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WEN Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner, 16 fl. oz.

The WEN Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner is an advanced formula that benefits all hair types. Created with native Australian Tea Tree Oil to stimulate the scalp, Chaz designed this powerful blend to help promote healthy hair growth while alleviating sensitivity, dryness, and flaking without stripping natural moisture. Devoid of harsh detergents, sulfates, surfactants and parabens, this soothing cleanser protects the health and integrity of the hair and is gentle enough for daily use.

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Wen Shampoo Worth Trying!

The cleansing conditioning shampoo is a very good hair product. It took me at least four to five uses to get used to not having lather. Once I got used to it, I LOVED IT! It leaves my hair very shiny with endless softness and manageability. My daughter has very dry hair and now her hair looks really healthy. One downfall is the strong scent of mint which I do not like much, especially the sweet almond mint. However, the mint produces a really nice tingle on my scalp. There are other scents like the tee tree that are not as strong and I can still get the minty sensation. I feel that I will be using this product for a long time.*** Update ***New review after a significant period of use. I still like the way in which Wen leaves my hair soft and with moisture and I now actually like the minty scent. But over time I have used Wen, I have noticed that my scalp develops a thin waxy film or buildup which flakes when I scratch my scalp and I can actually feel the waxiness. I’m unsure if I will continue using Wen since there are many creamy cleansing conditioner products on the market that work much better than Wen.

Graciela Bellows Falls, VT

Not impressed

I really wanted this stuff to be as good as the infomercials say it is. It smelled medicinal, which I expected, and the smell did go away after rinsing, so that was fine. It did leave my hair soft, but it did not clean my hair. I gave it as long as I could stand it (just over two weeks) figuring maybe I’d get used to it or it would get better. My boyfriend didn’t like it either. It did seem to help his dandruff/itchy scalp, but left him with oily hair too. I have long, thin, fine hair and he has long, thick, wavy hair so I was hoping this stuff would work for one or both of us, but that just wasn’t the case. Overall, a disappointing purchase that I wouldn’t recommend.

Rose Ehrenberg, AZ


May hair did not feel clean at all after using this stuff. My BFF swears by it but I could not stand it.

Desiree Williamson, IA

Wen is Revolutionary

Wen receives an outstanding 5 stars because it is the best hair cleansing product I have ever tried. As an African American woman with thick, course hair that is transitioning to its natural state, I was looking for a shampoo without harmful sulfates and other detergents that would strip my hair of moisture. I was skeptical of trying Wen because of the price and I was doubtful that it worked for my hair type, but after trying it for the first time I was definitely convinced that this was the right product. As for now, I don’t have any criticisms of Wen, only positive things because I was really surprised that it cleansed and conditioned my hair just as it promised. Great product; I will surely order again.

Margo Circleville, NY

Boo hiss… another miss

After hearing a few people rave about how wonderful Wen was I ordered some for myself and was eagerly awaiting the day it arrived. I got a shower that night and used it per the instructions. I didn’t have the wow factor after it dried and my hair seemed much more greasy after the fact. I thought maybe I didn’t do it right and tried it again… with the same results and this time my neck and back is covered in acne as well (which I haven’t had since I was about 16). I’m really bummed that this didn’t work but not so much considering the cost.My hair is long, very thick and somewhat wavy. I typically wash it about once every 4-5 days (normally my hair isn’t greasy and doesn’t like being washed much).

Bettie East Millsboro, PA

Overly priced conditioner

This so-called miracle product is no different from any drug store conditioner. Doesn’t completely clean my scalp and leaves a lot of product build up and grease. Thankfully I paid for this using my Amex points!! would never pay for this with my own money

Noemi Pryor, MT

A Present for a Friend

I have a friend who RAVES about this product. I cannot blame her. Her hair has never looked better! In fact I asked her what she was using and she told me about WEN products. She has home colored her dark hair for years with varying results of success, but it always dull and lifeless. Not now! After only a few short weeks of the WEN combo it looked like she had spent a million on it. In fact, I asked her who she had decided to go to for her color and she informed me she was still doing it at home. So all kudos go to this product. She wanted to try the Tea Tree fragrance, but it smells rather like medicine so she will go back to the Mint product. The condition of your hair really does affect your general outlook.I am so happy that she found this wonderful product!

Savannah Poolesville, MD


I had seen the infomercials for Wen for months; but could NOT bring myself to order it.A month ago, I did and BOY I’m so glad I did!After a few weeks of using the Sweet Almond Mint formula; I came to to order a new “flavor”.Both Sweet Almond Mint and Tea Tree are lovely! Clean, fresh, and the product WORKS!Here’s the thing: if you have thick hair I’m sure you can probably use the product as directed. I have fine hair and lots of it, so I must shower daily in order to style my hair. On top of that, I’ve got skin issues (eczema on my hands, stress-induced psoriasis on my scalp) so I am very cautious when it comes to product. Because of my fine hair, I decided to try an every other day regime. I use regular shampoo every other day (up to three times a week) HOWEVER I use the Wen EVERY day as directed. I can shampoo my hair with regular shampoo, then use the Wen like the bottle says; it keeps my hair so soft and TANGLE FREE! Even if I let my hair dry naturally, it DOES NOT TANGLE! It’s almost creepy! I can’t keep my hands off my hair! I love this stuff! It makes my hair easy to style too!Healthy hair dries faster whether you air dry or blow dry, if you don’t believe me ask your hair dresser! The first time I used Wen, I blew my hair out with a round brush and my hair only took 10-15 minutes to dry and style; doesn’t seem like much, but my hair used to take 20-30 minutes to dry and style before! That’s huge!I can’t stop raving about WEN! If you are skeptical, that’s fine. If you have been having “problems”; try using shampoo every other day. It WORKS!

Leanne Eastanollee, GA

WEN CHAZ DEAN Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner

I have used this product before, and love, love, love it! The tea tree cleansing conditioner, leaves my hair clean, conditioned, soft to the touch and manageable. I highly recommend this product to all who are wondering if it might work for their hair…try it, you’ll be glad you did.

Madeline North Oxford, MA

Great product, but can’t afford it regularly

I splurged and bought this product in order to try it after all of the things I had heard and read. It was phenomenal. However, it seems to me that you should only buy it if you have problem hair. Most of the reviews I read made it seem like people who are already happy with their hair care routine were disappointed by this because they expected it to perform some miracle. However, for people with problem hair it’s a magic elixir. I have very fine wavy/frizzy hair that is extremely dry and fragile at the ends, but extremely oily at the roots. Normal shampoo (the kind with sulfates) makes my hair super frizzy and damages the ends even more. Most shampoos/conditioners that are made for dry hair are really heavy and make my roots even oiler, and also weight down my hair since it is super fine. This product balances everything very well, and leaves my hair feeling soft. It does not make it frizzy. However, I find that during summer I have to use regular (sulfate) shampoo about once a week because my scalp’s oil production increases dramatically with the heat.

Leslie Selby, SD

I understand the complaints, but…it’s user error.

When I read the negative reviews, I completely understand. The first couple of times I used Wen, I had the same problem. My hair was oily at the root and frizzy on the ends…After years in the modeling industry, I was hooked on expensive shampoos. Kerastase was my favorite. Crazy expensive! Turns out, you don’t need it! Wen is even better!It’s all in how you apply it and rinse it out. The technique required is very, very different from regular shampoo. You MUST segment your hair into at least 4 sections. I have thick, long hair, so I create 6 sections. I keep a clip and a comb in my shower for this purpose.Once you separate your hair, take the first section (I start at the back/bottom) and, ensuring you have plenty of product, apply it DIRECTLY ONTO YOUR HEAD. This sounds easy, but it is not usually what we do. Don’t start partyway down the hair shaft, don’t start on the hair: put the product directly onto your scalp…then add more and work it down to the end of the hair follicle.I have found that this tip above is the key to getting the product to perform correctly. Add a little bit of water and, while it won’t foam persay, it will…fluff up a little bit, and the product will then move more easily onto your hair shaft.Repeat this with each section, add a little more water and let it set. I keep it in during the whole shower, then rinse. It is crucial to again separate your hair and rinse each section very, very well, squeezing and re-rinsing repeatedly. Rinsing it all out is almost as important as how you apply it.This all seems like a hassle, right? Well, at first maybe. But once I got the technique down, it winds up being much easier to wash my hair once, rather than washing twice, then conditioning. And the result is fantastic! My hair is shiny, silky, smooth, bouncy, fluffy and oh so soft.Aside from having to get the technique right or having a greasy frizz, the only downside of this product is that you have to use so darn much! Especially if you have long or thick hair.All in all, I highly recommend this product.

Jaime Swansboro, NC

licensed cosmetologists review

My male clients love this product! Some are even saying they have noticed that their hair is growing in thicker! I don’t know about that, but when I used it, I noticed my hair had lots of volume and was really shiny. My normal cleansing conditioner is the Fig and Six Thirteen, but I would use this anytime. Perfect for dry itchy scalps, and fine, thinning hair.Holly Nicole, Glamour Couture

Gussie Troutman, NC

Where is the tea tree oil in this???

Very misleading. If something has the name tea tree you’d expect tea tree oil or extract in it. This has none. What a shame because tea tree oil is known to help problem scalps, like itchiness and dandruff. Maybe if they added what they are misleadingly advertising it would work great. Shame on them for lying.

Dora Bluff Dale, TX

Simple Breakdown

Alright. So many reviews on the product here’s my simple breakdown of it.Don’t follow the instructions. They are for the majority I believe a pile of lies hahaHoweverThis conditioner is the bomb. Now, I don’t trust my hair enough to use it solely as a shampoo because I have dandruff and stuff like that and just know that won’t work, that is not what this stuff treats so I use it only as a conditioner.Take the time to figure out the amount of pumps needed for your hair. There is never a one size fits all scenario which I think is how this is treated. I recommend start with 10 to leave in your hair for a while (while you shave and wash up other places while you shower.) Then rinse it out of course. This 40-60 pumps nonsense would weigh my hair down so much I can’t imagine so just take the time to figure out how much you actually need.I was actually hoping this product would bomb simply because it is expensive and I didn’t want to love it too much but unfortunately… I do… my hair feels so amazing. I don’t dye my hair much or anything but I had lately because of the one time I dyed my hair it was a mistake after a mistake haha Anyway, My hair feels even better before I ever dyed it and I have to say, I absolutely recommend trying this product if you are able to spare the expense.

Erin Redan, GA

Wen left my hair feeling greasy and limp

After seeing all the hype I was so excited to try Wen. Boy I was I let down. I tried both the tea tree and lavender. Using them for a couple months each. My entire experience lasted 6 months or so.My hair is to the middle of my back. It is pretty kinky and I sometimes straighten it. I picked the green tea to try because the lavender had left a bit of buildup on my scalp. I know tea tree was used for dandruff so I thought it may help.I did get a little tingle on my scalp when I used it, but my scalp still had some crud on it, and it left my hair super greasy and heavy. Generally I wash my hair once or twice a week, but I had to start doing it everyday when I used Wen.

Jeanette Watertown, NY

This Could be my New Go-To Wen

After using the original formula Wen for years, I gave this one a try. Some may not like the medicinal smell while using it, but the smell doesn’t linger on your hair after you rinse. I still also love the original, but it’s good to switch things up once in a while. Wen has literally changed my hair. It’s manageable, shiny, doesn’t frizz. This formula is another winner.

Lacy Cuttingsville, VT

Got three compliments the first time I used it

First, I have thick, wavy, dark hair. I also suffer from itchy scalp, so I was using a few different medicated shampoos with mixed results. The medicated shampoos (Selsun Blue, Head N Shoulders) stopped the itching, but made my hair look terrible. It was oily at the scalp and very frizzy on the ends.So, I ordered this and gave it a try. It was weird at first, because it doesn’t lather– I kept wanting it to foam up, and to tell you the truth, I haven’t quite gotten used to that yet. But even after the first time I used it, my hair was soft, silky, and not frizzy at all. I let it air-dry and then I flat-ironed it. Flat ironing took less than 5 minutes, and it was even shiner (my hair is cut just above the shoulder). And my scalp did NOT itch. This product has aloe vera in it, and I think that actually helps the itch and to heal my scalp.Three people said the same thing to me that day, “What did you do to your hair? It looks great.”I’ve also tried the almond Wen, but Tea Tree is BY FAR my favorite. I will probably try them all eventually, but this is my new favorite hair product.

Marietta Winburne, PA

All wen is worth,for me anyways

Wen is the only product which should be used,because it helps your head,hair…everything else just destoys it..little more money wise,but you only have one head with hair,help to keep it as long as possible.

Gladys Iron City, TN

tea tree tingles my scalp

I like the feel of this tea tree conditioner on my scalp,but it lets my hair a little dry (I need moisture on my hair,my hair is very curls (coily hair) I have to use another moisture after cleansing my hair. But I decide to just part my hair and place it on my scalp to cleanse scalp and wash w/another cleansing conditioner.

Lakesha Graysville, IN

Fake Wen by Chaz

I think this is a total fake Wen conditioner. I didn’t smell any tea tree. It makes my scalp itch after a shampoo. I don’t like this AT all. I rather spend the extra money to get the real stuff from their website.

Wendi Cassville, WI

Good for dandruff, not so much for clean-feeling bouncy hair.

I ordered this formulation of Wen cleansing conditioner because I had dandruff. I’ve used tea tree oil mixed in my shampoo before and that was successful in clearing up the dandruff, so I thought this one would work for me.I never used Wen before and always wanted to give it a try on my thick, curly, shoulder-length hair. I used the videos on the Wen website to see how to use it and I followed the instructions exactly when using the product. It smells strongly of tea tree oil (it’s listed as an essential oil in the ingredients), but the smell dissipates when my hair dries. It also has a warm tingly sensation on my scalp and neck when I’m using it. I’ve used the cleansing conditioner for just under 3 weeks and the bottle is just about empty.Before Wen, I washed my hair every other day with high end shampoo and conditioner with some jojoba oil mixed in the conditioner. My hair was shiny and soft. I have oily hair and after the second day, it would start to feel oily by my scalp. I also had some dandruff. When using Wen, I had to wash my hair every day or it felt and looked dirty. My curls weren’t as curly as usual and my hair was dull and lifeless. I followed the instructions and rinsed for a few minutes after the water was clear and after the first time using Wen, I skipped the step of adding it in after the shower as a leave-in conditioner. It took my a lot longer to get ready every day in the morning because it takes longer to wash my hair when using Wen and rinsing so long.I gave this product three stars because Wen completely cleared up my dandruff, but my hair looked dull and my natural curls weren’t forming like they usually do. Maybe this formulation isn’t made for oily hair, but I’m hesitant to spend the money on what turned out to be less than a one-month supply.

Robin Scottsboro, AL

amazing for hair, the scent is so nauseating though.

I loove wen. I have sweet almond mint, tea tree, fig, cucumber aloe, strawberry banna and green apple. They all make my hair look and feel amazing. This one got rid of my scalp itch in ONE wash. HOWEVEr the scent lingers and its VERY strong. Ive used tea tree in the past but I feel like I can even taste this one. Almost like using the pure oil on my hair, I will finish the bottle but I will start using this as my first wash and using a different scent most likely sweet almond mint for my second wash to neutralize the scent.

Betsy Downey, CA

Reviews for two types of hair

I bought this for my hair (relaxed, dry scalp) but I also tried it on my daughter’s hair. So I will give a review of how it worked for each of us.For myself, it hasn’t been the miracle I was hoping for. It’s a very good conditioner, but it doesn’t really replace all my other products which is what would be necessary to justify the expense. It did help with the ithching a little, but no better than any other tea tree product I’ve used. My hair is very thick and coarse, relaxed and shoulder length. The bottle said 16-30 pumps, so I used about 25. This was plenty and my hair was very soft and detangled when rinsing. But once my hair was dry (air-dried) it was dull and a bit rough feeling. But a little oil took care of that. I was hoping I could forgo using other products, but the only thing cut out was shampoo. So it’s a very nice conditioner but way too expensive to use just for that.On the flip side, this has been absolutely fantastic for my 19 month old daughter’s hair. She is mixed race (black and pacific islander) so she has fine, curly hair that tends to be extremely dry. I use as little product as possible because leave in conditioners seem to just dry it out more. On a whim I washed her hair with the WEN and let it sit while she played in the tub. It was so easy to comb out and the next morning her hair was a little softer. With repeated use, it’s gotten even easier to manage. I use about 2 full pumps for her and about 1/4 of a pump as a leave in. She doesn’t need the tea tree oil, so if I were to have the funds to purchase another bottle, I would probably just go with Fig or Sweet Almond Mint.So for relaxed hair- not so much. For fine, curly hair that isn’t heat treated, it’s awesome.

Dolly Walthourville, GA

A little smelly, but works well

I’ve used other Wen products, and I had to take a star off for the smell on this one. It works just as well as other Wen products, but the smell is an aquired one.

Hollie Hawthorne, NV

sorry, not for my hair

My hair hates this product

Joanne Lackawaxen, PA

very dissapointed. expensive hype.

I’d been using the Sweet Almond Mint Wen for about a month prior to this purchase. Wanted to get the Tea Tree formula to help with winter hair…dry, flaky scalp. The scent of this is so/so, but more importantly…it simply does not work. Not only did it not help with scalp issues, I had to wash my hair every single day or it would become very oily. Sebastian Tea tree shampoo/conditioner is much more effective for scalp issues. Don’t waste your hard earned money on this…not worth it.

Josefina Ogden, AR

Like for scaly scalp

I use this product only on my roots were the flakiness happens. It does have a strong mentholated scent but I don’t mind

Carmela Hall, MT

love it

I love wen products, my hair is dry from processing and wen products make my hair feel so soft.thanks Wen

Rosa Many, LA

WEN all over

I use a variety of the Wen Conditioners and am a huge fan but this past winter I developed a very bad case of the “winter drys”-skin, nails, etc., which normally is not a big problem for me.I started thinking about hair, and skin and nails and how similar they are in many ways…so, you guessed it! I have tossed all of my old moisturizers and citcule/nail creams and use only WEN now on my skin and nails and it works better than anything I have tried. The relief from the winter drys was almost on contact and believe me I have tried every over the counter lotion and potion. Whatever you are doing WEN keep it up, yes I may pay a little more up front but at the end of the day I would rather do that than keep throwing good money after bad with trial and error of what might work and what might not.

Kari Vining, MN

Definately a Wen girl!!

Well, after a horrible experience with Renpure Cleansing Conditioner, I took the plunge and purchased the Wen Sweet Almond Mint and submitted my review that I was now a Wen girl! I purchased the Tea Tree, because I need to have different scents, and am happy to report that I LOVE IT!!! Wasn’t sure if this scent would have a differenct affect than the Sweet Almond Mint and it did not. My hair is light feeling, and I have long, thick hair. It does not feel at all greasy or that my scalp is not clean. What I love about Wen is that as soon as I put it on, my hair immediately feels silky. My comb glides right through without effort. (It is recommended that you comb the product through your wet hair.) It truly is amazing. I can go every other day to two days without cleansing my hair, unless I have worked out. So far, I am soooo happy with these products. I am going to purchase more scents soon. Can’t wait to try another one!

Blanca White Horse Beach, MA