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Wind Song By Prince Matchabelli For Women. Cologne Spray Natural 2.6 Ounces

Introduced in 1953. Fragrance notes: florals with fruity, green middle notes finishing with hints of musk and amber. Recommended use: evening.

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Honest reviews


“I can’t seem to forget her”

When I first met my sweetheart in 1976, Windsong was a very popular heavily advertized scent. My wife was using it when I first met her, and for 32 years, I still know where she is by the distinct scent that for everyone who knows her, (from her life long friends to her Kindergarteners) is my wife.I have tried several times over the years to buy her an expensive designer scent, but she never will wear them, because even she identifies herself with the scent.If they ever stop making this my world will never be the same.This is not a scent that works for everybody, but try it and see if Windsong can make you unforgetable.

Stacie Shell, WY


You know that awful old-lady smell that gags you every time you’re in any store or a group of people… yep, this is it!

Shana Santee, CA

Great Christmas Gift

I bought this for a friend last Christmas and they really enjoyed the fragrance, so I recommend it 100% for sure.

Charity Earth City, MO

Clean & Fresh

I do not like musk’s or heavy patchouli smells. Wind Song is a fresh, clean, out of the shower, powder smell. Very feminine.

Estella Fraser, CO

For everyday

Wind Song is an understated, yet pleasant fragrance, making it almost a bargain for the price base. Where many other of comparable sprays might be intrusive, this is one is delicate and easy to like. 4 Stars.

Amanda Elm City, NC

Wind Song Cologne

I used to wear it years ago but sort of forgot about it. Recently, I bought some again and I once again remember why I used to wear it all the time. Light and refreshing. A really clean smell. Excellent price on Amazon too. It was the cheapest price I could find anywhere else online.

Lilian Weston, OR

Perfect condition … not old product!

Wow, this was a very pleasant surprise. Unlike some websites that often ship old product, this was a new and fresh as one could expect it to be. And filled to the brim. Love it.

Frances Cheraw, CO

Wind Song By Prince Matchabelli For Women. Cologne Spray Natural 2.6 Ounces..

I love this timeless smell.Still smells the same as it always has the formula has not changed and it is always affordable.

Nola Bynum, NC