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WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner, 16 fl. oz.

Our original, and most popular Cleansing Conditioner, WEN Sweet Almond Mint cleanses and conditions all hair types with the perfect balance of nourishing oils and extracts. Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner is an incredibly versatile shampoo and conditioner replacement; light enough for baby fine hair, while still thoroughly hydrating even the thickest hair types. WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner is the first step to healthier looking, more beautiful hair.

Key features

  • A universal cleansing conditioner
  • Great for all hair types
  • Clean, fresh scent

Honest reviews


Waste of money

I received this about a week ago and tried it a few times but it left my hair totally greasy. So greasy it looked wet! I tried it again, thinking perhaps I had not rinsed thoroughly enough or maybe I had applied too much but it was the same each time. I had high expectations but I’m pretty sure Wen is a waste.

Angelica Richardsville, KY

Have to get used to hair feeling a bit lanky/greasy

For years I’ve been used to having my hair stick out like straw – so now, after three days – I have to get used to it feeling a bit lanky/greasy. (This is the wife posting, as she ordered this via my account). My hair is much shinier and much less flyaway/frizzy since using Chaz’s WEN Almond Mint and it’s great that we can get it here on Amazon rather than having to do a monthly subscription.

Serena Delta, IA

Nothing can compaire

Best product ever, almost no sheding ever. Used it for over a year and love it, should be sold in stores and for cheeper. Very pricy and you get hooked. Love Amazon sells it cause the Club membership has querks mt friends have experienced so dont join the club.

Lou Montrose, AR

My hair grow,shines and is twice as thick!!!

i was a little Leary at first about this whole "WEN" thing ,i thought,what the heck,i will try and if i don’t like i’ll just let my daughter use it up,well……. i couldn’t keep it in my own bathroom,i loved it,my daughter loved it too so we fought over moment i used it i then felt my hair was soft,thicker and really shiny ,stabilizing my copper red color in my hair.It didn’t take much to get used to the conditioner cleaning method,no suds at all but it feels like it cleanses your scalp as it says.I would recommend it, what you got to lose?Only $36

Eula Fort Howard, MD

Why didn’t I find this sooner?

A friend recommended this product to me when I said I was looking for a great conditioner. This is like an all in one shampoo and conditioner. It takes a little trial and error as to how much product you actually "wash" your hair with. I used half of what they recommended and that was perfect since I have fine hair. If I used what they recommended, I’d be wasting this product. I have fine hair and this not only cleaned beautifully but my hair was very well conditioned and not weighted down! I’ve only used it 3 times so time will tell if there is any build up associated with this product or if it continues to perform with extended use. I’m hoping it continues to work great because the results so far are very impressive!

Lorena Bayville, NJ


I color my hair and with styling my hair everyday, my hair goes through it. This product keeps my hair soft, shiny, and manageable.Love this product.

Evangeline Sophia, WV

Works we’ll and arrived quickly

I bought this for our 16 yr old son who has thick hair and troubles finding a shampoo he likes. He loves this one!

Sheryl Hamer, SC

Use this instead of shampoo or conditioner

It smells great, it soothes your scalp, cleanses your hair and doesn’t leave you feeling dried out. Wen for the win!

Gina College Corner, OH

Wen Girl

I have been buying Wen hair products from Amazon since August of 2013. After two uses you can see and feel the difference. It is one of the few products that is what it is advertised to be. I prefer buying from Amazon because, then I do not have shipments coming before I need them.

Elinor Hawk Point, MO

My hair feels clean

I only use the Sweet Almond Mint to clean my hair/scalp. After I rinse it, then I apply a small amount to leave in. I then style my hair.

Geneva Tonto Basin, AZ

Five Stars

Wen hair products the beast on the market try it you will love it

Erna Upper Fairmount, MD


I just want to start by saying my manager got at me with the way my hair would look. She said i needed to brush my hair and use leave on conditioner. So i switched to wen, and walla! my hair became the total opposite from when i first started! my manager stopped telling me to brush my hair! i recommend this to everyone now!

Carey Marne, IA

Buyer Beware

After looking at the ingredients on this product page and comparing with my own Wen from QVC, I would NOT purchase this product from this seller. It appears to be a fake. The ingredients aren’t listed the same. There is no telling what is in this product and I sure wouldn’t trust it on my hair. I’ll continue purchasing from QVC.

Vilma Carbondale, OH

One Star

Makes my hair really greasy.

Blanche Blackville, SC

Lots of uses

Funny thing. I never use this for hair. i use it to bath , shave my legs and it is so pure you can use it on your body anywhere. Love the fragrance.. So Pepperminty.

Evangelina Westernport, MD

Wen Sweet Almond Mint

I first started using Wen products, and bought the original to start. Since then, I’ve used various scents, but the original scent is always one of my favorites.

Madge Fort Wingate, NM

Makes hair soft

This product makes the hair soft. The scent of the mint almond is a bit much though. Would rather have a less powerful scent.

Bernice Rocky Mount, MO

I love this product!

I love this stuff!! My hair is softer and healthier than its been in years. I will always keep a bottle around.

Lilly Welchs Creek, KY

Ingredients have changed!

I have used WEN products over the last several years. I found I was only able to use some of them as many had Methosulfate and I could only use the products that did not contain this ingredient. The Sweet Almond Mint conditioner was the only one that did not contain this ingredient. I found this ingredient as well as other sulfate based ingredients can cause a reaction to those who have sensitive skin. For me the reaction becomes so bad I end up having spotty hair loss. I recently made an order directly from the WEN website and to my disappointment found that the Sweet Almond Mint now contains Methosulfate. I will be returning this shipment and cancelling all future shipments. It’s too bad, because I really like the WEN products I can use and now there is not one of the cleansing conditioners I can use.

Myrtle Hermiston, OR

Five Stars

Everyone has to have this stuff!

Rosalia Neligh, NE

My least favorite Wen

So I’ve used Wen for the past few months and have used several formulas (Fig, Lavender, Gardenia), and have been happy with the results. But Sweet Almond Mint sucks. It leaves my hair greasy, I can’t use it two days in a row or my hair looks terrible (I have to alternate with regular shampoo). I have read that there is a difference between the Guthy-Renker version & the Chaz Dean version (with G-R not being as good), so maybe that is the issue. I don’t even know if I’m going to use the rest of this product.

Crystal Zieglerville, PA


You can smell and feel the mint cleaning your hair, it just feels so fresh one you rinse out your hair. I really like this product and it really don’t leave your hair feeling dry.I would recommend everyone to try it and see for yourself.

Janet Lucerne, CO

I wouldn’t want to waste money on this one

Nothing to rave about. The fragrance is so faint you hardly know it has one. I could have just put on a conditioner and it would have done the same. I wouldn’t want to waste money on this one.

Sheree Paynesville, MN

Makes Hair Break Off and Brittle

I have been using this product religiously for the last 3 weeks. I wanted the hair seen in the infomercials and on QVC. I used it to clean my hair and then as a leave-in conditioner. My hair has broken off in so many places after using this product that I am ashamed to leave my house. I can’t even put it in a ponytail to hide the damage because it is broken off in so many places that it’s not long enough to hide in a ponytail. My hair was NOT breaking off or brittle before using this product. Needless to say, I am having to have professional protein treatments to restore my hair so that it stops breaking off. I will NEVER EVER use this again. Buyer beware! It doesn’t even deserve the 1-star rating I have given it, but a star was required for the rating when submitting this review.

Jeannie North Bloomfield, OH

Cheaper than the Wen store!

I love WEN products, they are soooo good for my hair, so I was so glad to find this product as such a great price. Much cheaper that purchasing from the Wen store and had free delivery! If you haven’t tried Wen cleansing conditioner I highly recommend it. I have curly hair to my chin, use 4 squirts of product and receive super soft, shiny hair that is not frizzy. This product doesn’t lather, it is a cream, so it doesn’t damage hair and if you color your hair, the color doesn’t wash out as fast as with regular shampoos. Again, I love it.

Doretha Shattuckville, MA