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WEN By Chaz Dean Replenishing Moisurizing Treatment Mist 2oz

Spritz the mist on dry/styled hair to add extra moisture and hydration. It will also absorb instantly into the skin when used on the face or body, leaving it soft, supple, and smooth

Key features

  • WEN By Chaz Dean Pomagranate Replenishing Treatment Mist – treatment mists with argan oil
  • Gives hair, face, and body an instant pick-me-up with their rejuvenating and moisturizing properties – can be used to revive and restyle hair in between cleansings; as a lightweight formulation in place of, or mixed with, your leave-in conditioner; or for extra moisture on the face and body, absorbing instantly to leave your skin soft, supple, and hydrated
  • do not contain harsh chemicals, detergents, or stripping agents ` 2 oz or 12 Oz
  • Spritz the mist on dry/styled hair to add extra moisture and hydration. It will also absorb instantly into the skin when used on the face or body, leaving it soft, supple, and smooth

Honest reviews


613 Is Amazing!

I love all Wen products, but 613 is my absolute favorite. It is so moisturizing and it smells so nice! It smells like a bit of a manlier version of straight vanilla because of the lemon rosemary. This product is great to spray on wet hair before you brush it. Also, don’t be afraid to use this as a quick replenishing spray! It moisturizes, detangles, refreshes and smells great!

Carly Wetmore, KS

Like this treatment for daily use

This is the nice light spray of revival for the curl calming of fly aways that I would use more if it came in more than this little 2 oz bottle. I think this product should be replaced with a larger volume and not at a significantly high cost than the 2 oz one. Or, provide the concentrate to create more in this 2 oz format be adding water, distilled or what ever.

Adelaide Holdenville, OK

Compliments other WEN products nicely!

I thought these replenishing treatments weren’t necessary till i started using them. They are great for using to refresh your style the day after you shampoo (I have long wavy hair thanks to WEN and use it every other day). It also is a nice refresher for your skin keeping it hydrated and soft to the touch! Smells great too!

Brooke Illinois City, IL

WOW…Hi Nausea

Ugh! With all of the raving reviews, I thought this would be my IT product…NOT SO MUCH. I LOVE aromatherapy and essential oils, but this smell? I tried to use it but it was too over-powering. So much so that I felt like my skin was rashing seconds later. Nope, never again, to any WEN products.

Nancy Nampa, ID

Egh. Not my cup of tea.

Really love the smell but the product makes my hair greasy in a couple of hours though. Maybe it’s just my hair.

Margaret Delong, IN

Smells bad to me

Not what I expected. I realy don’t like the smell. Love the chaz products but won’t order this again. It is like putting smelly water on your hair or skin.

Sheri Poolesville, MD

So so on this one

I read so many rave reviews on this product. I was so disappointed when I used it. I did not feel it made my hair silky at all! I have been using Wen shampoo for the past few months and have been very happy with the results. Was looking forward to using this product but it really disappointed me.

Shelly Walkerton, VA


smells sooo good, Lasts me a long time. Leaves my hair soft and the ingredients are amazing. I will for sure repurchase again and again. Love the price as well and the fact that I can travel with this.

Candace Climax Springs, MO

Not up to par this time

I wasn’t quite as impressed as the other wen treatment mists. Just far too much money for such a small amount especially if it doesn’t wow me. I probably won’t buy again.

Nadia East Earl, PA

not enough of the product

I like the smell of the replenishing mist but cannot really see any benefit of using it. I want to see results from products.

Leila Smoaks, SC



Dolores Goldfield, NV

Just ok!

I love the whole wen hair care line, however I found this to be a little to heavy for my hair. Got this at a great price so it is definitely worth giving it a try.

Benita Bienville, LA


Nice change to find a great hair product that works after wasting so much money testing products out well i must just be lucky lately I love this stuff it adds extra moisture bounce and shine nice smell and a little goes a long way

Celia Liberty, KS

love the smell of this

I have the 6 13 cleansing conditioner and love it, this stuff is okay but I like the cleansing conditioner a lot.

Silvia Johnstown, OH

Not that special

This product smells really, really good, but does very little for me. Kind of a waste of money. Its okay for a little "freshen up" like its supposed to be, but doesn’t really make a difference otherwise.

Tricia Glenshaw, PA

Small size but nice

Expected this to be larger even though the weight listed. Is more a travel size, but the product is great.

Marian Carpenter, SD


The smell it nice, and it’s hold your hair good, I don’t have anything really to say about I can see and feel my hair getting stronger.Yes you should try it.

Teresa Middleton, MA


This product unlike the other fragrances is a little heavier and makes your hair appear oily if you use too much

Taylor Swans Island, ME


I cannot ever say enough about all the WEN products. I can never thank Chaz enough for making this product come to life. My hair is the best it has EVER looked and it will stay this way because I will NEVER go back to shampoo! Way to go Chaz

Laverne Newcomb, MD

Smells Wonderful

I purchased this product after using the Six Thirteen conditioning shampoo. I love, love, love the smell. I use it to add moisture to my hair a day or so after shampooing and or whenever it feels a little dry. I also like to mist it on my face.

Sue Flynn, TX

Not impressed

I was expecting so much more from Chaz Dean on this mist but it fell short of my expectations 🙁 I love his moisturizing shampoo and deep conditioners, which I’ve been using for a long while now with great results. However, I can’t say the same for this mist. For starters, the smell is more like the smell of men’s cologne and it didn’t really moisturize my hair, but simply got it wet and had a crunchy after feeling. I think I would have had better results by spraying my hair with water and a little lavender oil.

Bethany Sandersville, MS