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WEN Cleansing Creme Shower Comb NEW By Chaz Dean

Comb by Chaz Dean: Length 7 1/2″ maximum Width 2″

Key features

  • Comb by Chaz Dean in plastic sleeve

Honest reviews


Solid comb

Great solid heavy duty comb but really you can get away with using any wide toothed comb. I’m not returning it but I wouldn’t recommend paying the price asked for this particular comb.

Esperanza Madrid, IA

An ok brush

This brush smelled like water paints when it arrived. I was expecting a plastic brush, but it’s sort of ceramic or something of that nature. It’s an ok brush. I haven’t noticed any difference in my hair after using it.

Lupe Coupeville, WA

it’s a comb!

It does it’s job but for way less money any wide tooth comb from the drugstore will work. I do use it everyday in the shower but it is nothing special. If the one I have gets lost I won’t buy another one.

Ingrid Rural Ridge, PA

Good quality comb

Easy to use ..basic big toothe comb…stays in the shower constantly to use with conditioner ..still looks great complaints .

Rochelle Streamwood, IL

Helpful Comb

I use this comb as directed by WEN to help with the cleansing procedure. This comb is sturdy and glides through my hair easily when used with WEN.

Pat Hobbs, NM

Not that great. Definately overpriced.

Less functional that cheaper combs because teeth are squared off at ends. I definately don’t mind paying for quality, but this was not worth the price. I ended up buying a different one, for less, at a drugstore.

Meghan Rome, MS

When used with the cleansing conditioner, this is the best comb you can buy!

I have NEVER been able to use a comb in my hair before. I have thick, coarse hair, and even running a brush through my hair when wet was painful and unproductive. When I got this comb, I figured, “hey, it’s not expensive…it’s worth a shot!” I’m so glad I made the choice to purchase this. It runs smoothly through my hair, and is an effective multi-use styling tool as well. It’s a MUST if you’re looking to begin using the Wen line!

Marisa North Norwich, NY

WEN Cleansing Creme Shower Comb

Personally, I LOVE this comb! Generally I will use it in the shower when I am conditioning my hair or using the WEN Cleansing Conditioner to make sure that everything is distributed evenly; or when I am applying product to my hair after my bath, for the same reason. This comb works well for me because it doesn’t generally get caught in the snags my hair sometimes will get. I ONLY comb my hair when wet, so I’m not sure how well it would work for those of you using it with dry hair, but I truly love this comb and it works exceptionally well for my personal hair care needs!

Laverne Yancey, TX

Perfect for using with WEN product

WEN is all about treating your hair right! I use this comb everyday in the shower to apply product evenly. I use only this comb when my hair is wet. I have never had split ends since.

Juliana Toa Alta, PR

Doesn’t pull out your hair!

I don’t know what it is about this comb, but it does not pull your hair out. I can tell a huge difference since I started using it. I’m not losing half my hair everytime I try to wash and detangle my hair. If your hair is fine and tangly, this is a God-send.

Leanne Fair Play, SC

Love another better

This one seems more sturdy, but the conair is more comfortable. The WEN comb pokes my head and drags through the hair. The conair glides and is somehow gentler on the scalp.

Shelia Brooksville, MS

Hair comb

Inexpensive comb very sturdy good for after shower use get through the tangles good made not like to break has thick frame

Odessa Cora, WY

Very unique comb I always use now

When I first got this comb, I hated it!!! Literally. It was because the teeth are flat. It felt like it just ‘skimmed’ across my hair. But I gave it a try and I hardly use anything else on my hair. I realized you don’t need spiky teeth as I thought before. It’s very gentle, but does the trick. I simply love it and don’t think it was too much $.

Terrie Brook, IN

comb replaces all my brushes

I love this comb.It has replaced all of my brushes.The tangles just disappear and very little hair is pulled out.I would recommend this comb for everyone but especially for fine hair.

Sofia Onalaska, TX

awful smell

what in the world? This comb arrived intact and it works (I mean it is a comb) but it has an AWFUL indescribable smell to it!! REALLY bad. I tried washing it and it still stinks. I may just toss it which is a shame because I really like the finer end of the comb for product placement in my hair.

Daphne Annapolis, CA

nice !

love the wide teeth ! fits nicely in my hand even when i use it in the shower, it doesnt slip out of my hand.

Margo Cunningham, TN

5 Dollar Investment

Ace brand combs were the ones I grew up using on my hair (wavy, curly, frizzy depending on the weather). However, I couldn’t find a “shower comb” version. At LESS than FIVE BUCKS and free shipping this is a worthwhile investment for a hair tool for use both in and out of the shower.We’ll spend a fortune on hair lotions & potions and complain about FIVE BUCKS for a decent hair tool. Yes it’s plastic, it’s hard, doesn’t splinter to snag/break your hair. It helps evenly distribute your cleanser or conditioner product through your hair so the product can maximize it’s benefit. I’ve used various Revlon shower combs before that quickly and easily shed their teeth and need continuous replacement. This has not been the case with this comb.A friend recommended getting the comb whether I purchased the WEN cleansing creme etc or not. I’m glad I did, I actually purchased TWO. One for the shower and one for my nightstand so I can detangle my hair after the nightly scalp massage rather than the finger combing I’ve been doing. Just know you’re not going to find the same quality at the Dollar store or Wally-World, I’ve tried!

Danielle Evangeline, LA

the same

These are the same combs that come with Wen products for alot less, buy you wont be diappiointed with these.

Jannie Ernul, NC

Teeth Too Thick

This comb must be for thin stringy hair, the teeth are too thick which makes it impossible to get through thick hair..It is a well made comb, just isn’t made for Afro hair.

Nannie Saline, LA

Good Quality Comb for Care of and Use on Wet Hair. Long Lasting

Good, heavy, quality comb for using on wet hair. Will wear a long time. These are a necessity. You do not want to tangle wet hair. You can comb through, part and either air dry or set hair with assistance of this comb. As with most WEN products, a good quality value that lasts.

Lilia Moffat, CO

The WEN Shower Comb is unbelievable

I would recommend this comb to my family members and friends. I could not wash my hair in the shower, before trying this comb. I lost to much of my hair down the shower drain. Well not any more with the WEN Shower Comb

Leticia Saint Charles, ID


what can I say …I love the comb and it works out great I leave it in the shower soooo…

Erin Aptos, CA


I had searched Wen products, and while ordering my shampoo, I thought I would go ahead and order a comb since I always forget to pick one up at the store. The tines are too wide and are not tapered enough to get comfortably through the hair. It’s also very thin, so that makes it sharp. This is a total failure. Buy a Goody.

Karin Reyno, AR

Kind to the Hair But Lacks “Shower Grip”

I like the idea that the comb is well made and there are no ridges within the teeth to snag or rip my cuticle. But it is clumsy comb in the shower—a handle with a grip would be nice. You know? Shower, slippery soap, shampoo etc. Why they call this a shower comb I’m not sure.I paid 5.97, I think. It’s kind to your hair but next time I order a comb (for the shower) it will have a no slip handle.

Alta Middleburgh, NY

Must Have For Wen Girls!

I love this comb! If you are a Wen girl you absolutley have to have this comb! It really helps to push all the cleanser through your hair and is very gentle. It is a super heavy duty come and very high quality!

Rae Lascassas, TN

Love the styling but?

The finish is too dull it tugs through my hair instead of glides through Very dissapointed with it. I think there is a copy of these same type comb hopefully with improvements. I don’t use it and wished I could have returned it.

Edna North Haverhill, NH