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Wet ‘n’ Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner, 886 Black

Line and define with eye-popping drama! Cruelty free. Not tested on animals. Versatile alternative to pencils and liquid liners; blendable formula lines, shades and contours eyes, precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish that lasts. Create beautifully defined lines with this rich, creamy formula. Applies effortlessly as it delivers long-lasting drama with a velvety finish. Comes with an easy to use, conveniently-sized brush. Cruelty-free. Not tested on animals. Made in China.

Key features

  • The precision of a liquid liner with the ease of a cream application
  • Velvet-rich eyeliner provides long-lasting definition in a waterproof formula
  • Easy-to-use brush included

Honest reviews



I was a loyal user of the l’oreal HIP gel eyeliner. The product is good but the brush is weak and the bristles will loosen from the grip and slide inward so you can’t use it. plus the product eventually dries out and will clump. Anyway, I was looking to try a new product. after much research, i decided on teh Maybelline gel eyeliner. I went to 2 stores, walmart and rite aid and both were out of stock with the basic black. Seems lke a very popular product. As i was walking out, i see this wet’n’wild cream eyeliner sitting all by its lonesome. I decided to give it a try because as i was doing research, i did come across many positive review of the wetnwild. Well thsi product is FANTASTIC. The brush is amazing and the cream eyeliner goes on very smooth. you can make precision lines with little effort. it does not smuch or smear and lasted at least 6 hour in PERFECT condition (top line). Now bottom line, it did smudge a bit. I can’t remember if i did myself or it was the product. Either way, I love this product and I will be sticking with this indefinitely unless something else catches my eye.

Concetta Paguate, NM

Love love love!

I bought this product cuz I wanted a cream liner with a smooth consistency so far so good. It has perfect pigmentation and glides on quite easily. Would definitely purchase again, it’s my favourite liner!

Robbie Long Prairie, MN

my favorite eye liner

every eyeliner smudges on me this is the one liner that doesn’t smudge on me and is a very flattering deepest darkest shade of black for my eyes, other eyeliners do not look as good as this on me. its very hard to find sometimes and i am glad i can find it here.

Tammi Ottine, TX

I like this

Pros: Really black, easy to apply, stays putCons: Hard to remove, not waterproofOverall I really like this eyeliner! I just hate trying to take it off :/

Jerri Crossett, AR

I fell in love with this eyeliner (shhhhhh! Don’t tell my boyfriend) 😉

For about 3.99-4.99 I believe it was, this gel liner does the job and looks so sexy on your eyes. I use this to line my outer lash line and fling it up to create the “cat-eyed” look. This is very comparable in my opinion to MAC’s fluid line in black track. Ladies, it’s worth a try if you like gels.

Dessie Eagle, CO

very black liner!

This liner is awesome for the price, it is VERY BLACK, stays on for a VERY long time. The black color is very intense and I think it’s worth the money.

Madelyn Belen, NM

its one of my favorites

I prefer crème eyeliner because it stays better than stick eyeliner. I love this one because I have bought many kinds even more expensive ones, but this one has less of a mess and bleeding of the black out to under the eye.

Gabrielle Melville, LA

best creme eyeliner ever!

If you find the brush that comes with it makes too thick a line for you, this eyeliner workes great with the pointed cotton swabs as well. Long lasting, comes off with baby wipes. Highly recommended!

Ladonna Newellton, LA

My new favorite makeup item!

I purchased this in eggplant, which is a deep purple color. This item comes with a little pot of paste and a nice brush applicator. I absolutely love it! I don’t even have to wear eye shadow with this liner, because I feel like the eggplant liner adds enough color to my eyes. Again – I love this product!!

Peggy Lehighton, PA


I bought this eyeliner on-line and when I opened it it was hard as a rock and did not go on my lids at all, I returned it for a refund. I have never bought a gel or cream liner that did not easily go on the eyelids. This liner would NOT go on AT ALL. It’s said you get you pay for NOT true the Wet’n Wild Fergie Centerstage liner is GREAT it’s inexpensive and absolutely worth buying.

Rosetta Houma, LA

my fave

I love it because my eyes tear easily and this stays put the longest of every brand I have tried and its the cheapest!

Lesa Meadowlands, MN

Best waterproof gel liner!

This has to be the best and long lasting eyeliner on the market. I have tried every single “waterproof” liner our there and all of them start to crease, fade or create the dreaded panda eyes within a few hours, especially when I apply on my waterline. This one stays put and will not come off unless you use a make up remover. Knocked off a star because the product itself does not last very long as it begins desiccate after about 5-6 months and you’re left with nothing but a hard piece of black coal. But its cheap enough where you can just keep repurchasing it.

Luisa Owen, WI