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Wild Growth Hair Oil 3pcs x 4oz

One easy stroke No heavy odors Only a few drops are needed 1-3 times per week Longer, fuller, softer, enriched and controlled hair No need for very hot comb for ‘hard’ press Directions Shake well before using. Apply only 5-15 drops with finger tips to entire hair and scalp. Then comb or brush.

Key features

  • Wild Growth Hair Oil is made of 100% natural ingredients that work together to condition, detangle and help you achieve longer-lasting presses.
  • Wild Growth Hair Oil 3pcs x 4oz

Honest reviews


I love this stuff!

I use this after I wash my hair. When my hair dries it is so soft. This oil is thicker than regular olive oil and I don’t put it on my scalp to be sure it doesn’t clog my pores. I only put it on the hair. It works great as a hot oil treatment as well. Using this to protect my ends has helped my African American Hair to reach the middle of my back close to my waste. I also take vitamins that help hair growth as well. This prevents breakage but doesn’t actually cause or initiate new growth. It helps you maintain your length.

Lindsey Marion, ND

At first I didn’t like it.

I tried this after taking a steroid shot for back pain. The steroid shot caused my temples and edges to thin so I got worried and bought this. At first I hated it. It made my scalp itch like crazy! It literally had me up in the night scratching my scalp. I decided to keep using it as directed and eventually the itch went away and my edges and temples are back. I am actually surprised because I was quite skeptical. I can’t say if it makes my hair grow fast because I am not checking for that but I can definitely say it works for my edges and temples. I have nonrelaxed hair btw.

Virginia Richville, MI

Good Results for the Price …

The oil comes in a 4 oz. bottle with an applicator tip. I applied the product three times each week, massaged my scalp for 2 minutes, and then prepped my hair for bed/the next day. After 2 weeks, I did an unofficial hair check to see how the product was working, and it didn’t appear that my hair had grown at all! But, to be fair, I decided to continue to use the product until the end of the month so I could see how well the oil worked within a month’s time (a full 30 days).After a month, 1/3 of my hair grew 1.5"! No, that IS NOT a typo. The remaining 2/3 of my hair grew at it’s normal rate. So, I will be using this again to see how much growth I can get long-term. For only $8, this growth oil is amazing.For my complete review, go to:

Mary Pittsville, VA

not sure yet . . . not for me

my hair is actually in box braids and have been for a while so it’s hard to tell if I’m growing. However I love love love love how soft my roots feel. My braids don’t itch and its not leaving a dirty oil feeling so I’m satisfied but I’m not crazy about the smell it doesn’t stink it’s just too earthy. I think i’ll put it in a spray bottle with some rosewater when i’m finished rocking my braids.Update: I’m unsure if it worked being that my hair grows in protective styles anyway. When I took my braids out my hair was actually really gritty feeling which was odd but my sister wanted to try it. I gave her my left overs and she has had great success.

Pauline Riverdale, MI

Love it!

Speedy Service and a fantastic product!! I absolutely love this oil and I cannot believe I got three of them for such a fantastic price! I will definately order again.

June Davidson, OK

This is a great product and it WORKS!

I have been using this product for a year was very excited to receive this product the price is perfecct!!.it seems however my package was stolen as I have not received it even though it says delivered -__-. Amazon was great very apologetic and refunded my money no hassle.I am looking to order this again and have my package held at the warehouse so I might actually receive it this time.

Gail Corrales, NM