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WEN® Spring Gardenia Green Tea Cleansing Conditioner 16oz

Brand new – factory sealed (Size – 16 oz.) – Comes with the pump – (Very fast one day shipping with tracking).

Key features

  • 16 oz Cleansing Conditioner
  • Chaz Dean Wen
  • Spring Gardenia Green Tea
  • Special Time Offer For Spring

Honest reviews


Just So So

I was not impressed. I had been using Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner, which I love. I thought I’d give Wen a try. I have medium fine hair, but a lot of it, and highlights. Wen felt good in the shower but left my hair dry, kinda stiff and lifeless. I switched back to my Moroccan, much better. Then I gave Wen a try again but with no better results. I would return it had I not missed the return window date.

Alfreda Breckenridge, CO


I am a devoted WEN user, but after two or three uses this formula makes my strands feel very waxy. The pomegranate formula, which is my absolute favorite, does not leave the waxy and greasy feeling. Since I hate to toss the gardenia because it’s so expensive, I mix it with the pomegranate to help cut back on the waxiness, and it does work better that way. My hair is thick, fine, naturally wavy, and dyed.

Annie New Marshfield, OH

Nice shampoo

Have been using Wen products for about a year and have tried several different types. This is going to become my favorite. My hair is curly and frizzy and this helps. Still not getting the same results as show on QVC but think they have a stylist that does their hair for the promo.

Lolita Redfield, SD

Oh My. Smells Great and Works

I love this shampoo. It is my favorite Wen scent, It left my hair manageable and was super easy to use being a multi tasking product. I have used the lavender, Wen 613 some seasonal and this one my favorite. It leaves my smooth and easy to manage. I try to use the Wen Gluten free products when I can. I love that the ingredients are listed so you can make choices. I find I don’t need to use quite as many pumps as recommended for my medium longish thick hair. This is also great for any time of year. I am so happy I can find the Gardenia on Amazon.

Kara Dubre, KY

Favorite scent

I love WEN. I’m a true WEN girl, though I have started looking for cheaper products that are similar. I still treat myself every so often and ask for WEN as gifts. This particular scent is my absolute favorite. It is so light and leaves my curly hair bouncy, full and glossy. There really is nothing like WEN and this scent is truly fantastic.

Sarah Sister Bay, WI

not my favorite from WEN

I try all of the WEN types and this one is not the best. I LOVE Gardenia and thought I would love this as well but the way my hair feels after using it is not as good as other versions of WEN. This one leaves my hair feeling kinda dry and brittle

Gena Bebe, TX

A Win for Wen!

I was a little leery of trying this product. I have wanted to try it but didn’t want to pay the monthly fee if you buy it from the tv ad. So I was thrilled when I saw that Amazon carries it. I know in the ad it says it doesn’t lather up and it really doesn’t. But my hair turned out so nice after I styled it. Very shiny and soft… I love this product and will buy again (from Amazon:-)

Anastasia Winter Park, CO

Fresh, not flowery!

I was terrified this scent would be too flowery, but it was clean and fresh smelling instead! Works like the other WEN cleansing conditioners and I love it! Get one before they go out of season!

Celina Villa Grove, CO


Love the product. Continue to rave about it to everyone. I am almost stockpiling it as to make sure I never run out.

Doreen North Bangor, NY

Wen does it again!

This was one of my favorite Wens so far, I have very thick, long hair, (think mixed chicks), and Wen is the only thing I use now, nothing else.This Wen was so fresh and fragrant it was like a summer breeze…I am also starting to use a little of the cleansing conditioner as leave in conditioner and that is working so well, smoothing my hair, controlling frizz and providing shine, I previously would have tangles no matter what I did and even combing my hair was challenging, it is now much more manageable, resists breaking, is soft and pliable.Without Wen, I am not sure what I would do I am so dependent on it now. Cannot wait for the next seasonal Wen to debut.

Dana New Market, AL

Extra star for the smell

As my other review of WEN I love and hate this product. I use it then feel like my hair is oily, then go back. I have to say it smells the best of all I have tired. My 7 year old loved the smell too. Her hair has never been so shinny and soft it works great for her but she doesn’t wash her hair everyday like adults do. Good for part time hair use in my opinion.

Leticia Shullsburg, WI

Love it so far

Bought this even though it had some pretty low reviews. Was curious what all the hype was about. Then a friend of mine bought it and was thrilled. On her advice I decided to give it a try. It leaves my hair soft and silky. I do not use the prescribed amount of product because I think that would be overkill. I use enough to saturate my hair and leave it on for about 10 min. Hair is soft and silky. I noticed a lot of people complained about how it left their hair oily and with a residue like texture. It did NOT do that for me, but of course I made sure to rinse well. I made sure to get all of the product out of my roots and off my scalp. For me it rinsed nice and clean. I’ve had NO problem with the oily feeling that everyone complained about. Would I buy again?…yes. Would I recommend this product…yes.

Queen Midland Park, NJ

Smells hevenly!

I received this seasonal version of Wen cleansing conditioner yesterday and although I haven’t used it yet, it smells very-very good. Its by far my favourite Wen Cleansing Conditioner and I’ve tried them all. The scent reminds me of perfume, flowery, fresh, spring-ish. I can’t wait to see what the summer version of Wen will smell like.

Bernadette Basin, MT

the perfect spring day

wen is amazing, obviously. i am only commenting on this scent.this one is by far my absolute favorite! floral without being tres flores, it’s so light and wonderful. it smells like a nap in the late morning of a perfect spring saturday snuggled in clean sheets with the curtains gently blowing in the breeze and the sound of a small brook tinkling by.i. LOVE! it.

Charity Gold Hill, NC

Love the smell

I was concerned that the smell would be overpowerful, but it was wonderful. I use other Wen cleansing conditioners as well, I try one fragrance at a time, then the next time a differnt one, I used to buy the expensive shampoos and conditioners, I wont go back to them. My hair is fine and it used to feel like straw, but conditioner weighed it down too much. Wen’s cleansing conditioner gives me a clean, light, healthy feeling. Even my stylist said my hair is in better condition now than it used to be. Its boucy, healthy – doesnt frizz or break off like before. The Gardenia Green Tea and Lavender gave me the most body so far.Love, Love, Love Wen!!!!

Lucia Festus, MO



Kathrine Amoret, MO

great shampoo

excellent product you have never used anything like this before a little pricey but well worth the investment buy it now

Cathryn Lindsay, CA

I like WEN

I like these WEN cleansing conditioners that are free of the heavy oils. My reactive skin remains calm when I use this. My hair is softer & shinier.

Freida Farmington, KY

Like it a lot !!!

I love this shampoo. I have colored hair. Leaves my hair clean and soft, without needing conditioner. I like also that my hair when it dries feel more "settled", not flying al over the place. Very pleased.

Teri Keo, AR


Short and sexy, hugs your curves.. The dress is definitely the most revealing I’ve ever owned. But if you want to draw attention and flaunt your assets, this is the dress that would do it for you. One of my favorite night-out items! Pair it with some high leather boots and you are good to go!

Daphne Freeport, MI

excellent product worth the price. it smells amazing too!

Wen is amazing. I’ve used it for 2 years and my hair looks good and feels silky. Sent it to my daughter and she is now a Wen user!

Sharlene Tionesta, PA


Why aren’t you using Wen yet?I will say that you really have to commit to it. You can’t just use it willy nilly whenever you want.From experience it works much better when you use it twice a week maximum without washing in between. (Google the no-poo movement and you’ll see!)It has really made my hair softer and shinier after 4-5 bleach and dye sessions in the last year, which I am so thankful for because my split ends are out of control.

Glenna Joelton, TN

WEN and NOW!

Every since I tried it, I wont use anything else. I love gardenia so this was my choice. Im not fond of mint so i didnt bother with the basic scented versions.They also make a plain green tea which is more neutral. The key to making it work as described is COMBING HAIR WHILE ON HAIR AND WET. I do this in the shower but also hanging head over a big sink. The key is the combing then don’t rinse it out completely, just a bit and gently squeeze hair of excess water WITHOUT SLIDING HANDS DOWN HAIR. Squeeze at scalp release, move down lower and squeeze… continue. Gripping and squeezing all the way down from scalp to ends Ive found removed too much residual and can damage hair.

Laverne Luthersburg, PA

love it!

I definitely like this product, it makes my hair soft, clean, and moisturized, it also has a nice floral scent, I still don’t know which one is my favorite.

Rosalia Harvard, MA

Time to throw out all my old products!

Love, love, love this product. I am throwing out my old shampoos and conditioners! I can immediately tell the difference in my hair after only one use. I can’t wait to take a shower tomorrow 🙂

Zelma Garrison, MN

it’s ok

I love wen, so I wanted to try a new scent. I don’t like this scent personally. But that’s just me.

Leila Windsor, CO

Smells soooooo good

This is my favorite scent and I’ve tried practically all of the Wen varieties. I have long, thin, baby fine hair and this stuff works for me. i also have sensitive skin, and some hair products cause me to break out at the hairline. This does not, and therefore, I love this stuff.

Katy Somerset, IN

I love the spring gardenia!

I think it’s my favorite. I will make my decision once I’ve tried the Lavender. I’ve tried almost all of the scents now including almond mint, apple spice, spring gardenia, tee trea, summer mango coconut, winter cranberry, aloe cucumber, fig and pomegranate. I did not like the pomegranate at all! It made my hair dry like a broom. But I do like the spring-y scent that the spring gardenia leaves in my hair and I like the soft feeling it leaves. I cleanse with it, rinse with cool water and put one more pump as a leave in–as Wen does not get rid of frizz like they say they do. Some may wonder if Wen is even worth bothering over. I say yes, because before I started using it, my hair was very very thin, dull, flat, lifeless and broken all over. I got the dead ends trimmed when I began using Wen and I started taking Biotin (hair, skin n nail vitamin). PLUS, I stopped brushing my hair wet. So for any of you ladies who may be thinning, stop brushing your hair wet. Wide tooth comb only. See what a difference it makes. (I learned that from Wen too).In just about 8 months, my hair is over 50% thicker and 100% softer and easier to manage. Yes, I do have to use hairspray at the end to tame those little frizzies, but I love the feel of Wen when I’m cleansing my hair. I heard one girl say she would not try anything that doesn’t lather. I say, give it at least one try. But study the different scents and styles and see which one is best for you. Although I started with Almond mint, I wanted to try all the scents and see how/what they did to my hair. So far, this one is best. Like I said, I’m ordering Lavender next and will base my decision on how that goes. Summer mango coconut is great in the summer time, but I think that would get old month after month and wouldn’t fit in certain seasons.Oh, and I’d love to try winter mint, but cannot afford that one!

Karen Irwinton, GA


The smell to this bottle is unbelievable!!!! I LOVE IT. I have waiting for this scent to come out in the gallon bottles.

Olive Hamilton, CO

Just buy this once

It’s sooooo nice not having to shampoo then condition every day. WEN is perfect. Works so well and this fragrance is my fav. Love this scent.Just buy WEN once and you’ll never use regular shampoo and conditioner again.

Lynette Waccabuc, NY