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wet n wild Megalast Nail Color, I Need a Refresh-Mint, 0.45 Fluid Ounce

All the end results of going to the nail salon, but without the hassle. The driving, the sitting, the waiting, the forced small-talk, and especially the pricey manicurist bills – forget it! Looking salon pampered just got easier! These 5-day, chip-resistant formulas are just so darn great, delivering a professional, yet far more accessible, look. Ever wonder what actually makes a “salon” formula? Read the features!

Key features

  • A revolutionary resin polymer system for exceptional color adhesion
  • Calcium and mineral fortified to help prevent nail discoloration
  • 3-Free: No Formaldehyde, Toluene, or Phthalates
  • Our ManiCurve Pro Brush is absolutely incredible – The rod is flat so the liquid drains down to the bristles equally, and the rounded bristles hug your nail curves perfectly

Honest reviews


Very nice polish with lasting wear

I will chime in with the other positive reviews. This is a great color from Wet ‘n Wild. What amazed me most about the polish was how long lasting it was. I applied two thick coats plus a top coat and it lasted until I decided to remove it, which was about a week. One week without any chipping is awesome in my book. I’m on the lookout to try the other colors available in this line.

Gayla Brookline Village, MA

Bright and beautiful

This is absolutely gorgeous. It’s very opaque, creamy and great for the summer months.I would definitely repurchase this. Highly recommended.

Luella Benwood, WV

Very impressed, but you can get this at a drugstore for under $2

I am VERY impressed with this “low end” nail polish. My collection consists of mainly Essie, OPI, China Glaze etc, which can run around $8 a bottle. I was running low on cash one day and left my debit/credit cards at home, wanted an Essie shade very similar to this, and saw this for $1.79 and figured I wouldn’t be out much if it sucked. I’m really, really impressed with this polish and am starting to rethink my opinion that cheap=low quality, because apparently that’s not always the case. I’ve spent the last 15 years a makeup snob considering Wet n Wild the lowest quality and really only suitable for 13 year old girls. This went on smooth and vibrant, and true to shade in two coats. With a base coat, two coats, and a top coat, this is wearing just as long as any of my more expensive polishes. I’m actually really excited to try the other Megalast colors because at $1.79 a bottle I can get four or five shades for the price I’d normally pay for one! For the love of God though, the current Amazon price of $6 a bottle is quite outrageous. If you’ve got a Walgreens, CVS, or a supermarket like Meijer around…check there first.

Cathleen Diamond Point, NY

Great color for spring & summer

Love this color for Spring and Summer. Very refreshing. Some don’t like the wide brush, but I love it. I am good with a polish brush, but far from great (see the incredible manicures done by the smart and artful Michelle, the Australian PhD science student on her LabMuffin blog–extraordinary!). So, I like the wide brush. For me, the polish has been long-lasting brushed over Orly Bonder with a top coat of Seche Vite.

Aisha Phillipsville, CA


This wet and wild color is minty like the cool mints peppermints or blue moon ice cream shade. Looks identical to the Tiffany and Co. blue shade of their boxes . The brush is wide so it coats very even and dries fast. One coat is enough coverage and it hasn’t chipped in a few days after heavy dishes and typing. I love this color. Very nice and affordable vs other brands where you need several coats in the opaque color to cover your nails. I will buy this shade again and always like wet n wild for the diversity of colors and the price. 5 stars

Randi Laguna Hills, CA

Great polish – Horrid Brush

I have used Wet n Wild nail polishes for years. I love the color and consistency. It is very rare to find a color that isn’t opaque in two coats…however…I took away two stars because the new brushes are the most terrible brushes I’ve ever worked with. They are HUGE, very fluffy, and cut into a round shape at the ends. It makes them very difficult to control even to paint your nails at all, but free handing a french tip? Yeah, forget about it. I will be looking for products of theirs in the future that do not have the hell-brush. Very disappointed that ANY company would put a brush like that on a product and actually think it is a good enough idea to throw out into the world.

Anne Francestown, NH