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WEN Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner, 32 fl. oz.

Providing the benefits of a clarifying shampoo without the harsh drying effects, WEN Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner is ideal for those with oily scalps, or anyone looking for a truly purifying cleanse that won’t strip their hair of its natural oils. Our lightest formula, it won’t weigh down even the finest hair types. The combination of essential oils, aloe vera and cucumber fruit will thoroughly cleanse all hair types, while simultaneously rehydrating dry, dehydrated hair. Like all of our cleansing conditioners, it is safe to use on color-treated hair, as it doesn’t contain any harsh detergents, sulfates or surfactants often found in traditional shampoos.

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great for oily hair

Using cucumber aloe I can skip a day in washing my hair. It really tackles my oily scalp problem. I been using WEN for a week now and my hair looks better then it ever has in all my life! Due to oily scalp I need to wash it every day but now I can skip a day and not have oily hair and dry ends! I have also used the lavender which is more moisturizing and leaves hair softer with that scent I do have to wash daily but you get your hair feeling like a million bucks! Also this product is a leave in conditioner as well so its like 3 products in one. now you have to follow directions on the bottle. You may be able to use less pumps as long as you make sure you use enough to saturate your hair and massage it into your scalp and you must leave in for 3-5 minutes. I am telling you, after the very first time i used this i been getting compliments on my hair, yes it looks that good after shampoo#1. I am sold for life! On QVC you can get a 16oz bottle for $29 and the 32oz bottle is $49 you can also get a sample packet if you want to try all the scents out and see whats best for you.

Alexandria Alma, MI

Makes my hair feel so clean and soft!

The cucumber aloe was my first WEN purchase and I loved it after the first use. I have since tried the other formulas and like bamboo green tea the best. I still use this weekly as a clarifier. Even though I have an oily scalp, I find that it makes my head itch if I use it daily. But I do love the tingling sensation. I know there have been some WEN reviewers who claim that WEN products made them shed too much hair or made their scalp itchy. Maybe trying a different formula would work better.

Annabelle Lawrenceville, NY

Retains your color, keeps hair in good shape

This version of Wen Cleansing Conditioner is for hair that gets oily in summer and is the most clarifying of the varieties of Wen. But you have to use it properly. It’s not a foaming shampoo. You need to make sure your hair is thoroughly wet first and then put in a handful of this product and coat all the hair thoroughly. (I comb it in with a wide tooth comb after mixing in some water to make it easier to distribute.) Then after letting it sit for five minutes, rinse under cool water. This takes a while–so be patient. If you don’t use enough, it won’t clean. If you don’t rinse with cool water, it leaves your hair greasy, so you have to follow directions. I find that this retains the color in my hair a lot better than even color-safe shampoo.It comes out well afterwards, so you don’t need a conditioner step. If your hair is thick, you can add a quarter-sized amount before combing out as a leave in conditioner. This is my favorite Wen variety along with Tea Tree. Both clean very well. The menthol is nice as you rinse out in the shower, especially in the summer.

Barbara Brunswick, OH

The ONLY solution!

LOVE.This is my second go-round with Wen: when I used it a year or two ago, it was because I was intrigued by the infomercial. I didn’t much like using it on my scalp (kind of a weird concept for me), so used it as a conditioner. Loved it, but it was pricey. I ended up going back to my Garnier Triple Nutrition conditioner and my Matrix/Biolage Detangling Solution.Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when I got my hair cut and my haidresser mentioned how dry my hair was. It’s true: it’s been knotty and tangling, and feels dry to the touch.Crap. I tried just shampooing my roots with normal shampoo and used my conditioners. I also tried the Hair One I had lying around (I never much liked it..) to no avail. I knew that Wen was the ONLY thing that was going to get my hair back in shape. Ordering from Amazon (vs. QVC, where I’ve ordered from before) is so easy. I was counting down the 2 days until my package arrived!I have fine, slightly wavy virgin hair. I don’t usually put product in my hair, and I only blow-dry my hair about half of the week. My scalp also has a tendency to get oily. Cucumber Aloe is a really good match for my hair type. Three days in and my hair is noticeably better: softer and I’ve only gotten 2 minor tangles in my dry hair. I’ve been using it on my scalp as directed (add some water and finger-scrub for 1-3 minutes), and then running the rest through my hair, using a plastic claw to pin it back for about 5 minutes, and rinse with lukewarm/cool water. All is well (no oily scalp either), and I know with continued use my hair will return to normal and be soft again. I’m not convinced I’ll stray from Wen again; I know I don’t want to chance the dry hair coming back!Update 7/8: Some of my hair (in the back/bottom) is still dry and fluffy. I read a comment on a message board that suggested the Cucumber Aloe Wen is best for cleansing/clarifying – which very well might be the case. I’ve since ordered the Lavender Wen, and I will be using the Cucumber Aloe to cleanse my scalp, and the Lavender to condition.

Cassandra Harris, IA

Love this product!

I love this shampoo, or I guess I should say cleansing conditioner. The cucumber aloe is my fav. so far. I have used the lavendar, which is a little heavier than I thought that it would be and I have used the fig. I have notice a difference in the texture of my hair and the hair loss in the shower. I have always been careful with the products that I have used on my hair, so I typically use sulfate free shampoos and excellent hair masks. I still use them once or twice a week, but try to incorporate wen more often then not.

Julie Cascade, VA

We’re big fans

After a year on Wen, I switched back to regular shampoo for a little bit just to check, and regretted the decision in less than a week. However, we still love the Wen. VERY impressive product.My wife uses this one because she feels her hair feels less greasy than the others. To me, the Cucumber Aloe is a whole lot thinnner/watery than some of the others. I use the Tea Tree Oil.

Pat Schell City, MO

Ok, Caused Hair Loss

I bought this product, and when it arrived at my house I was soo excited to try it. I started using it, as directed on the bottle, but right away I noticed a lot of hair loss. I though that it might be a one time thing, as it was the first use, but after two weeks I had to return it because I was losing A LOT of hair every time I washed it. Ive heard great things about it, so it might just not work for me.

Rosalinda New Brockton, AL

2nd favorite WEN

I’ve been using wen for about a year now, and I usually just try whichever one is the cheapest at the time. It’s worked out because I’ve been able to experience all but one flavor (it’s not edible). My absolute favorite is 613, which was cheap for a while but has sky rocketed because of the good reviews. It has a nice smell, and no tingly stuff. My 2nd favorite is a tie between this Cucumber Aloe and the original Almond mint. They do about the same thing to my hair, they just smell different. If you’ve never tried WEN products you are missing out. The secret is to follow the directions precisely (except you can use less than directed), rinse your hair really well, and give your hair a little time to adjust. If your hair comes out an oily mess, you didn’t use it correctly or rinse well enough. I like to use a regular shampoo and conditioner about once every 2 months, just to strip any build up from excess oils too. I wish WEN would make more cleansing conditioners without the tingly stuff. So far only the 613 and summer mango haven’t tingled me to death. It makes me cold in the shower. Weird, I know. P.S. my hair type is micro fine strands, but I have a lot of hair. It’s super tangly, and naturally wavy (especially underneath), and is almost to my elbows. White girl hair here, and I would say slightly oily on a scale from bone dry to fry an egg on my head oily.

Chrystal Hanover, NH

Not like the infomercial product

This is one particular Wen product that’s worth buying. It’s not available through their infomercial or related Web site. I’ve been using it for years. It’s a "leave in" product. If I’m in a rush and don’t have time to shower but want my hair looking good I put a little of this in and work it in my hair with my hands and fingers. It gives a very nice nice stylish/wet look but not greasy.

Vanessa Paw Paw, IL