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Wet ‘N’ Wild Coloricon Eye Shadow Palette, C 249 Vanity Vanite


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Super impressed with this creamy, highly-pigmented, crease-resistant shadow palette!

I troll the beauty/makeup blogs for tips on good products, and I’m always amazed at the performance of some drugstore products I’ve overlooked. I never even bother to look at the Wet-n-Wild stuff at the drugstore. Somewhere along the line I got the message that they were very cheap (cost and quality), so I never gave them a second look.I JUST bought Urban Decay’s nude palette (their newest one–with matte, earthtone colors) for around $30. Boy, I wish I’d tried this Wet-n-Wild palette that was recommended on a beauty blog before I spent that kind of money. This palette was a fraction of the cost, and it is, in fact, comparable (I know, it’s hard to believe you don’t have to spend a lot of money for quality stuff). One of the lighter “lid colors” is an exact duplicate of my favorite shade of one of the Urban Decay palette’s shadows. EXACT! These shadows are creamy and not prone to fall-out, which I know annoys the divas out there. I’ve been wearing these shadows (3 of the colors) for the better part of a work day and I see no creasing yet (I use an eyeshadow primer)–impressive. The photo of the eyeshadow here on Amazon doesn’t really do them justice; they are so much richer in person (in terms of color). They sort of look washed out on my monitor.I’m in my 40s and the thing that really sold me on this palette was that it was 1/2 matte colors and 1/2 shimmery colors–. Though I’m well past my girly-glitter days, even I can pull of these shimmer colors in small amounts near the outer corners of my lower lid. They are absolutely gorgeous. You can wear them sheer or build them to opaque, so they are super versatile for work and going out. I liked this palette so much (it arrived last night) that I immediately came back and bought another palette in browns/greens today. I’m soooo done buying $20 single pots of fancy-schmancy eyeshadow. Thanks, Wet-n-Wild!

Nicole Wells, NV

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette Vanity#249

I want you all to know that Wet n Wild is a wonderful product and there colors are awesome. I was very happy when, I received my palettes in the mail. I really love the that I received them in the mail. I was totally surprise, I will be ordering again from this vendor and I would like to say keep up the good work and thank for having all of the palettes that I ordered from you all. I do have been looking for Wet n Wild Spring Medley Collection. I hope that you will soon have it, however, it just came out in early or mid March and I can tell you guys that those palettes looks amazing. I am inquiring if you have any in stock, are if anyone knows were I can purchase them. However, this palette can be used yearly. I love it.

Ines Clayton, WA

Lovin me some Wet~n~Wild

WOW!is the only word I can think of at this moment, they so rich and pigmentined that it is WILD (lol). I surprised considering the price of this palette going to buy more.

Polly Bettsville, OH

Great as always

WnW palettes are always good and this one was no exception! I will continue to purchase their palettes for the color payoff!

Pearlie Center, TX

great colors!

I love the colors in this set, and it stays on. I bought a couple to have for the future!

Carissa Columbus, TX

Loving the colors!

Love the colors in this palette! I am partial to neutral tones and this has some great shades in it!

Jillian Paradise, CA