined to make this work. Here’s my experience, based partially on previous reviews here and lots of trial and error:1. Remove the pad and wash off the oily coating with some delicate soap. Dry it thoroughly and put it back in the holder.2. Buff all the shine off with a fine grit buffer evenly. I never got any polish to stick to the pad while it still had its factory shine on it.3. Clean the white pad only by rolling it across some tape. I put a long strip of packing tape on my work surface, and remove leftover polish, lint, and the occasional cat hair by rolling the pad over the tape. Don’t clean with polish remover ever.4. Put the polish on the image plate, and roll the stamper gently across the design. The hardest thing for me to get used to was that the harder you press, the less likely the polish will transfer to the pad. The gentlest roll will pick up all the polish you need to get a great transfer to the nail.5. It’s so soft and squishy that I’ve gotten great transfers just by lining it up and pressing my whole nail into the pad so the design covers the whole nail. In fact, I prefer pressing my nail into the pad than trying to roll the design across my nail.The only other downside is that white polish on the white pad is a little hard to see. But that is a small inconvenience compared to being able to transfer a full nail pattern.

Eugenia Lewis, IN

Communication saved the day

I had an issue with the stamp head being too firm. Once I got in touch with Winstonia, they fixed my problem very quickly and replaced the head of the stamper. Shipped for me on Monday, I received it today Wednesday. Thank you very much, will order again! And again. 😉

Maryanne Union City, IN

A problematic product

I fancy myself a very experienced nail stamper and I like "sticky" stampers, but this one just wasn’t made extremely well. Although I used a bit of tape to gently remove remaining bits of nail polish and not acetone (which damages the stamper), the sticky side immediately began to tear and crumble, and some bits of gunk seem to be permanently wedged into the surface of the squishy side. Too bad! I usually love Winstonia’s products.

Michelle Buford, OH

I love it

In my opinion It works great. It shipped well and works well. I think it is well worth buying. It does take a while to learn how to use but once you know the technique its easy.

Germaine Deering, AK

A little tricky, but should be a breeze for seasoned nail stampers…and a must have for those with large nails/nail beds

The Winstonia stamper is different from any other stamper because the large white end is coated in a sticky substance that makes picking up and transferring images a breeze. All the reviews I have read say to NOT use acetone to clean the white end, and to use another sticky surface to "clean" off the remaining polish. I have been using a sheet from a lint roller and it works perfectly. All I do is pick up the image, transfer it to my nail, and then stick the white end directly onto the sticky side of the lint roll sheet. The sheet will pick up any remaining polish or fuzz that sticks to the stamper. The only problem I had at the beginning was that the white end was not very secure in the stamper, but if you squeeze and twist it into the hole it stays much more secure. But I especially love this stamper because it is larger than any other stamper I have seen, so it accommodates L and XL images perfectly.

Meredith Makoti, ND

Good product and it arrived in a timely fashion.

I like this set. I am finding that the silicone stamper pad is a little harder than the Pueen, and although I can get an image, I do have to try a couple of times. I’m a newbie at stamp art, and that is most likely why. The scraper is very good and I really like the small stamp end for smaller images.

Melanie Mammoth, AZ

In Love!

I give this stamper a 5 star because of it’s softness and large size. I first I couldn’t get it work, it took me awhile to get use to it because of large size, but once I got the grip of it, it is fantastic, works really great, now I can enlarge and shrink the images. As for the scrapers I cannot get a grip on them, no problem i’ll keep using my old credit cards.

Patricia North Lake, WI

Great nail stamper!!

I just got this today and couldn’t wait to try it. My first attempt, I was nervous because it didn’t pick up the design so I took a medium file and lightly filed it to remove the smooth shiny surface. Then I wiped it with acetone and tried again-SUCCESS!! I am so thrilled because I have longer nails and larger design nail plates. My other stamper didn’t pick up the entire design but this one does! I also love the plastic scrapers because I don’t use metal scrapers on my plates because they leave scratches. I was using old gift cards and old credit cards to scrape but now I can use this one and it works great! I am just thrilled with this product so THANK YOU WINSTONIA! I also got a discount coupon with my order for 5% off on one item or 10% off on two items so of course I ordered two more nail stamp sets from you. I will SO recommend this nail stamper to others. Thanks again!!

Beryl Cassville, WV

I love this stamper

I have fairly curved nails and my konad stamper just wasn’t cutting it. too hard to get even pressure as i rolled it on my nails so full nail designs would fail me often. This stamper is great!!! I wish the head was not white because using white polish just would get lost on the pad (haven’t used white polish to even try it though).I’ve had my pad fall out but I’ve heard that if you place a bead or two of hot glue gun glue in the area the pad fits it’ll make it a bit more snug. You don’t want to glue the pad in though for replacement and cleaning purposes. I’ve also heard of washing the pad with dishsoap to "prime" it to pick up polish if you are having issues. This pad is SUPPOSED TO BE STICKY it’s to pick up polish better than a regular hard stamper. Stamp remaining polish on tape after each nail and do not use nail polish remover since that will ruin the pad. If you want clean again with dishsoap after each manicure, make sure to air dry since it will pick up lint super easy.

Ginger Saint Helena Island, SC