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WEN® Replenishing Treatment Mist

Give your hair, face and body an instant pick-me-up with the rejuvenating and moisturizing properties of the WEN® Replenishing Treatment Mist. Infused with a unique blend of restorative botanicals and extracts, the multipurpose WEN® Replenishing Treatment Mist can be used to revive and restyle hair in between cleansings and can also be used as a light-weight formulation in place of a leave-in conditioner for those with hair lacking volume or body. Misting your hair with the WEN® Replenishing Treatment Mist will aid in rejuvenating dry, frizzy, dehydrated hair by giving it the moisture it needs to remain soft, healthy and luxurious. The WEN® Replenishing Treatment Mist can also be used for extra hydration to refresh the face and/or set make-up, and it is also very beneficial as a moisturizing spray on the body

Key features

  • revive and restyle hair
  • use in place of a leave-in conditioner
  • rejuvenating dry, frizzy, dehydrated ha

Honest reviews


Detangles my long, fine hair

I’ve heard a lot about the WEN products, but had never previously purchased. Although this is lavender scented, it is not at all offensive. My hair is fine, and very long, and tends to get tangled easily, but it seems like it gets less tangled when I spritz a little of this. I also have been using it to “refresh” my hair at night before going out with this on the ends and a little dry shampoo on my roots, and it definitely makes my hair more manageable.(Also seen on my blog – […]

Kerri Disputanta, VA

WEN Replenishing Treatment Mist (Tea Tree) is AWESOME!

I have used most all of WEN products, and love, love, love WEN! The WEN Replenishing Treatment Mist works well with refreshing my hair, and also rejuvenate me, when I mist a small amount in my face…but with EYES CLOSED, as not to get any in the eyes.I have already recommended this product to family and friends, and I have also used this product on family and friends hair.

Yesenia Edgar, NE

Expensive but a must have!

Yes, I was skeptical and the only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is due to the outrageous price. The fig was GREAT on my hair. Can’t believe someone didn’t like it. I received it as a combo deal with the conditioner/cleaner, and just let it sit for a long time in a cabinet. What was I thinking?! I’m running out now and decided on getting the almond. I hope it’s as good as the fig. My head feels and smells like I’ve washed my hair. I’ve even gone 2 days only using this stuff. Well anyway, I’m buying more of this expensive product, so I can attest that it is the bomb diggity. 🙂

Roxanne Concord, NE

Not Impressed

I was expecting a much better product from Wen considering that the Shampoo is what basically repaired my damaged hair, but unfortunately I can not say the same for this mist. It does smells nice, but other than that, it didn’t do much for my hair. I will continue my search for the perfect mist, and I will be sure to post my review.

Michell Kennedy, MN

Mist treatment.

Wen replenishing treatment is very nice for my hair. It adds shine and helps hydrate dry hair. I am now using all the wen products and I purchase them from Amazon. The price is good for the job this does on my hair.

Randi Kemp, OK

Love WEN!

This WEN Replenishing Treatment Mist is wonderful. It feels so light and fresh. It can be used on the skin as well!

Veronica Haskins, OH