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Wig It Gripper, 2 Ounce

Great for Lace Front Wigs Holds Down Fly-Away Alcohol Free Formula Conditions As It Sets Seals Loose Ends.

Key features

  • Great for Lace Front Wigs
  • Holds Down Fly-Away
  • Alcohol Free Formula

Honest reviews


Works just ….but

I use this in conjunction with Sigma Bond Lace front Adhesive By itself, it doesn’t really hold for more than 2+/- hours without the wig slipping. It you think this is going to replace tape or glue for a long hold time, you are wrong.

Blanche Centralia, WV

Wig It . . . Sticky

After have cancer and not cutting my hair trying to save it with most of my hair was saved due to braiding by my front is destroyed. Gripper is good so you do not have to use glue or tape for your wigs but you can get glueless wigs now so I only used the product a few times after seeing this being reviewed on YouTube. Unfortunately, it pulled some of my front hairline out and is too sticky for me. This was my first product that I bought for my lace wigs but as you ladies know when you go to wigs you have to try everything until you know what will work for you.

Lynnette Paul Smiths, NY


I am of the impression that I just don’t know how to use this product. It is so sticky you cant even begin to use it without sticking your entire body! I need a REFUND !!

Sybil Galesville, WI

Wig It Gripper

I got this thinking it’s a glue, yes I should have read the reviews it’s not a good and it didn’t even give me a temporary.

Joni Houghton, SD


This stuff is horrible. Way to sticky. If it gets on your fingers it just has to wear off.Yuck

Viola Cresskill, NJ


It’s hard and stickey and really doesn’t give that great of a hold. I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.

Melisa Mount Sherman, KY