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WEN Fig Cleansing Conditioner 6 Oz.

WEN Fig Cleansing Conditioner 6 Oz.

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Wonderful results for my natural, thick curly hair

I ordered the 6 oz to try it before I fully commit to purchasing a full sized bottle. I received this product last Friday and I used it immediately. After my 1st wash and leave-in, my hair and curls were well defined. My hair looked vibrant and smelled great. Yesterday, I received a comment saying that my hair looked “full of luster.” I’ve been searching for a product to keep my hair moisturized ALL day, along with helping it to look “better than the day before” every day. Today is day 4 and I must say my hair is fuller, healthier looking, shiny and looks better than it did yesterday :-). I cannot wait to blow dry my hair out straight to see more wonderful results!I will make sure to update this review once I do so. Thanks!

Lynette Tracy, IA

My first try….

I tried it for the first time on Wednesday, and I like the results. My hair is shiny and bouncy, without feeling greasy or weighed down. Tangles came right out, and I was able to style it with ease.I did use approximately 20 pumps (can’t they concentrate it?!), but it sounds more than what it really is. I normally use about 10 pumps of regaular conditioner anyhow.I’ll report back after a few times of using it, to see how it works over the long run.***********Needless to say, this product did not work for me. After a while my hair felt greasy and looked limp. I’d rather stick to shampooing twice a week and using hair powder in between for a fresher look.

Sheri Panther, WV

Best Cleansing Conditioner Ever

I love love love this product. I have 4b, 4C type hair. I felt like I had a new head of hair. My hair was very soft and detangled. I have really think hair so I use a lot. I’m saving to purchase a larger bottle.

Veronica Tunbridge, VT

wen products

the only products that i will use are wen …. i have used it for years now & love itthis purchase was to introduce it to my 10 & 8 year old Grandaughters <3 to Wen

Marva Delhi, CA

Deborah in Coral Springs

I have been using WEN for almost a year now and love, love, love the “Sweet Almond Mint” fragrance. I have long med. to thick wavy hair and this product works fabulous on my hair type. I recently tried “Fig,” not as pleased. It didn’t seem to give my hair the same body. But that’s ok, I just wanted to try a different fragrance. I am sticking to the “Sweet Almond Mint”

Keri Stoutsville, MO

WEN Fig Cleansing Conditioner 6 Oz

Smells really good. Lots of pumps is needed so for this size it’s gone pretty quick. Would recommend but the larger size.

Jackie Lane, KS

Works but goes fast

It works good it you use it correctly,made my hair soft, but since you have to use so many pumps it was used up very quickly.

Jan Cordova, NE

What a total rook. So not worth the rediculous cost of this product.

Let me just say how much I love Amazon. I love Amazon because I can find trial sizes and give them a shot so I don’t have to sign up for some product’s monthly delivery that I may be billed for even after I cancel. I’m so glad I tried this before committing. I was very excited about trying this product with hopes it would help with managibility and help my color last longer. I thought this lousy 6oz bottle was $6.99 when I bought it, not $16.99. Holy crap!!! For shampoo!!! OK, so once I processed the shock, I thought, "Well, if it really does what it shows on the infomercial, it could be worth it." After I used it the first time, I thought I must have done something wrong. So I read the instructions, (like you should need to read instructions for shampoo) and I left it in long enough, but I didn’t comb it through. I made sure comb it through the next time I used it. I purchased the fig because that was the one recommended for fine hair. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the truly nasty odor of it, it smells medicinal, like I dumped a bottle of cough syrup on my head. And the tingling to the scalp was not pleasant, but it wasn’t horrible. The results were as close to the infomercial as much as a picture of a BigMac looks anything like what you actually get. My hair was slightly less frizzy, but not by much. Nothing like the "before and afters" on TV. I checked the prices on the bigger sizes of product too just to see if I was paying a lot more per ounce because it was a trail size. I wasn’t. I got five washes out of my size ounce size, only washing my hair once each time. No matter what size you buy you’ll roughly be paying $2.00 per wash. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!! It’s been a long time since I’ve come across such a total scam as this. Save your money and avoid being a dupe like me.

Diana Minden City, MI

Works well

Arrived on time. Has a milder scent than the shampoo fortunately. Works well, but not sure if I would order again. May get a different scent. Not so fond of the fig shampoo it is rather strong and unpleasant.

Katie Spring Church, PA

Great, BUT…

Bought this over a year ago and loved it. The price prohibitive however so tried just using some really good conditioners and NO shampoo for the last year. Works just as well… like Aussi 3 minute miracle etc… deep conditioners etc. Just remember to cut out the shampoo. Your hair won’t squeak when you cleanse it because you won’t have stripped it. However, it will feel like beautiful [and clean] heavy silk. If you can afford Wen go for it, but I tell you, the other way works too.

Katherine Wadena, MN

it is ok

Not what I expected, from what commercial and emails have mis inform many of us, yet I will used but will not buy again

Hallie Palos Park, IL


I’m a Wen girl, but Fig is not for me!! It makes my hair sooo dry. As soon as I get out of the shower I have a halo of fuzz around my head. It’s not soft at all and that fuzzy look stays with you during and after styling also. I even use anti-frizz hairspray, but nothing tames the frizzies after using Wen Fig! Sooo glad I opted to test a 6oz instead of the full size 16oz.

Sheena Perrysburg, NY

PalLaguna – Love it

I have used Wen for quite a few years now and love the Pomegrante (not fig).I have also used the sweet almond. This is good stuff for your hair.

Vera Yadkinville, NC