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WEN Fig Styling Crème, 6 fl. oz.

Achieve all your styling options and the benefits of a leave-in conditioner, polishing gloss and gel in one product. This amazing styling creme works great on straight, wavy and curly hair types to give them rich moisture, gleaming shine and body with hold. The virtually weightless formula is used as a heat-protectant from damage caused by styling tools, and also to tame hair from frizz when drying naturally.

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Too many chemicals! !!!

I wanted to love this….however after gearing toward more natural products I had to give this one up.It really doesn’t moisturize my hair…and my daughter has natural curly hair which I thought it would be great for but not at all..and it leaves this sticky feeling on the hair..I’m sure its the chemicals….shame on Chaz because his products…example the cleansing conditioners cost wayyyy to much to be loaded down with cheap chemicals! 🙁

Minerva Strum, WI

WEN’s Fig Styling Creme Is For Me

I highly recommend WEN’s Fig Styling Creme after cleaning your hair with Chaz Dean Fig Cleansing Conditioner. Your hair feels lighter and cleaner the first time you style your hair with this creme.

Tisha Isabella, PA

Great styling cream.

I try different style product to protect my hair from heat tools and other thing. Nothing happen so When I use this wen product styling cream, it’s amazing to see the result change my hair and it is really keep my hair healthier and shine when I straighten or blow dry my hair, it is amazing so Don’t have any problem anymore with this product. I also have frizz then there is no more frizz in my hair. I recommed this to everyone who want more protecting from heat tools.

Wilma Grygla, MN

Very nice product

If you have bad water, be sure to try these Wen products. Mother’s house is having issues with the water and her hair looked awful. Thus, we tried this after seeing it on QVC and actually, came back and bought them on amazon since they’re WAY cheaper! Mom’s hair looks amazing now – it doesn’t droop like it was, and it stays cleaner longer. It’s soft, holds the style and well, she’s very, very happy! She really enjoys this fig scent too. Highly recommend!

Jayne Butler, OK

Love WEN

I am a WEN addict!! I have tried almost all the flavors but fig, SAM, and 613 are my favorite. I will be using fig during the winter weather to rehydrate my hair.

Angelica Rives, MO

Works well, not fond of scent

I like the way the wen product works as a hair cleaner and conditioner. I don’t care for the fig scent. For that reason I have given a lower rating. Otherwise your hair is soft and clean from using the product. The shampoo has a stronger scent than the conditioner but it washes out completely.

Eloise Ketchum, ID


This product is worth a try. It may be expensive, but what hair care doesn’t come with a price. This starts working immediately, and my hair was BLEACHED and fried at the ends, and has transformed. You can’t use sparingly which makes it not last as long, especially with naturally curly hair like mine.

Thelma Ledyard, IA

Styling Creme

Love this product. Dime size amount applied through damp hair and air dry. Great fragance and allows me to wear my hair “natural”. I have partially natural curly hair and this product is not heavy, de-frizzes my hair, and gives hold without feeling like I’ve used a lot of product. Soft to the touch too.

Aurelia Saltillo, MS

Wen works for me

I know that you can use the conditioning cleanser as a styling crème, but I like the light feeling that this crème has. I just use a dab, rub my hands together and do the ends of my hair, which is down to the middle of my back with highlights, lowlights. The color has not changed, and it gives the hair a light bounce for my naturally curly hair.

Jacquelyn Pequea, PA