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White Egret Topical Magnesium Spray Sensitive Skin, 8 Fluid Ounce

White Egret’s topical magnesium spray sensitive skin is all natural from Utah’s ancient inland sea, the Great Salt lake. Use it to soothe and beautify the skin. Helps to improve the look and feel of skin. High in magnesium and 72 ionic trace minerals.

Key features

  • All natural
  • Hign in essential minerals
  • Sensitive skin

Honest reviews



Doesn’t give a rash compared to other brands. It still burns, but no rash. If you’re sensitive need to apply liberally.

Robbie Blandville, WV

For sore muscles…

For sore muscles…White Egret Topical Magnesium Spray Sensitive Skin, 8 Fluid Ounce….We all are low on this stuff so will be using regularly.

Harriet Bird In Hand, PA


I use this on myself daily as well as on my massage clients. I have seen considerable difference in my tension, muscle pain, spasms and overall well being since using this topical spray. I have always been a MG fan, taking 1200 mg per day and feeling pretty good, so I wasn’t sure if I would notice any difference using the spray. I was greatly surprised with the extra amount of relief I feel. I also notice a HUGE difference in my clients muscles changes during the massage after giving 20 sprays on their affected areas and clients have also noticed the ease in which I am able to get deeper into the muscle belly. I really can’t express enough how terrific this product is. It does leave a “salty” feel to your skin and a slight white film on the skin but nothing that can’t be wiped off if needed. Love this product.

Saundra Newman Grove, NE

Salty residue

Honestly, I only tried it once so I can’t speak on whether it works or not. But I tried it on my feet, and when it dried it was as if a had rubbed salt on myself…

Malinda Bokeelia, FL

doesn’t sting like other brands

They are right that it is good for sensitive skin.The Barbara Hendel one hurt so much I’d rarely use it, but I use this one every day. I keep it near my desk and try to spray it on me a few times a day. Helps with healing fractured bones.Better to use transdermal magnesium since it poses less of a problem for biofilms.

Vickie Willsboro, NY