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Wet n Wild H2O Proof Felt Tip Liquid 881 Ultra Black


Key features

  • Smudge-proof, water-resistant liquid liner has a soft, felt-tip brush for precision control and mistake-proof application.

Honest reviews



This stuff is crap. I don’t even know where to begin. It is not waterproof. It smudges. The formula is too watery. The liner transfers to your eyelid if you have hooded eyes. I used eyelid primer and stay matte powder and it still transferred. The applicator is hard and doesn’t apply the product well. After just a couple of hours I look like a raccoon. If I could find my receipt I would have taken this junk back. It’s not worth a penny. I wouldn’t give this mess to my worst enemy. Do not purchase this! Buy something else. Anything else!

Ellen Elmo, UT

Almost permanent

Oh my god it’s so hard to get this thing off! So if you really want water "H20" approved, BUY THIS. I thought I wanted this but it’s just a little too tough for me, and leaves dark marks, I gotta really scrub but not rough so my skin won’t tear. It stays though, I’ll give it that.

Abbie Willard, MO

Stays on, but flakes

I love the regular Wet ‘n’ Wild liquid eyeliner so of course tried the waterproof eyeliner. This has many of the attributes of the regular eyeliner–thin brush, goes on easily, comes in a variety of colors, looks as natural as you want or don’t want!However, this is tough stuff to get off. Soap and water often don’t do it. You’ll need an oil based make up remover and even then you may find yourself scrubbing a bit to get the liner off. And with that said, when it gets “old” it flakes. If you put it on in the morning and don’t have time to touch it up by the evening you may find gaps in it from the flaking.All in all, not a bad eyeliner, just one that needs more maintenance and removal techniques than you might be used to!

James Claypool, AZ

Great for making a cat eye

I don’t use this on my waterline or on my lash line but I do use it for making that precise point for a “cat eye” look and it works wonders at doing so!

Angelita Saint Paul, MN

Very good for the price; just one con

One of the best drugstore liquid eyeliners I have tried. The only thing that annoys me is taking this off. Once you put it on it’ll last for hours, even if you were to be in the pool – it would still stay (I would know, I’ve done this). When you go to take it off, you’ll have problems unless you use olive oil around the eye.

Dale Marion, PA

No No No, please do NOT buy this eyeliner

I agree completely with the reviewer that said this eyeliner is basically gorilla glue.It is. I draw a medium-sized cat eye on everyday and this stuff is horrid.For one thing, I don’t understand how it manages to be so hard to take off in the evening(even with cleansing oil!) when, at the same time, is sliding all over my eyelids all day!I have to check my makeup every 20-30 minutes because if I blink too much I get smudgesall in the crease of my lid. (thankfully I have oily eyelids so it’s not impossible to get off)It really is that much of a hassle. I have used Almay’s liquid liner for years now but wantedto make a cruelty-free change (props to Wet n’ Wild for being cruelty-free, but they needto get their formulation straight!) Obviously, Wet n’ Wild is not the brand for me. Will trye.l.f next. /:

Francis Stockdale, TX

Waterproof, but also a big pain.

If you’re going somewhere where your face is going to get blasted with water, take comfort in knowing that this eyeliner will be there at the end of the day. It’s reliably waterproof. Which also means it’s a pain to take off — you’ll be scrubbing for a while. If you leave it on too long, it flakes horribly.I also had difficulty with the tip and getting the precise cat eye that I typically do. It wasn’t the most cooperative little felt tip. I ended up wearing this once to a theme park and never touched it after that — it didn’t blow my mind enough to be worth the trouble.

Christi Wilson Creek, WA