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WEN Finishing Treatment Creme in Pomegranate 4 fl. oz.

Wen by Chaz Dean Pomegranate Finishing Treatment Creme, 4oz size

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Honest reviews


Fabulous product and price!

I just started using Wen and I’m in love! This product is a “finishing treatment” and is supposed to be used on dry hair. I will warn you…less is more with this product! If you use too much, you will not be happy. If used as directed, this 4oz. tube could last you 2 years or more. I’ve seen Chaz Dean present this product and he said, for med. to long hair, squeeze out a very small pea, rub it between your hands and glide it over your dry hair. It makes my hair feel so healthy and silky, it’s not greasy, it doesn’t weigh my hair down, I just love it! I can also say, ordering this from Amazon saved me a ton of money…it’s a fabulous deal!

Dorthy Primm Springs, TN


I can’t imagine who this might work for! The one and only time I tried this product, I had to shampoo it right out. Luckily I had time that day or I would have had to wear a hat. It made my hair look greasy even though I had just shampooed. It was very heavy feeling in the hair and I only used a tiny amount since I don’t like a lot of product on my hair.

Vanessa Harrison Township, MI

did not like

Did not like it was heavy and really just did nothing was expecting something much better just would not recommended

Deborah Bloomington, NE

Very nice, smooth hair!

Mom loves this stuff – it smoothes her hair and gets rid of the fuzzies that her nasty water seems to produce. My hair is super thick and very dry in the winter and this stuff has done a nice job on helping my hair get under control. My problem with it has been that it makes my hair dirty faster, thus negating the dryness assistance since I have to wash it more often. So, not sure if the trade off is worth it or not! Recommend, but with the above warning.

Geraldine Frederic, WI

WEN And only WEN

you can’t go wrong with WEN all their product is off the chain, i use it on my LOCS. its nice and light

Judy Church Hill, MD

Pretty Good

The first couple of times I used this, it worked great and my hair felt smooth and nice. Now at those times, I had air dried my hair with hair serum.Then I used it on air dried hair without hair serum, and it seemed like this stuff dried out my hair. My hair was nice and soft prior to applying this creme. I only use serum to de volume and de frizz, but I have a pretty soft hair texture naturally. I put this on my natural hair and it seemed like it made it frizz. It poofed up and was dry feeling, and a little sticky.Anyway, heads up: Buy one tube and try it first, and then if it works, buy more.I should also note that I tried this on damp hair, and the results were amazing.

Summer Fort Shaw, MT



Lucille Chagrin Falls, OH


This is another product that I don’t get. What is it supposed to do because I see no difference from using or not using it.

Sophia Catarina, TX

Pretty good stuff

I usually use a $25 finishing cream from Sephora. I got this for $7 as an add on and it works just as well. Great smell too.

Michele West Point, IA

Not for me

I found this product to be way too heavy for my hair, but I have friends that swear by it. Got it at such a great price that its worth a try.

Rosario Blockton, IA

Terrific Product

I ordered some cleansing cream from another website and received this product along with it. I do have curly hair and it works wonders at controlling the frizz. Don’t use a lot though. A small amount goes a long way. I am extremely sensitive to beauty products of all kinds. I’ve been using the Wen products for over a month now and I haven’t had any problems. My hair is in the best condition it’s been in over 20 years

Joy Jefferson, NY

not what i expected

is not at all what you hear in the commercials, i have used it and will finishall, I will not buy this product again

Sheila Waldport, OR

It’s WEN!!!

WEN is such an amazing product! I don’t know what hasn’t already been said about it. My hair is in love with it. This item was promptly received in excellent condition. :o)

Milagros Valley Village, CA

I hate this product.

I don’t know if it is the make of the product or the scent, but it makes my hair dry like a broom. I thought it was just me, so my husband used it and his hair was dry like straw too.

Naomi North Waterboro, ME


This is an okay product along with Wen Cleansing cream. If anyone has tried the Wen Mist, I would like to know how that works. I wouldn’t purchase this again. You can use the Wen cleansing shampoo as a conditioner as well. A little pricey but worth it.

Evelyn Rehoboth, NM

Instantly Defrizz Dry Hair

Just say WEN! Summer sun and chlorine takes a toll on my mane, but WEN understands the importance of moisture. Finishing Treatment fixes fly away strands and adds a smooth finish whatever your style.

Elsa Rock Valley, IA