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WEN Lavender Styling Crème, 6 fl. oz.

Achieve all your styling options and the benefits of a leave-in conditioner, polishing gloss and gel in one product. This amazing styling creme works great on straight, wavy and curly hair types to give them rich moisture, gleaming shine and body with hold. The virtually weightless formula is used as a heat-protectant from damage caused by styling tools, and also to tame hair from frizz when drying naturally.

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Great Product!

After seeing the WEN infomercial I was intrigued…I have color treated baby fine hair – very long. After using the WEN cleanser or after any regular shampoo – I add this product as a leave in conditioner. I was scared it wouldn’t detangle my hair or even worse, make it limp and greasy but it is amazing. I would definately buy this product again.

Monica Bensalem, PA

Better than cleanser but not impressed

I am a new curly convert and chose this line to set foot in the door. I have lots of fine, very dry and frizzy, type 3b hair and have been using this every 2-3 days for the last month. I am 3/4 through the liter bottle of matching cleansing conditioner and NEVER gotten 5* worthy hair. Some days worse than others but consistently frizzy and generally stringy.Makes a decent leave-in when paired with the cleansing conditioner but not the best. Best results yielded results when used as advised on the […] matching cleansing conditioner product page and paired with a cone-free gel. Semi-decent pomade to tame flyaways on dry hair or to pair with oil on 2nd/3rd day hair for manageability; acceptable if nothing else is available in that regard.I find the line TOO expensive for the results obtained but this and oil seem to last enough to make the $$ blow less painful IF AND ONLY IF they work at least decently for you (note I did not enter worth your while). Otherwise, save the cash and look elsewhere. Doubt would puchase again as have yet to get WOW results but liked better than matching cleansing conditioner and will continue to use with oil and other-brand replacement cleansing conditioner until bottles are finished.

Chandra Magnet, NE


For the last year or so, I’ve been purchasing Wen shampoo. THe regular one has a wonderful smell. I thought I’d try the lavender but it doesn’t smells like lavender; it smells like eucalyptus. Next time, I go back to the regeular scent

Etta Milligan College, TN

This styling creme is awesome.

This styling creme never leaves your hair sticky or filmy. Helps with the "frizzy’s" also. Great product, in my opinion

Latoya Templeton, IA


My absolute favorite of all of the WEN conditioners. It melts into my hair, eliminating tangles and dryness instantly. Wonderful.Tea Tree is also really good, but nothing beats Lavender. It goes really fast, so I buy it a gallon at a time!

Angie New Waverly, IN

Great For Keeping a Sleek Look All Day Long!

This product should be used immediately after showering, while your hair is still wet. I was skeptical at first, but after the first use, my hair felt like I just left the salon. The instructions on the bottle are simple to follow, and incorporating this as part of my daily hair care regimen has proven to tame my slightly coarse hair even in the worst humidity. I love that it’s derived from natural ingredients, and it makes my hair look like I have my own personal stylist. I won’t tell if you won’t…haha!

Lelia Spanishburg, WV

Love it

Makes my hair very soft and helps hold curls. The entire line is excellent. I have noticed a substantial difference since I have been using this line of hair care products.

Beulah Ellsworth, NE

no frizz

At first I hated it. Now, I love, love, love this stuff. After I watched an instructional video, I know how to use it. My hair is smooth and frizz free in SEATTLE! I also use Wen Kids (gentle on my scalp) cleansing conditioner and lavender hair mask. I’m 50 and have been fighting curly grays and straight browns for a few years. This translates into frizzy, wavy, semi-ringlets. With these three products, my hair is shiny, fluffy, full, and smooth like it was 4 decades ago.

Bonnie Tamarack, MN

Great product

Interesting product as the directions says to use so many pumps for each section of hair, I don’t as my hair doesn’t require that much product. It leaves the hair heavy feeling (it’s different, not bad just different). I keep using my other shampoo and this one and go back and fourth between the two products. Love the smell.

Abby Bim, WV

wen styling creme is great

I love it—it does not weigh your hair down but definitely controls the frizz.It is great for fine hair.This is expensive but worth every cent.

Rosie Indian River, MI

licensed cosmetologists review

Love Wen cleansing conditioner, but when I tried the styling creme, I found that it dried my hair out a bit. I really don’t see a need to use it, I find that leaving a little of the cleansing conditioner in my hair did just fine as a styling product by itself. But, hey, don’t take my word for it, a lot of people love this.Holly Nicole, Glamour Couture

Tammie De Kalb, MS

Works well would recommend

Love this product and the price was good..For the size of product it lasts a very long time and smells good

Mary Sterling, NE

It’s just OK

I admit that I purchased this for the lavender scent. Unfortunately, the scent is so lavender that I wouldn’t swear to the fact that it’s lavender. I don’t notice any styling benefits.

Lacey Steamboat Rock, IA

Not a fan

Liked Wen but not the styling creme Although not all wen worked good for me Lavender smell was not real

Serena Gladewater, TX