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Wild Ferns – New Zealand Manuka Honey – Ultra Rich Night Revival Créme – 100ml

Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Night Revival Creme 100 ml/3.38 oz. Our ultra rich Night Revival Creme contains New Zealand AAH Manuka Honey, a type of Manuka that is specially selected for its ability to moisturize the skin and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The action of this pure Manuka Honey is enhanced by the addition of selected plant oils and Vitamin E, including Sweet Almond Oil and Neroli Oil, which are particularly good for dry, irritated or sensitive skin.

Key features

  • Cruelty free, paraben free, no mineral oil.
  • Highly effective night cream with pure active manuka honey.
  • Made in New Zealand using pure unadulterated Active Manuka Honey of the highest quality.
  • Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Night Revival Cream , 100ml.
  • With real Neroli Oil. Wonderful texture and aroma of manuka honey.

Honest reviews


Great product, noticeable difference

At first I thought the perfume was a little overpowering (yeah, I’ll admit I agree with a previous reviewer, it does smell like old lady perfume), but it doesn’t seem to linger more than 30 seconds after application. The cream works very well for me; I don’t wake up with dried out wrinkly skin anymore. For reference, I have 28-yr old biracial combination skin which still thinks it’s in high-school and breaks out on occasion. Now that I use this cream, my skin behaves much better. Try it; you will glow! I would recommend it to my friends.

Estelle Campbellsville, KY

Less perfume, please

I have tried other manuka honey creams and thought they worked great, even smelled nice, a little bit like…honey! But this cream in particular smells like old lady perfume. It also felt greasier to me than other manuka products. I would probably not recommend it to friends and will not buy it again. I much prefer the Pure Source brand of manuka night cream.

Karina Beverly, OH

Great night cream

I have only been using for a couple of weeks but I like the feel on my skin. I have normal to dry skin and think this is a keeper for me. There is a perfume smell but goes away within a few min. it does not bother me. My skin looks better and dry patches are gone below my cheeks. I will purchase again. Product as described and delivered on time. This is a great night cream

Ruthie Hibbs, PA

Don’t know yet but..

I bought this product because its 4 and a half stars. I got it today and use it just now. It smells good of aroma. But when I look at the ingredient and see it contains alcohol and some color added which I didn’t expect from the natural product like this. Still I don’t know much how important to add those ingredients, so I can’t tell it’s good or bad. I’ll continue to use it for a while and see the result again.

Tracey Whitwell, TN

Does what it sez

I have been using this for about 2 weeks as a night cream. i had only tried moisturizer at night a few times, because my face breaks out easily. also, most products have cheaped out and use mineral oil. this does what it sez, it has made me skin look smooth, soft and not cleared pores, but not clogged. i believe the antibacterial prop of the honey must be the reason. i also use it as eye cream during the day. it feels good, absorbs well and skin looks good in the morning, even combination skin. i will keep using this.

John Brandamore, PA

Thick but not greasy!

This has become my favourite night cream. It’s relatively thick and creamy, which will suit normal to dry skin. The smell is very pleasant, and the feeling on skin is amazing. Soft and velvety all the way till the morning!

Doretha Monmouth, IA

Better than I expected!

OK, so I’ve only had this for one day, but I LOVE IT!I didn’t get this as a night time face cream, but rather to test out on my eczema. I’m testing it by rubbing this only on certain spots, and my regular lotion on other spots. So far, it is performing better than my regular, go-to lotion – so 5 thumbs up!I will update the stars and comments if it doesn’t continue to perform, but for now I’m sooo pleased that I had to leave a comment.UPDATE 1/27:So after ten days, I’m still loving this cream! All eczema spots calm, no itching, no bumps! Aaahhhh. Wonderful!!BUT – why isn’t the product Prime Eligible any more?!

Lynn Olton, TX

Great moisturizer

I was surprised by how effective this product is. It’s a great moisturizer and I’ve been using daily on my elbows, heels and face. The smell is a bit too strong for me but I’m getting used to it. As far as helping with wrinkles and aging spots, not doing well with that.

Debora Pelham, NC


Ugh.. the consistency of this cream reminds me of ponds night cream that my grandma had 20 years ago… thick and heavy… glides on easily, but doesn’t feel smooth, actually feels like I have something on my skin and I don’t feel especially hydrated or nourished in the morning… I have normal healthy skin….

Hilda Jacobsburg, OH

Its Okay

Its OK, I like it, don’t love love love it, but its thick and moisturizing the outcome though it hasn’t changed my face or wrinkles much. A lot of nightcremes will tighten and moisturize……..this only moisturizes.

Tamra Clark, NJ

Pretty Good Product

I like this cream and think it is a decent moisturizer. But as far as results are concerned, I think it’s too early to tell.

Eliza Quilcene, WA

SO far so great

I use this at nite and it really helps moisterize my face and in the morning it is very soft.It is very cold here and it really works well with the wild ferns eye cream. I really like this product and will be back for more.

Deborah Rio Blanco, PR

Will be buying it again!

Love it. Easy to put on, lasts a long time, works very nicely. Also purchased the serum and eye cream. Wish amazon carried the day cream with SPF. The smell is strong when you first put it on but after a minute or two is gone. This has made my skin a lot smoother. Even my skin care person noticed.

Adele Morehead, KY

Lovely product

Love this stuff. Use it in the morning and at night. Has a slightly sweet smell. I have sensitive skin and it has never given me a problem. Been looking for a nice facial cream without any harmful chemicals and no mineral oils in it. Little seems to go a long way. Will buy again once I run out!

Ines Lockney, WV

Manuka is the best

This smells so good, it is rich and creamy and really adds moisture to any skin. If I put it on broken or cracked skin it can sting a little but otherwise doesn’t. This cream is wonderful

Pearlie Polvadera, NM

Manuka Honey

I gave this to my sister as part of her Christmas present. She loved it & wanted to know where I got it.

Jeanine Ferriday, LA