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WEN Kids Cleansing Conditioner

WEN KidsTM is a universal cleansing conditioner designed to be incredibly gentle, while still thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing your children’s hair. This menthol-free formula is made exclusively with rice protein and contains no nuts, no wheat and no soy ingredients, making it safe to use even for those with many common allergies. WEN KidsTM Cleansing Conditioner is a cleanser, conditioner, deep conditioner and detangler all in one, and an amazing alternative to other children’s shampoo, kid’s shampoo and baby shampoo on the market. Bath time will never be the same again.

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First let me say that I have this in both Apple and Strawberry banana, The strawberry banana smells so gross to me but I refuse to return a good product so I will use it up, It dosent stay so strong smelling in the hair after shower! The apple smells absolutely delicious thought! YUM! I love regular wen but I am not a fan of using menthol on my scalp more then once or twice a week, so naturally when wen kids came out I had to try it! It is allergen free, which means menthol soy, and gluten free. It is still a very thick and rich conditioner so its not like you are getting any less of a luxurious product. I also used it as a face wash with my clarisonic and my face wasnt irritated at all so it is a very gentle product great for sensitive skin.The scent* on apple AMAZING on strawberry banana ick.texture* very thick and luxurious just like all other wen products.cleansing ability* These do clean the oils and product out of your hair. I must say my hair is very clean after using these cleansing conditioners.conditioner ability* This is a great great conditioner. leaves my hair tangle free, shiny and healthy. Full of volume never heavy at all. My hair looks and feels AMAZING after using this. I will for sure repurchase, I just wish they had bigger sizes! Oh and another huge plus is that I need to use way lesss of this then I do regular wen, almost half as much!.** update** I am still loving wen kids and im so glad to say the strawberry banana has grown on me! I just placed another order buying all 3 so I could try watermelon as well. I also am really loving these as a face wash with my clarisonic as well.*** another update** Wen watermelon is amazing! I find it to be the most moisturizing out of the 3, apple being the most cleansing and strawberry somewhere in the middle.. The scent of the watermelon is sickly sweet in the bottle but once you rinse it out of your hair it leaves the best jolly rancher subtle scent in your hair. I LOVE IT. Apple is my favorite smelling but watermelon smells really good and I LOVE how moisturizing it is.

Opal Toms Brook, VA

Another allergic reaction…

Well, another disappointment for me by Wen 🙁 I wanted to be a Wen girl so badly. I tried almost every "flavor" of Wen throughout the years. Each time, after a few uses, my scalp would break out so badly. I would develop dandruff, etc. Chaz Dean himself recommened this to me (via Facebook). I mentioned my gluten allergies and he suggested trying this. Well, unfortunately it did the same thing – the scalp breaking out, etc. I truly wish my body would enjoy these products so I could have beautiful Wen girl hair – but alas, it will not. Sorry Chaz.

Ilene Lee Vining, CA

Yes, yes yes

I love this product. I do not see why they do not make these flavored scents for adults as well but its all good. I love the smell and the way it makes my hair feel. I will definitely order more from Amazon. Its actually cheaper here than at the original WEN site. Thank Amazon!!!!

Marian Harrington, DE

WEN’s Kids Cleaning Conditioner is Simply Amazing

Miy Granddaughter is only 5 years old, but she has unusually thick long hair for her age. Her hairdresser was shocked to see how this cleaning conditioner managed her hair and softened the texture, with the first time usesage.

Eddie Knob Noster, MO

Easy on My Sensitive Scalp.

I have a very sensitive scalp, and found that WEN Kids was easier on it than the adult scents I’ve tried: Pomegranate and Tea Tree. My scalp isn’t peeling, breaking out, or itching when I use WEN kids. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work quite as well on my hair as the adult WEN scents I’ve tried. My hair a little less manageable, and more frizzy.I’ve tried all three of the WEN Kids scents. It seems that strawberry-banana is the most moisturizing, apple is the most cleansing, and watermelon falls between them. All three scents are very strong in the bottle, but apple and watermelon are much more subtle on my hair, and I really like them. Unfortunately, I REALLY don’t like the scent of the strawberry-banana. I hate wasting WEN, but I dislike the strawberry-banana scent so much that I’m not going to finish the bottle.While my hair isn’t quite as manageable with WEN Kids as it is with regular WEN, I’m going to stick with it, since it’s calming for my scalp. I strongly recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies.

Reba Mainland, PA

Cleaning conditioner

Purchased this cleaning conditioner for my little granddaughter. She loves this conditioner and the watermelon scent. Very happy with purchase and fast service.

Joyce Samson, AL

it’s the wen for sensitive skin

When Wen first came out, I bought some. It made my hair look fantastic, but my scalp screamed for mercy. With the introduction of this menthol free, soy free, wheat free, nut free formula, I was persuaded to give it another chance. My hair and my scalp are healthier than ever. I use it about twice a week with the deep conditioner in lavender. Likely, I wouldn’t need the extra conditioner if my hair didn’t include a fair amount of grey. Grey hair is notoriously wiry and dry. My original color is not. So we cater to the troubled ones.

Krystal Ash Fork, AZ

The best!

I love Wen products for my hair so I was super excited to see Wen for kids! This works so well on my daughter’s hair! It leaves her long hair really soft and easy to brush. At 3 years old she HATES getting her hair brushed, or at least she did until I switched her to Wen.The reviews that say this doesn’t clean should be removed. Clearly those people didn’t read the directions. Wen is not like regular shampoo and conditioner. You have to rinse it really well. If you don’t it will make your hair look greasy, however if you read and follow the directions it leaves hair looking beautiful!

Connie Schulenburg, TX

Used It For Myself

When I was using WEN, I used the Kids Cleansing Conditioner myself. I felt if it was made for children, it must be milder. I think that was true. Unfortunately I had to switch to another shampoo as I am having a hair loss issue, not related to WEN.

Janette Clarkson, KY

Does Wonders for My Daughter’s Hair

I LOVE WEN! I started using it about three years ago. It’s now the only hair product I use. When I saw how perfectly my hair responded to WEN, I started using it on my 6 year old daughter’s hair (she was about 3 at the time.) It makes her hair feel soft and moisturized, with springy, non-frizzy curls, and it’s so much easier to manage (her hair is extremely thick.) I am bi-racial; my husband white. My daughter has what you would probably call “black” hair, although much softer than my own. Typically, I wash her hair once a week using WEN Kids; there are three scents, Strawberry Banana, Apple, and Watermelon (Watermelon is my daughter’s favorite.) I actually started off by using the adult WEN on her hair, Sweet Almond Mint, which is the mildest formula of the line. It too worked wonders on her hair, but after WEN Kids was created, I switched to that line. The product is expensive, but it saves me so much money on other hair products–conditioners, leave in conditioners, moisturizers, etc.–that from a financial perspective it’s pretty much worked out to be even. Furthermore, it makes her hair feel so fantastic! There’s nothing like Wen! I love it and would highly recommend it!

Haley Mason, KY