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Wild Harvested Marula Oil 1.014 Fl Ounces

Marula Oil is rich in antioxidants, essential minerals and amino acids which are found to be important for the nourishment of healthy hair, scalp and skin.

Key features

  • • Anti-aging properties; • A natural facial moisturizer; • Tissue repair; • Improves elasticity of skin; • Help heal wounds and calm itchiness; • During pregnancy help reduce or avoid stretch marks;
  • • Effective in decreasing redness and helps keep skin smoother by blocking enzymes that cause fatty concentrations in the skin; • Locks in moisture & improves your hair & skin texture; • Hydrates and heals skin problems.

Honest reviews


marula oil

My hair loves this stuff. As I age my hair get drier and I have fine hair. This doesn’t weight it down and all those little frizzie ends lay flat. it makes my hair look shiny too. Just a drop or two is necessary or else it’s too much

Roxie Ebervale, PA

Lovely, light oil for face and eyes

I have been reading about this oil and its properties, but didn’t want to pay a small fortune for it. This brand came promptly, and it’s lightweight, readily absorbed and completely without any scent. I use it on my face and a small amount around my eyes. I love the way it feels and absorbs without leaving any oily residue. Effects? Not sure yet. I’ll update.

Debra Moscow, TX

OK oil and moisturizer

I bought this on a recommendation and while it’s a nice oil, it’s no better than unrefined coconut oil, which is much cheaper and has more uses.Pros:Light weight oilFast absorbingMoisturizingLeaves skin really softGentle enough to use around the eyes and before makeupCons:ExpensiveDoesn’t moisturize better than coconut or olive oilThe pump sometimes doesn’t work so wellI would recommend this if you want to give it a shot. I’ve relegated it to my nightstand solely for my cuticles at night. It’s easy to pump into my palm and rub my cuticles in them. Would I buy it again? Probably not.

Sonya Ladd, IL

Want to love it

Have had it 3 days and am using it 2 times daily in a facial/hand cream menage. It’ll take about a month to see if it makes a difference, but I will stick with it. And no perfumes here. Smells like nut oil.

Vanessa Woodstock, CT

great for skin

very hydrating for face. I use this every night with my facial cleansing routine.Absorbs well and keeps skin soft and smooth

Effie Nolan, WV

Liked it!

I used this for stretch marks but did not see any results. I am not sure how long do I have to use it to see results. I will use it for another couple months to see if it works.

Laverne Utica, KS