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Wen Winter Vanilla Mint Cleansing Conditioner – 16 oz

Sealed Winter Vanilla Mint Cleansing Conditioner with pump included.

Key features

  • A limited edition line, WEN Seasonal is designed to meet the overwhelming demand for new scents. The Winter Vanilla Mint Cleansing Conditioner is a universal formulation created for all hair types, lengths, and textures. Winter Vanilla Mint Cleansing

Honest reviews


licensed cosmetologists review

Ok, you all know how i love Wen products, but this one has let me down. It’s the Winter season and should have more moisturizing properties in it, it smells heavenly, but not worth it. Buy Fig for the Winter season because it is dry this time of year and your hair needs moisture. You can buy this, and mix it with Six Thirteen for added moisture, which is what I did. I also love this scent so much that I ordered four bottles of the replenishing mist in the same scent. Smells like peppermint and chocolate. More mint than chocolate. If your hair is soft already, buy this, and enjoy the aromatherapy of it. Mix two pumps of this with distilled water in a small spray bottle and mist your hair on the days you don’t cleanse. Spray it on your dog too! Your pooch will be a walking room freshener and have a soft coat too! Enjoy, just wish there were more moisture in the product.Holly Nicole, Glamour Coutre

Earlene Karluk, AK

One of the BEST WEN products

This one is limited and was promoted in fall of 2011 and early in 2012. Not sure if it will be offered in other seasons. Unlike some WEN products, this has a scent that will work for men and women, with ease. The peppermint offers a clean feel, and is sensational in the shower.This one is similar, from a result standpoint, to the even harder to find 6-13 formula. Both offer superior shine, and tends to enhance hair volume. From a guy stand point, if you happen to have thinning hair, this is a studio-quality product. Your hair will look better after one use, and continue to improve.I think it takes about 3 washing/treatments to fully see the result. This can ALSO be used as a face-wash, with great results – leave it on for 1-2 minutes and you will see clean, and firm skin!Not inexpensive, but worth it. I would like to see Amazon offer this ( and the entire line), direct from the vendor, at some point.For what it is worth, it is a product used on television and motion picture set’s. It really works!

Milagros Mc Grann, PA

Buyer Beware!!

I was always curious about WEN and how it gave Chaz’s models such great results. So, I decided to try it. I bought the Winter Vanilla Mint in December 2011 from QVC and regretted it ever since. I loss SO MUCH hair it wasn’t funny (bald spots along the forehead/temporal areas and about 2-3 inches in length)! I noticed the hair loss immediately after washing my hair. It took well over a year just to grow back the hair I loss. However, I did read in one of QVC’s reviews about another WEN Product (Fig Cleansing Conditioner) that the writer suffered “mild hair loss” as well. I thought that since I bought the Vanilla Mint I would not have that problem. I thought wrong. The only explanation I could find from WEN is that I could be allergic to some of the ingredients in the shampoo. Also, that the hair I loss was not from the cleansing conditioner and just a part of normal hair shedding. All I can say is pay close attention to reviews and think before you buy.

Pamela Cofield, NC

menthol burning feel

You need a ton of this per wash, it says 16 pumps I believe. I have hair almost to my waist, so that’s a lot more needed. Well, it leaves hair clean. It doesn’t leave it tangle free like on the commercial even when its in your hair for 10 minutes. It has this menthol burning feeling that remains on you head and hands for a couple hours afterwords. I would never dare use this on my kids. There are better options if you see my reviews. I wouldn’t buy this again.

Carmen Lafayette, LA

TOO Much Silicone – Had To Wash My Hair Every Day!

The one star is for the smell ONLY. Wow, smells JUST like a Junior Mint! The bad review though I’m about to write is for everything else! (1) WEN weighs down the hair SO bad because of all the silicone in it (look at the ingredients and you will see all of them that end in ‘ane’ or ‘one’). (2) I had to wash my hair every single day in order for it NOT to look weighed down. (3) My hair is color treated and my colorist even said that my hair has completely changed and wouldn’t take color as well as before. If you have hair you wash ever single day, then this may be for you.

Vivian East Jordan, MI

Chaz’s Hat Trick, Three Hits In A Row

I am a Wen girl for over a year now and I tried Pomegranate, which was great, then I tried Six Thirteen, which was outstanding, then I tried this one as a sample in the “test tube” and this one is just beyond belief. I hope Chaz puts this in 32oz. I also tried the Pumpkin one and that one is just wonderful. The Pumpkin one has 858 five star reviews on QVC. Wen just kicked in the door with these products. Nothing comes close. After washing and blow drying it’s like I just left a salon, really. I would recommend this to everyone and hey, if you don’t like it for any reason, it will NOT hurt your hair in any way. If I could give this one hundred stars, I would. The Winter Vanilla Mint smells a bit like caramel, the Pumpkin smells like cinnamon, but a delicious cinnamon like you want to eat it. I’m not nuts about the Winter Vanilla Mint smell, not that it smells bad, but the results are just phenomenal. Go for it, seriously.

Alyssa Forestville, NY

Great Product/Devine Smell

I will say I was skeptical for many years on just how good WEN could possibly be, then Chaz came out with Winter Vanilla Mint and I had to try it. I am a lather girl but after several washings I no longer miss the lather. I use WVM as a second wash(I know it is not the conventional method)I first use Organix Moroccan Shampoo for my first wash, then rinse and apply WVM to my hair (which is med. shoulder length, fine and straight)I apply 3-4 pumps on each temple,at my ears and from my ears to bottom of my hair which converts to about 16 pumps total…I then add water to my head with the WEN and rub it thru my hair throughly. It sounds like a lot when I first read the instructions but it isn’t as much as it sounds. A 16 oz. bottle lasts me about 3 months using my method.I then leave WEN in while I finish my shower from 3-5 minutes and rinse WEN out, wrap in a towel while I apply my make-up… then put a small amount of Macadamia Nut Oil or Moroccan Oil from my ears to the bottom of my hair(dime size amount) and blow dry.I have now used WVM(WEN) for 10 months before leaving this review. I am shocked at how much thicker my hair is. I no longer have breakage, my hair loss is very small and area’s where I was having breakage have now stop breaking and filled in. I have more hair on my head than I have ever had…it is very noticable enough that my husband has commented on it and wondered if it would help him.The smell is awesome…like a Peppermint Patty. Hope Chaz keeps this in his line or I may lead a revolution and spam him until he relents and keeps this in his line-up! 🙂

Jerri Harrisville, MS


I tried this after watching Wen’s infomercial. Not wanting to sign up for a monthly subscription, I bought on Amazon.I have fine, thin, hair. I’m not sure I care for the menthol – it tingled a whole lot at first, but the effect wore off gradually as I continued to use it. The product did smell good. I didn’t need to use nearly as much product as Wen recommended – I usually used about 3 pumps. I think my hair got clean, and it didn’t seem to weigh my hair down (I was a little concerned about that), but I just didn’t like the feeling of using only conditioner rather than a shampoo. Considering the relatively high price, it’s not worth it to me to continue use.

Connie Winnebago, NE

A lot of hype

I ordered this with lots of hope that it would make my hair feel good. I was disappointed with the cost and the product. My hair did not feel clean and it definitely needed another conditioner so that I could comb my hair after washing. I have long hair and it left it feeling just O.K. It was way to expensive to leave it still feeling oily and really tangled. NOT impressed and will not order again.

Laverne Tuxedo Park, NY

My favorite

This is my favorite Wen cleansing conditioner. It smells like mint more than vanilla but it smells great. It made my baby fine hair feel so great, shiny, bouncy, fresh. Just love it. I have tried other scents but they don’t compare with this one.I don’t know why he quit making it when so many people love it.I can’t afford it now because people have marked it up so much but once in a while someone will have it at agood price. I buy it then 🙂

Cynthia Santa Ysabel, CA

Great for colored hair, leaves it SUPER Soft.

I’ve gone back and forth between using Wen and regular shampoo/conditioner. I’ve colored my hair regularly for the past ten years, and have been more recently staying blonde, because it doesn’t fade as quickly as the deeper colors and reds do. About two months ago I started using Wen again, and saw this scent for sale. I had to buy it. While regular Wen leaves my hair feeling soft and my color doesn’t fade, I’ve been using the Winter Vanilla for the past two weeks and I have never loved a hair product so much! First of all, it smells absolutely fantastic. Secondly, you know the feeling you get when you wash your hair in the bathtub and swish it around in the water and it feels so silky in the water, and you wish it would feel like that in real life? That’s how my hair REALLY feels using this scent/product. Also, I colored my hair a bright red with highlights 3 weeks ago and with ANY other hair product, it would have faded completely by now. I have experienced absolutely NO fading when using Wen! It’s amazing! I do have to cleanse more frequently that when using shampoo, my hair has a tendency to get oily between washing, but it’s not a hassle at all with this great, wonderful product! Love! Five stars forever!

Ester Pendleton, NC

Looks poorly, flattened my hair

This product made my hair slick and flat. It felt dirty and dry. I’ve heard some good reviews but I guess this product just isn’t for everyone.

Virginia Freelandville, IN

I’ve loved wen from the first use.

I’ve always love Wen products, you just shouldn’t everyday because using water on your hair everyday will defeat the pursue of helping you achieve healthy hair by drying it out!

Jenna Rose Hill, NC

Wen Winter Vanilla

I love this products. Not only does it work well, but it smells wonderful. I know that it’s a limited edition, so I try to purchase is whenever I find one.

Aisha Candia, NH

Wonderful scent!

I like Wen very much and for me this scent is the best. Unlike others I smell predominately vanilla and don’t think it smells at all like a peppermint patty. I have tried most of the Wen cleansing conditioners and have not experienced hair loss, burning itchy scalp, or greasy hair. I have fine, short, naturally curly, dyed hair and all the Wen I’ve tried works well with my hair. This is my favorite scent. I do not use as many pumps as recommended and add water as directed to,spread it through my hair. I leave it on while I shower, rinse, and style my hair as usual. Everyone has their preference of hair products and scents. I don’t find that the scent interferes with my body lotion and/or perfume.

Shelby Plymouth, NE

too greasy on my thin hair

I have baby fine thin hair and usually I use the tea tree and sometimes the lavender WEN. My FAVORITE is 613 but this one seems to leave my hair dull and greasy. Maybe it’s just an aged product being that I bought it on amazon and it was last winter’s limited edition and here we are going into fall. But either way I get the other ones from amazon and so far I found that the "mint" ones leave my hair icky and flat… but don’t give up on WEN not all the formulas are the same and there will be one that may work better for you

Beryl Mendota, CA

My favorite Wen

I have been using Wen for the past five months- i have also tried Fig, Lavender, Gardenia, and Pomegranate. This is my favorite so far. The smell is really nice, and more mellow than other formulas. Wen has been great at helping me preserve the color in my hair. I went from ash blonde to dark brown, and Wen has really helped with maintaining the color, as well as the moisture and integrity of my hair. I use about 10-12 pumps, much less than the bottle recommends. I have straight hair that falls to my mid back. I have used shampoo only 2-3 times in the past few months, otherwise it’s just me & Wen! I noticed that my hair looked a bit greasy a few times when I first started using Wen, but that hasn’t been an issue for some time. I guess my hair/scalp has "gotten used to" my new regime. All in all, Wen is a great product… the price is getting a little old, though. Fortunately one bottle lasts me about a month.

Greta Heron Lake, MN

Amazing scent!

I have thin, natural dirty blonde, straight hair. I have been using Wen cleansing conditioners for about a year, and I don’t ever want to go back to normal shampoo. When I do use normal shampoo for whatever reason, those are my bad hair days.I used this version of wen cleansing conditioner for the first time this morning, and the scent is lovely! It smells sort of like chocolate to me. Or like the new trident vanilla mint gum. I put my hair up in a ponnytail afterwards but just let it down and I just can’t stop smelling my hair. The cleansing conditioner is just as good as all other original ones, but the smell is just wonderful.I went back to my old job to visit my coworkers yesterday, and they all gave me a big hug. I wish I received this conditioner one day earlier so that they would smell the hevenly smell of my hair instead of the tea tree one that I used yesterday.

Augusta Willmar, MN

Best smell ever!

Why isn’t this available all the time? I can’t get over how amazing the smell is! Part of me wants to use it all the time and the other doesn’t want to use it all up.

Kelsey South Milford, IN

Works Great; Smells Yummy!

I LOVE WEN! I started using it about three years ago. It’s now the only hair product I use. I’ve pretty much used all the various formulas of WEN–my favorite is Sweet Almond Mint–as I like the way my hair responds to the variety. Winter Vanilla Mint is my second favorite and is another of the formulas that is appropriate for all hair types. And it smells oh so good!When I started using WEN, I noticed an immediate difference. My hair was softer, and less dry. As I continued to use it, I noticed that my hair got softer and felt more moisturized. Now, after three years of use, my curls are springy, non-frizzy, and soft. I am bi-racial, although I have what you would probably call “black” hair. Typically, daily washing makes my hair feel dry and course. With WEN I can wash my hair as often as I like–as a matter of fact, the more I wash it the better it feels. My routine is to wash my hair every two or three days (I wear my hair natural; It’s soft, but has really tight “kinky” curls, and is very thick.) On the days when I don’t wash my hair, I just wet it and apply a little WEN as a leave in conditioner before combing it.I love this product! It’s expensive, but I’ve saved so much money on other hair products–WEN Cleansing Conditioner replaces shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, leave-in conditioner, and even shaving cream–that from a financial perspective it’s pretty much worked out to be even, if not cheaper! Furthermore, it makes my hair feel so fantastic! I used to hate my hair, and have done all manner of things to it in the past; relaxing, curling, braiding, you name it. Now I just wash and go! There’s nothing like WEN! I love it and would highly recommend it! FYI Wen is appropriate for children too; although the recommended formula for that purpose is Sweet Almond Mint, as it is the mildest. Furthermore, WEN now also has a children’s like…WEN Kids, which includes three different scents; Strawberry Banana, Watermelon, and Green Apple.

Nanette Fort Totten, ND

Hate it!

This product left my kinky and coily hair hard. I would not buy this again. Over prices and not worth the expense.

Cecelia Otho, IA

I am blown away!!!

I have always been aware of Wen products via the infomercials constantly aired on tv. For some reason I have a lack of trust in infomercials in general so I never considered trying the product, especially since it involved being committed to a tri-monthly shipment.Just to give you background on my hair type, my hair is extremely frizzy/curly/thick and dark brown. Every 6 months I treat it with Japanese thermal straightening (Liscio). It does cause its share of damage but it also helps in relaxing the frizzies. The worst is in between treatments when my new hair grows out so it gets pretty curly at the roots and so with constant flat ironing I got tonssss of split ends which turns in a whole mess of hair, not to mention that I have to deal with the daily humidity in sunny Florida!After reading so many positive reviews on Amazon and with the flexibility of not having to commit to a regular shipment, I decided to give it a try. I am in shock. After one use, I can see, feel and smell brand new hair!! It is a miracle how revived my hair feels. I am a true product junkie and have experimented a lot with all sorts of products, from high end stuff such as Kerastase to the lower end ones like Aphogee. Never have I felt this effect on my hair. I followed thee exact instructions that are on the back of the bottle. The tingling sensation as you work the conditioner through your hair is incredible. The fragrance is also delish. After the shower, I put one pump worth through the ends as a leave in. I barely needed to blow dry! It cut my drying time by 75%. Reduced the frizzies dramatically and the moisture that pumped through my once lifeless hair is just surreal.Ideally I would like to continue using this product to see if this amazing effect will persist, but so far I am quite impressed and can’t wait to try the fig conditioner too as I understand it also helps with damaged hair. I definitely recommend this product, especially since it eliminates the damaging effects that you normally get from regular shampoos!

Pansy Magnolia, OH

Smells like a vanilla truffle!

This is a nice scent for the winter season. I usually use the WEN six thirteen or the summer coconut mango, so I thought I would try something new. It smells like a piece of candy, like a vanilla filled chocolate truffle! Very christmas like! It tingles like the six thirteen, which you may or may not like. I actually like it, it wakes my scalp up! Overall this is a good product and makes my hair feel very soft!If you’ve never used WEN before, give it a chance. I hated it the first time I used it (it was the sweet almond mint) and it dried my hair out. But once you find the right WEN for you, you will never want to use shampoo again.

Adrienne Lucasville, OH