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Wet Ones Fresh Scent Anti-Bacterial Wipes, 5-Canister 48 Wipes

Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes are as effective as a gel hand sanitizer. Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes have been proven to kill 99.99% of germs which is the same as gel hand sanitizers. Based on laboratory microbiological testing, Wet Ones antibacterial wipes have the same effectiveness as gel hand sanitizers in its ability to kill germs. Wet Ones antibacterial wipes kill 99.99% of germs on skin just like gel hand sanitizer, however they also wipe away the dirt and mess which gel hand sanitizer do not. Tips to Help Keep You and Your Family Healthy… Clean Hands are One of the Best Defenses: Frequent hand washing will help prevent the spread of germs that can lead to illness. Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes are a convenient way to kill 99.99% of germs when soap and water are not available or convenient. Use an Antibacterial Wipe When on the Go: Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes are useful for situations when you come into contact with germs in public areas. Consider using antibacterial wipes to sanitize hands on the go. For example: School – Pack in the backpack so kids can use them as needed prior to lunch, after recess or between classes or when riding the bus Playground visits – Add to your diaper bag or purse for use after touching the jungle gym, ride-on toys, park benches, sandboxes Commute to work – Bring in your purse or briefcase when coming into contact with banisters, elevators, escalators and mass transit At work – Keep at your desk to reduce germs on hands after using computer keyboards, phones, meeting rooms, shared kitchens Travel – To wipe hands after touching tray tables, blankets or luggage during airplane, bus or train rides (avoid the hassle of liquid gels at airline security) Shopping – Store in your car after touching money, common dressing rooms, shopping carts or restaurant visits.

Key features

  • Great for spring cleaning, cough and cold season, picnics and back to school
  • Perfect for quick clean ups when soap and water aren’t available or practical
  • Convenient 5 canister pack
  • 48 wipes per canister

Honest reviews


I use these everywhere

They may have been a bit cheaper at the store, but it’s hard for me to carry stuff home. I keep these in the car, by my bed, in the kitchen, and by the TV chair. Nice to get a lot of them and be prepared. 🙂

Colleen Heidelberg, KY


Great price, fast shipping. I have a baby and purchased these to take on our trip to disney, they were so useful, and fit right in the cup holder on the stroller, especially useful for wiping down tables and high chairs.

Crystal Millerville, AL

Excellent Product Momma’s Fav

I love these. Perfect for keeping in every room of the house, especially if you have little children, like myself. So handy! And smells so fresh and wonderful! (Just remember, it says on the container that you are not supposed to flush these into the toilet. It is best to put them into a trash receptacle.) 🙂

Casandra Coffeyville, KS

Great product

The wipes are really saturated so you get a good wiping session out of one piece. I’ve also never had a wipe rip while using. The canister is smaller than lysol cannisters so it fits in your car’s cupholder, backpack’s side pocket, etc. I buy these every time I go on a trip–camping, road trip, overnight stay–because it’s convenient! I use it to clean my car, clean my counters, clean my dog’s paws, etc.

Juanita Brimson, MN

Great for on the go

We use these in the diaper bag and they are handy to have when you are in the car, desert, forest. etc… where water and soap isn’t an option 🙂

Mina El Toro, CA

I have them EVERYWHERE!!

Each vehicle, garage, end tables in the living room, kitchen, on the table outside when we barbecue…..lots of other places, drawers, cabinets, etc.

Becky Truro, IA

Fits my cup holder in the car

These are and have always been excellent wipes but for me the main reason I buy these is the container is designed to fit the cup holder in most cars and mine is no exception.

Helga Burnside, LA

Finally something that doesn’t smell like chemicals

If you read the description on these, they can be used for cleaning wipes (wiping down surfaces or items to disinfect, etc.). I use these for this purpose around the house instead of Clorox, Lysol and Mr. Clean wipes. I have used all of them, and of those 3, Clorox is best, but I was just tired of the chemical smell, and these smell great (like a wet nap). They are smaller in size and I am sure cost more, but I like them. If you need them for a big job, they are not for you. I would guesstimate that if you use 1 Clorox wipe for a large counter top surface, you may need 2 of these – depends on your dirt level. 🙂 I did hear that Mr. Clean is coming out with wipes with Febreze – I see them on their website but have yet to see them in stores. I’ll try them, but I will also stick to my Wet Ones wipes.

Georgia Boncarbo, CO

Just what we need.

We use these at the church where I serve as Children’s Ministry director. They are in every classroom and we also use them during our Story Time program. They are perfect for little hands and don’t have a heavy chemical smell like some other wipes.

Martina Hartford, OH

very good for keeping clean — especially on the run

4 1/2 starsWet Ones are easy to carry around and just one of these antibacterial wipes lets me cleanse my hands or face–or both! This is helpful when I want to clean my hands before eating out or just when I’m on the run and can’t get to a restroom to wash off my hands or my face to stay and feel clean.One thing I did notice, however, is that the wipe itself has a scent, although while not too intense, that is really not that pleasant but I guess that goes along with the fact that this is an antibacterial product designed to cleanse. If you are allergic to any type of scent, therefore, you may want to keep looking for other similar products that don’t have too much of an odor–such as those small portable bottles of liquid hand sanitizer; you can also carry them when you’re on the go and although the liquid will have an odor it is not as noticeable as the odor Wet Ones have.Personally I do use Wet Ones because they are so easy to carry even in these canisters. True, there is that odor but I can deal with it since it’s not that intense and I like being able to have clean hands before I eat out in a restaurant, for example. Wet Ones are a very good product but not perfect with that scent; as long as you can handle an antibacterial scent you’ll be pleased with this product, too.

Vivian Snook, TX

I love Wet Ones

I use these primarily for my dog but also for my face. Great way to keep my hands clean and combat oily skin.

Fay Caroga Lake, NY

Love these, love the Amazon price!

I love these wipes for everyday use. With 3 bouncing Labradoodles, my hands get lots of kisses and can get kinda grubby from the outdoor stuff they bring in with them. Also great for quick clean ups when getting to a sink isn’t convenient.

Rene Westminster, VT

great wipes!

I love these wipes. I use them regularly and feel confident that I’m eliminating germs When ever I use them.

Lacey Woden, TX

must have for a Germaphobe

I am a germaphobe so I like to keep these in the car and in the office. I love the fact that you can both clean and sanitize your hands rather than just using hand sanitizer that leaves the dirt on your hands. This eliminates the need for handwashing. I like to use these after pumping gas. I also wipe down my steering wheel, and all of the knobs and buttons in my car to include the seat belts. In the office I can eat lunch at my desk without being bothered to get up and wash my hands. I also wipe down my phone, keyboard, mouse, cabinet pulls, and desktop area. Being a germaphobe is tough, but wet wipes makes it so much easier. then size of these wipes are very large and can really wipe down allot of surfaces before drying out.

John Lamont, OK