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Wild Growth Hair Care System

Both Wild Growth Hair Oil and Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer are made from plant derived oils, vitamins and minerals. There are no petroleum by-products, and no animal by products and there are no synthetic colors, fragrances or preservatives.

Key features

  • Green bottle-Extra softness. Deep leave-in conditioner. Damage control. Heat Protection.
  • Yellow bottle-Extra Moisture. Scalp deodorizer. High gloss. Daily leave-in conditioner.
  • For African coarse and dry hair-growth results in 1-2months;2-4 month supply
  • For non-African fine and oily hair:growth results in 1-2months;4-12 month supply

Honest reviews


USEFUL TIP: I mix them both!

I mix them both, same quantities and I add pure Jojoba oil to lighten the mix and also because I love jojoba oil on my hair. I get fabulous results: softness, moisture, shine, minus the smell of the green bottled one because the yellow bottle is actually meant to deodorize the hair.I use it generously (well just six, seven drops) every evening on my hair and scalp before two strands twists, I use a little in the morning when I undo them and fluff them out. Little goes a long way and it’s already not expensive.I just LOVE my hair: Bouncy, healthy, thick, natural black 4a type!I am so in love with this product, I am planning on using it as long as they make it. Over time, you hair gets softer and softer when using this mix of both oil. I remember there was a time my hair was so dry I noticed the skin on my fingers peeled from doing two strand twists. I check my hair from time to time, especially my ends and I see no split ends ( although I blow dry my natural hair one a week with medium heat), no porosity problem either ( tip: you can check porosity by dropping a hair strand in a glass of water and if it floats, you’re OK:)). I truly encourage you to try the mix:)

Susan Alexandria, NE

Good Product

I love this product. I am not sure if you hair will grow any longer because of its use, because I have lengthy hair already. However, I love how your scalp feel afterwards. To some the smell is standoffish, however, for me it ok. I love this product and will keep purchasing it.

Joan Larned, KS

It worked for my Afro Curly hair!

I’m bi racial. Which means I have a combination of two types of hairs. With this product after using it for almost 2 months it made my hair grow about 3 inches so far. I can feel the new growth from my root of my hair. The only thing is it does smell funny..but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It works and I will keep using the product. Just apply a little bit.. Not too much because they your hair is really oily… and can be quite uncomfortable.

Shelia Tappen, ND

It doesn’t smell bad

The other reviews scared me… But my hairs been falling out something terrible so I had to get it anyway…It just smells like tea tree oil, or your essential oils. most products today smell like that anywayI actually enjoy the tea tree oil smell, it’s a good product for dry hair,This is my first day of using so I don’t know about long lasting results yet, but it did hydrate my dry hair.And it doesn’t smell.. Plus u wana put it in at night, wrap ur hair up, and wash it out in the morning.UPDATEI have never had an allergic reaction to anything in my life, nor have I ever had this problem…After the second time of using this after a shower, I used it to detangle and treat my scalpI have broken out in a bad painfull burning rash in a few patches on my scalp….this product is to Blaim, if anyone else has had this problem plz comment below

Latoya Kekaha, HI

Product review

I loved this product, it was what I wanted and it was also much cheaper buying through amazon then getting it at stores, only except the shipping cost was a little pricey, This product I have been using for over 2 months now because over the summer I suffer from dry scalp, so I mix this product with EMU Oil or (Isoplus-Oil Moisturizer). Its pure oil which helps moisturize the scalp. I also use as a hot-oil treatment. During the summer I wear braids and I noticed that my hair grew 1 inch long wearing braids. I had to take my hair down because my hair grew within a matter of 2 months. It works.

Bertie Sycamore, GA