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WEN Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner 6 Oz.

WEN Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner 6 Oz.

Key features

  • Who is it for: All hair types.
  • Why is it different: This will effectively cleanse and hydrate your hair without stripping or robbing it of its natural nutrients and oils.
  • How do I use it: Rinse hair thoroughly and apply cleansing conditioner in four sections: the crown of your head, the nape/back of your head, ends to the left side of your hair, and ends to the right side of your hair. Massage vigorously. Comb through hair and leave on for at least three to five minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Honest reviews


My hair fell out too…

At first, I thought I’d love this because I’m growing my hair out to donate and it’s difficult to keep it shiny and straight. While it did smooth out my hair, I noticed a lot of hair in my drain. The hair loss continued to the point it was clogging the shower. I even started taking Biotin. Once I stopped using it (and used Dove, of all things) my hair loss stopped.I would not recommend this– I know some people love it, but I will never use it again. If you do want to buy some, start with the 6 oz and see how it works.

Corinne Macon, VA

yes I love this stuff

But as I’ve always said, wen products are way overpriced and they can’t get a 5 star rating from me until the price is more reasonable. Just because you can gouge, doesn’t mean you should. Sorry wen, but it’s just too much. Besides that, it’s the best thing going for hair right now in my opinion. lol! If money is no object, you must use this every single time you ‘wash’ your hair. My hair is usually really dry, but I’m positive it will work on oily hair as well. I don’t like ANY of the scents, and it kind of ‘burns’ or ‘tingles’ too much the first time you use it. But it’s a magic potion. No lie.

Kimberly Elba, AL


What’s not to like, love love the Pomegranate Cleansing. I have used the Original Mint, but this is the best. Hair is manageable, even the cow licks tame down. Hair One Cleanser is pretty good, if on a budget, but this is the best. Try it ladies.

Tonia Paint Lick, KY

Big Hit!

I purchased the kit that QVC advertised on line and tried the Pomegranate. It is fantastic! Just when I think my hair cannot get any softer and tangle free Mr. Dean comes up with another winner! I will not use any other hair care product. Now, like another person put in their review…..what do I do with my Paul Mitchell and Loreal and everything else I’ve tried. Please know, Wen cannot hurt your hair. If you do not like the results, at least it can not do any damage. It only puts moisture in. The Pomegranate smells absolutely heavenly. I wish Mr. Dean would make 16oz or 32oz bottles! I would buy in a flash! Chaz Dean should get the Noble Prize for his extensive work in creating these wonderful products. If I could give this ten stars I would.

Araceli Delbarton, WV

It’s nice sometimes.

I buy wen once in awhile because I do like the way it makes my hair feel. However, I did notice that after using it for a week or two my hair will start to look really greasy and I switch off to a different shampoo and conditioner. My hair is normal, my scalp isn’t dry or greasy.

Alta Byron, WY

Hype hype hype.

I was really disappointed with this product.I have very coarse and curly hair, and I’ve seen people rave about Wen all over the internet. Well, that hasn’t been my experience with it. I used this for about 6 weeks, and I saw nothing but negative effects. My hair was brittle, and as a result I had more breakage and damage than I’ve ever seen while using cheap shampoo and conditioner. It works okay as a styling gel, although it leaves your hair with the sticky, hard residue that most gels do if you use more than one pump. It smells good (and not like chemicals), which is really the only bonus about it.This product is too expensive to use as a leave-in conditioner and ineffective as a total shampoo/conditioner combo. Stick to the higher quality shampoo and conditioner. They’re much better than this product.

June Rossville, GA


I wanted to like it, but I’m just not a fan! I have fine hair that tends to be oily at the scalp and dryer on the ends. This made my hair look and feel heavy, dull, and just limp. It might be good if you have very dry hair overall, but I don’t recommend otherwise.

Reyna Etna Green, IN

i like it but

well wenn is awesome but the problem is my head is so itcy after using it and i apply conditioner too afterward. i recommend for those who want to try wenn to do so but get some true blue and use a tad on just ur scalp to get the icth out then apply wenn.

Jerri Rockport, IL

Made My Hair Worse

When I used this product, it made my hair feel even dryer than it was before. Ive seen people say if made their hair fall out, it didn’t do that to me but it did make my hair very dry.

Rosetta Fort Bridger, WY

My favorite formula!

I love the pomegranate!!! It works miracles on my hair!!! I finally figured out how to use it correctly. The bottle recommends 1-2 pumps as a leave-in. I loved the results from Wen but I noticed that my ends felt a little straw-like and not silky smooth. I finally figured out that adding 1-2 pumps was way too much for my fine hair. A pea size amount works wonders!!! It’s absolutely silky smooth now. Pomegranate smells so wonderful and fruity. It’s truely a dream come true for my hair!

Anna Culver, IN


The smell is divine but the way it treats my hair is more then i could imagine i have been using WEN for aprox 2 months and never ever wanna go back to shampoo again….

Margot Onamia, MN


For at least 2 years I’ve read the raves about WEN on the Q shopping channel forum before I decided to try it. I have chin-length blonde (color-treated) hair; I’ve been using this almost 3 weeks (that’s all this size bottle lasts for) and my hair looks no better than if I’d used Dove Color Care Shampoo, which is a heck of a lot cheaper. I love pomegranates but the WEN smelled odd.

Sonya Springfield, ID