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WEN SIXTHIRTEEN Daily Cleansing Treatment, 16 fl. oz.

Using the innovative and modern approach to haircare that he began in 1993, Chaz Dean has infused his WEN SIXTHIRTEEN Daily Cleansing Treatment with an exclusive blend of eleven amino acids to help restore strength and elasticity to even the most damaged hair. The unique combination of more than twenty-five natural oils and extracts like ginger, rosemary, lotus flower and ginseng deeply nourish your hair and scalp, while the absence of sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates and wheat or nut ingredients makes WEN SIXTHIRTEEN perfect for those with sensitive skin. Full of naturally luxurious ingredients, WEN SIXTHIRTEEN is the indulgence your hair has been waiting for.

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One of the best of WEN

I really love this formula. I haven’t tried all of the WENs, but I’ve tried most. I have found that some make my hair blonder, or dryer than others, but they’re all awesome in comparison to regular shampoo and condition. Apparently 613 use to be the expensive one, but not many people were buying it because of the ridiculous price. Now it’s one of the cheaper ones, so I’m buying it up! It smells heavenly. Super clean, but with a twang of rosemary and vanilla. It’s excellent for men and women. It’s not loud and perfumey. It makes my hair super soft and manageable. It is worth the money, if you have it to spend. My hair is to my elbows and I use 12 pumps, with a splash or two of water. YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW The directions (besides the amount used), or it will make your hair limp and oily. MAKE SURE TO ADD WATER!!!! You should have a little lather (but not suds). Also, rinse very well at the roots, or you’ll have the same problem. If you’re trying this for the first time, go for it… it may change the way your hair looks, for real.

Lolita Tuthill, SD

amazing price!

this price is REALLY REALLY GOOD, I was scared it was going to be a fake or something because this conditioner is way more expensive everywhere els. However I am SO glad to report that this is the real deal! It is amazing, you dont need to use nearly as much as you do with the other wen cleansers, I used wayy too much my first go. Also my hair has never felt better ever in my life. It was SO soft I couldnt keep my hands out of my hair and I made everyone feel my hair as well. It was amazing. I didnt think Wen could get much better… I was clearly wrong! It is higher in protein so I will only use it once a week but It is so worth it and I will totally repurchase again and again! The ingredients are all top notch aswell.* Scent- the most amazing fresh lemon cake type of scent. It isnt a fake smelling scent to me it is a very fresh natural scent. I was worried when reading other reviews that I was going to not like it but I absolutely LOVE it, almost as much as I love the wen kids apple scent if not more. Unfortunately for me it dosent really linger in my hair.*cleansing ability- This cleans my hair very well, my scalp feels very clean and soft and my hair smells very good. No hair styling products or build up is left on my hair.*conditioning ability- ohh my God, hands down the best conditioner thats ever been in my hair and ive used EVERYTHING. This completely changed what I thought was possibly for a hair care product. My hair is so so soft and tangle free. My hair before wen and without wen is very very course and tangles so easy and is very dry. my hair feels like silk when I use these products and people would have no idea what its like with shampoo.

Kenya Kensett, IA

Excellent So Far

I must have read a 100 reviews of both this product and the regular WEN line of conditioning shampoos, trying to decide whether this investment in a shampoo was worth the gamble. It seemed that people either loved Chaz’s products (voluminous, shiny, healthy hair) OR hated them (weighed hair down, hair fall, not good for everyday use). I use & already have many high-end shampoos & conditioners, but I am always looking for a better, healthier one. I opted to try this product, and so far, I love it. My hair is bleach-blonde, thin, and damaged. This product has made it feel full & soft, without ANY build-up or oiliness. You do need to follow the directions – it does take a lot of product & you do need to work it in & through with your fingers or wide-toothed comb. But I think it is so worth it. My hair is good for a solid two days without needing another washing. And it smells incredible. I NEVER thought I would be a person who didn’t need a separate conditioner & tons of spray-in detangler, but here I am. If you are on the fence about it, I would definitely give this Chaz Dean product a try.

Alyce Dundee, OH


I’ve always purchased high-end color care shampoo for my colored and curly hair. Then I found this AMAZING product, WEN cleansing conditioner through an infomercial. The company was a total scam, one of those charge-you-ever-month and send you a HUGE refill that you’ll never be able to use before the next one comes in. Now you can change the date of when the next shipment comes in, but this is REALLY inconvenient, when you don’t get ANY discount for using this service. So I went online, found a website from the inventor of the product and realized there’s a whole line out there in addition to the Guthy Renker Sweet Almond Mint. There’s different cleasers for differnt issues or just different scents if you’re not a fan of the Sweet Almond Mint. My favorite is the 613. It smells amazing, but what’s even better is that, not only does it leave my hair clean and shiny, makes it healthier ever day, but for some reason, this formula is AMAZING for curly hair. It makes the curlys a little looser and wavy. I literally just let my hair air-dry and it looks fantastic! So now, my hair is getting healthier and healthier by not blow-drying, straightening, curling, etc. anymore. I’ve also used some of the other products and am very pleased with the hydrating spray and styling cream. OH! One of the other amazing uses of the shampoo is that you can mix some of the cleanser and styling cream with water in a spray bottle and it’s an on-the-go shampoo for in-between a full cleaning!I’m not going to beat around the bush, it’s not cheap. But you get what you pay for. And i’ve figured it out, if you purchase the liter size (which lasts between 5-7 months) you end up spending roughly the same amount as purchasing brand name shampoo and conditioner in the liter size. I have used other shampoo when I was out of town or ran out, and it made me come RUNNING back to Wen. Everyone that has borrowed my shampoo has switched. One use and you’ll be sold. This review just helps you on the path to your first use and then you’ll never look back,P.S. If you THOROUGHLY saturate the hair first, you can use less of the product and it works even better. If you have a steam shower and just sit in the steam after the hair has been saturated and the product applied, it makes it really seep in there deep and makes it EVEN shinier!

Lilia Harvey, LA

Keith Urban Fantastic

I have been using Wen for about 3 years now. I like many others, saw the info on tv, and thought it would either be a learning lesson and waste of money, or, it would do as it claimed. Now I can’t, go back to regular. if you want to call it, shampoo that suds. My hair is naturally thick and curly, so I need a product that keeps the moisture in my hair or it look dry and fried out, though I “do no harm” to my locks. I let it air dry with a leave it curl shape holder like curls rock, after the party, by TiGi or It’s a Ten. I have used other things when I have had to and yikes does it show. So I guess i will forever be a Wen girl. Just a tip, when you make your initial purchases, it gets cheaper as you can place your order when you need it, and so it balances out to be that $20 for 16oz that lasts about 3 mo. and that is worth it. It has something like no other, and this will be my new fav.!!!! Lavender and pomegranite are the best for moisture. This is just top notch!!!!

Chris Pendleton, TX

what does it do

I have used the product two to three times a week and see no difference after using it than before. When you spend the amount of money Wen costs, you expect to see some benefit or difference. I see none

Elva Ridgeway, NC

Smells and works wonderfully

I love this product. it smells sooooo nice. It does work best if you leave the product on your hair, then comb through, and let it on for another 2 minutes or so. The lemon vanilla scent is very lovely. i have thin, long, baby fine hair and this product works great. i also break out easily around my hairline from many, many hair products, but not Wen.

Harriett Frost, TX

Another winner!

This is the fifth Wen product I’ve purchased and again, it’s a winner. I am in love with Wen! I am so glad that I made the investment. For me, it is SO worth it. I will absolutely never use anything else on my hair. I work in a salon and I tell everyone about Wen. I get so many complaints on my hair. Clients ask me what have I done to my hair that it looks great. My hair is so shiny and healthy. Even humidity has not been an issue and humidity has always been my enemy. I get caught in the rain and it hasn’t affected my hair at all. I can’t say enough about this product. I absolutely love my hair and I truly believe it is because of Wen.

Estelle Redlands, CA

Finally! Wen is worth it

I have tried many WEN products but it never worked for me I always felt my hair was too greasy after word. I bought this and I love the smell it is perfect. I find it makes my hair super soft but not flat. I have very coarse thick hair.I do not use it every day, I have learned to alternate this with a sulfate free shampoo. This seems to prevent that greasy feeling. I do wonder if I did not shampoo in between if my hair would balance out but can’t get past 3 days in a row without shampoo. It still is a great condition or shampoo conditioner.Worked better than the regular WEN and did not have that menthol smell that all the WENs have, that was a huge perk! I hate that Menthol smell.

Elda Whigham, GA

Not my favorite.

I like how soft my hair is after using the 613, but unlike what others have said I am not fond of the smell. The Vanilla Bean is very strong. I’ve even mixed it with the pomegrante and it’s still overpowering.

Della Platina, CA


This smells nice but after repeated use it kinda left my hair feeling heavy. Would only use once or twice a week

Bernadine Pleasant Plain, OH

My fav wen

I love this Wen, it smells awesome and I feel like it works better than the other types.I never use any type of conditioner now.

Gale Bussey, IA

love it!!

It is a wonderful product. A perfect compliment to the Wen products. I recommend it to all my friends and family. My husband uses it add a shave lotion. It is a really wenderful product 🙂

Alberta Edgewater, NJ

Love the scent

I’ve used Wen products before, Sixthirteen is my favorite. I have thin hair with a lot of body. Sixthirteen does not weigh my hair down at all. Once a week I’ll use a regular shampoo and conditioner to change up my hair routine. I DO NOT use 8 pumps to wash my hair. I feel like it’s excess and wasteful. I use approx 3-5 pumps.. even that feels a little too much but I use a lot of hair product (hairspray) and want to make sure I get it clean. I’ll definitely be buying this again.

Leila Harrods Creek, KY

WEN SIXTHIRTEEN BY Chaz Dean Daily Cleasing Treatment

I love this product so much that from the first day I washed my hair in it, I immediately ran to my computer, and ordered another bottle. WEN SIXTHIRTEEN gave my scalp a soothing tingle, that assured me that my hair was clean and conditioned. I strongly recommend this product to all who are interested in receiving a good conditioner cleaner, and hair that manageable and soft.

Heidi Romney, WV

The Best WEN

I have tried many of the WEN scents, and this one smells the best and works the best for me.

Margaret Watertown, MN

I love this cleanser but I like it better when I …

Price is fair for wen. I love this cleanser but I like it better when I diluted and use it as a detangler instead. I notice my hair falls off in the shower more than usual. It has a nice scent. I still shampoo once or twice a week because I have thin hair and the roots sometime feels and look greasy.

Florence Lumber City, GA


I have been using Wen products for almost a year. I started with the lavender, then green tea, then sweet almond. Money was tight and the sixthirteen was less costly so I got it. I absolutely love it. With summer coming up being able to use it every day is a big plus. My hair is natural curly and frizzy, 6/13 makes it just about poker straight. Using my flat iron is now down to about 15 minutes from 30. Love the products. My only problem now is which ones to buy.

Johanna Axis, AL

Love all WEN products!

Every WEN product I have tried and I have tried them all has delivered exactly as described. I especially love SIXTHIRTEEN. It is an intensive treatment for my hair every time I use it. Love the smell. This formula mixes well with every other formula of WEN especially Summer Coconut Mango! I am a WEN girl for life!

Pamala Wilson Creek, WA

Worth the Money?

The ultimate question: is this very expensive product worth the money? Because you have to use a minimum of eight pumps of this product, the bottle only lasts for about eight to twelve uses, which is about $3 to $4 per use. I have an oily scalp and a lot of fine, limp, colored and highlighted hair, and I usually shampoo and condition my hair every day. Normally, I use Living Proof Full shampoo and conditioner, but my hair still tends to be a bit dry, so I was looking for something with more conditioning power.What I loved about this product: the smell is fantastic and it leaves a very light scent in the hair. It is deeply conditioning and creates very good shine, probably the best shine of any product I’ve tried. My hair is definitely in better condition, softer, smoother, and with fewer split ends, than with any other product.What I disliked about this product: I cannot use it every day because it makes my scalp too oily. It does NOT create any volume, so I have to omit the final step of using SIXTHIRTEEN as a leave-in conditioner and use Living Proof Full Thickening Cream for styling. Using a thickening cream seems to counteract the tendency of SIXTHIRTEEN to make my hair too limp.Final Analysis: I like SIXTHIRTEEN as a one-a-week treatment much better than as a single solution for my hair. That makes it more practical, too.

Casey Vernon, CO

OMG! Simply the Best!

I really loved the original Wen but when I learned that Wen now has a new improved cleanser with more moisture I was excited but for the price I was skeptical about spending so much money and not being sure of the outcome. I love it! Yes it more moisturizing, which I need with very curly hair and the dry long winter this year. It is pricey, don’t know why but I do love it and will stay with it. I only wash my hair twice a week and it’s just me so it will last longer and buy a bigger bottle next time. It cost but too much but my hair is baby soft and shiny.

Rena East Saint Johnsbury, VT

Not as good as regualr Wen

I love my regular Wen, so when I saw this I gave it a shot. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s alright. It works in a pinch, but I ordered my regular Pomegranate Wen because I just love it much more. If I run out before a new bottle can be ordered, I’d use the Six Thirteen, but that’s about it.

Jerry Carson City, NV

I love this product

I blend half of the required pumps with other Wen cleansing conditioners (my favorite is Pomegranate). It totally cleanses my super fine hair and I run a wide tooth comb through my hair when doing the final rinse. It really does work best with tepid to cool water and rinses quickly. My hair looks and feels bouncy and healthy without flyaways! I tried other "substitutes" of Wen because of the high cost, but in the end, I decided I’m worth it. It works, so I’m sticking with Wen. I don’t use any other products in my hair except I color it with a L’Oreal color and the color stays bright and never fades. I never use a blow dryer or any gel in my hair either.

Angelia Lancaster, NY


I just used SIXTHIRTEEN (all caps–very YELLY) for the first time this AM. Like the other WEN products it requires a good amount of product. As I read the back of the bottle in the shower I thought, “OH HELL NOS–I am not going to wet-scrub-rinse AND then repeat (using half as much product) AND THEN (seriously) ‘leave it on as long as possible’—AND (wait for it) ‘use a dime-size drop for a leave-in)'”. Don’t know about you but I actually have to get my ass to work–so not a ton of beautifying time.Anywhoo:Pros:-Smells vanilla-ish (as in for hours)-My color treated hair is soft–and looks nice todayCons:- Ton-o-Product is necessary if you follow the directions- 14 hour ritual (I KID)….

Stella Huntington Park, CA

Smells Terrific

Not sure what I will do if I am no longer able to get this. Great for hair (you only need a little) and smells great. I love this stuff. The spray is great too!

Shawna Arlington, WI

Another great Wen product!

My 2c/3a hair loves this!! It’s super moisturizing and smells devine 🙂 I have CLE and I always seemed to have a lupus rash on my neck at the hair line. Using the 613 has eliminated the rash and my scalp is happy once again. The entire line of Wen products can’t be any better than they already are. I’m a Wen girl for life!!!

Harriett Omega, GA

U can’t go wrong w this!

Wen is all I use now. Wanted to try the sixthirteen, and it didn’t disappoint. Hair looks, feels and smells great. Luv the added shine. Amazon Prime had the best price and free shipping. Pleased as punch!

Marguerite Ransom, IL

Not worth the money

Not what I expected. It’s okay, but I thought it would make my hair look more clean/pretty. I think Suave could have done the same job.

Frances Bellwood, IL

this is a great WEN cleansing conditioner

it is thicker than the other ones I have tried (Pumpkin, Lavender) yet works great. I love the fresh lemony vanilla scent, wish it lingered after I rinsed. great product, I always have a good hair day when I use this!

Isabel Freeman Spur, IL

Great price compared to QVC or other sites

Great price compared to QVC or other sites, and I use 1 full pump a day on my medium lengh naturally curly hair and it’s lasted 2 months. It helps protect and I love the feel and smell.

Andrea Allegan, MI