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Wen Pomegranate

WEN Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner 32oz.

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I have tried sweet almond mint didn’t like it ,a few months later i tried the fig and fell in love with it. 4 months later when i ran out i came back to buy a noter bottle and realized it was out of stock and ended up purchasing the pomegranate.Upon first use i despised the smell and my hair didn’t feel clean like it did with the fig.Its been about a month and a half and i feel the same way,i used to be excited to wash my hair with WEN -the fig conditioner.Now i despise washing my hair with this crappy scent and my hair is not clean!I am dissapointed in WEN company for making so many different scents to make extra money and still claiming its the same product

Carole Urbana, OH

Best product I ever used

I read a review that said this was mediocre,& smelled funny. I must disagree. I take steroids for my sense of smell, and I can say, there are very few products that I can stand using because of their sent, I can literally smell every molecule. This is fruitiously yummy. I am West Indian, we have naturally cotton like hair. Straightening is temporary, like minutes, don’t color or use chemical anything on it, & grows 3 inches per decade. I used Mixed Chicks, and was happy to go with my natural curl, but my hair was coming out too much, and I had to use too much product to keep the style.So I gave this a try and OMGoodness. I have been using it for 1 month now and love my hair, for the first time in my life. Scent good, easy to use, I only need about 6 pumps for my entire head when I do the “Wash” and 2 pumps per day for restyle. Soft, beautiful hair, my hair has stopped falling out, my natural curls are perfect, and I am getting compliments! Buy it, you won’t be sorry.

Rowena Huntsburg, OH

Read the instructions

When I first used this product, I cleansed once and rinsed and I thought I was supposed to be done. My hair felt weird, it felt rubbery when I tried to run my fingers through it. I then looked at the back of the bottle and saw that you need to wash your hair a few times when its your first use. So I did. And I’ve been using this product consistently. My hair feels cleaner and feels softer, it looks shinier and fuller with more volume. I bought a bottle for my sister for Christmas. I saw the reviews and I was worried about trying this product, but then I remembered something. People are more inclined to share a bad story about a product or service than they are when they have had a good experience with a product or service.

Kaitlin Onyx, CA

Works for Me

As a teen I had greasy hair that I needed to wash every morning – at that time of my life Wen would have been a huge mistake. Now in my 30’s my hair is still thick and wavy but it is super dry. I have my locks colored every 6 weeks or so. I use Wen about 2-3 times a week and throw in a traditional sulfate shampoo and conditioner as needed (maybe 1-2 a month) My color lasts longer and my hair is less frizzy. I use some Moroccan oil product and the Wen styling cream after every wash then blow dry and straighten or curl my hair. Wow I never realized the extent of the abuse my hair takes… Anyway, bottom line, it doesn’t ever look overly dry or frizzy, I experience no breakage and my hair appears healthy and feels smooth and soft. It does smell weird in the bottle and while using it but by the time it’s dry I no longer notice it.

Coleen Port Republic, NJ

Excellent product!

My hair is course, very very thick, sometimes frizzy, alot of times unmanageable unless u spend about an hour and half on it. I love this cleansing conditioner. It is PERFECT for someone who has unruly hair like I do. To top it off, this particular one is Gluten Free and I have a severe reaction to Gluten, so thank you Chaz Dean for making one that is Gluten Free. The bad news – if you like WEN, pomegranite is the ONLY formulation that is Gluten Free. I also do not leave in any to use as a styling balm and I think a lot of people that do this will be unhappy because they probably have typical ‘caucasian’ hair and it would be weighted down with too much of the WEN product. However, people with fine or fairly naturally straight hair should not use WEN everyday for the same reason – it might weigh their hair down. These people should alternate use with another sulfate free shampoo. For those gals out there with ‘big’ hair like my own – knock yourself out and use WEN as often as you like – it will make your hair less brittle, softer and more manageable.

Selina Trout Run, PA

Special needs scalp and hair LOVES WEN!

I tried Wen a little over a year ago and loved it! I don’t really know why I stopped using it! Big mistake. I have long hair (down to my bra/mid back) and it takes what seems like ALOT of product to cleanse my hair properly. This time, I decided to cut my length to collar bone length making the amount used better. So happy I came back. The truth be told, I have allergies pretty bad, and I have a sensitive scalp! It sounds gross like I’m unclean but I’m not. I have tried dandruff shampoos, extra moisturizing, deep cleaning etc. Not cheap either! The latest was Free & Clear with no fragrance/sulfates etc. I was still itchy and it seemed like I had a crusty flakey scalp. With WEN I don’t itch, no hives in my scalp/hair line/neck, no crusty scalp and no flakes. My hair/scalp is not oily naturally so that was never a problem. Now, being back to WEN, after the first cleansing, my scalp is calm, no itch, no crustiness, no flakes. Just pretty waves and curls. Thank you WEN!

Wilma Wakenda, MO

Wen? Now!

At first I was skeptical regarding these products and yes you must follow the directions or you will have problems, these products have been Heaven sent for my hair which is very thick and unruly. I noticed some difference right away but I think using the products consistently over a period of time I have been able to truly see the distinction. Again, this is just a product and no after simply washing and drying your hair will not look like the STYLED BY PROFESSIONALS MODELS in the videos for Wen (hard to believe some actually expect that?) but I have dramatically improved texture, manageability, shine and appearance. I have tried so many products due to my hair’s challenges, Wen is the best by far. I experimented with some formulas and still keep several but Pomegranate has been the best for my hair type so far. I am also happy it is offered here as no matter how great the product I do NOT participate in clubs such as the Wen site has, I have had too many bad experiences with those Clubs. Again, try it and stay with it, I can really notice the changes now after extended use, all for the GOOD.

Ebony Levittown, NY

WEN cleansing conditioner

Not my first use of WEN, but one of my favorite "flavors". The pomegranate moisturizes almost as well as the fig, and is weightless. I spend $$$ to keep my hair cut and colored, using WEN extends the grey/silver coverage. It also means only one bottle in the shower!

Myrtle Hueysville, KY

I prefer the Sweet Almond

I used the Sweet Almond for over a year and decided to try the Pomegranate because I loved the Sweet Almond so much. After several weeks I began to have a reaction to it. What I ordered also came with the 636. What I realized after reviewing the ingredients again was that all of the Wen Cleansing Conditioners (including the special season conditioners) except the Sweet Almond contain Methosulfate. In addition so do the Wen Re-moist products. I have terrible allergies to sulfates and I believe that is the cause of the reaction. The fragrance was great and it left my hair really soft, so I wish I could have continued to use it. If you don’t have sensitivity to any of the ingredients it would be an excellent product. I will have to go back to the Sweet Almond.

Elma Monroe, AR


Where do I even begin with my Wen experience? It’s been a LONG journey. I bought Wen about 3 or 4 years ago after being mesmerized by the infomercials. I was quite disappointed when I tried the Lavendar. I did not follow the instructions and my hair turned out like straw and my roots were SO greasy–stored the bottle away. Well, I received the Winter Vanilla Mint as a gift. I decided to try it again (following the instructions this time) and it was a completely different experience. Turns out, using too little of the product will make your hair greasy!My hair was a lot softer than normal (I use expensive salon products normally). I have highlighted blonde hair that is fine, but I have a lot of strands. My hair is brittle and my ends are VERY dry normally. After having great results with Wen, I was very intrigued. I ended up ordering a pack of the 6 oz bottles and have tried various amounts of each. Even though Wen made a big difference in my hair, my ends still were a little dry and my hair was still a little tangly. WARNING: Using too much leave-in conditioner will make your hair feel like straw too!Well tonight EVERYTHING changed when I found the magic formula for my hair. I used the pomegranate tonight and loved the smell. I followed the instructions and let my hair dry NATURALLY (that is the key). My hair was mostly dry and I was shocked how great it dryed on its own–it’s normally a frizzy mess. Instead of straightening my hair with a flat iron, I used my blow dryer to straighten on cool and low, with the plastic cap (don’t know what it’s called) on the end. WOW!!! I FINALLLLLLLY found the secret to Wen hair!!!! My hair is SO soft, frizz-free, tangle-free, and so straight! It has so much shine and I actually feel like I’m doing something healthy for my hair (the Dietitian in me is very excited about that!).I’m sure I will love the other scents just as well when I use them correctly. Don’t give up on Wen if you are having trouble–just experiment. My hair hasn’t been this soft since I was 10. I’m officially a Wen girl now. 🙂

Rosemarie Jefferson City, TN

I really like this product – the wen pomegranate

Over the years we have all seen the commercials. I decided to try. I like this product very much. I used for three weeks, and decided to go back to my old shampoo and conditioner. Mistake. What a difference!1. Hair is very soft and manageable with Wen.2. Hair feels healthier with Wen.3. Hair feels thicker with Wen.I do use my own styling products, as I did not like the Wen mousse. The mousse did nothing. But, a friend of mine has used the other styling products, sprays, and liked them very much.**Note: friend of mine used the lavendar vanilla on her son’s VERY corse hair. His hair has never been softer, she states.

Lucy Lyons, IN