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WEN By Chaz Dean Fall Apple Spice Cleansing Conditioner 16 Oz

WEN Seasonal Cleansing Conditioners are universal formulations designed for all hair types, lengths,and textures. Designed to keep your hair healthy and manageable, they were created to help WEN customers enjoy all benefits of Cleansing Conditioner along with the signature scents of each season

Key features

  • One 16 Oz bottle of Wen Fall Apple Spice with Pump
  • Shampoo and Conditioner in one!
  • SLS Free!

Honest reviews


Can’t stand Fall Apple Spice!

I was so expecting to love this but the smell is sickening. Chaz really missed the mark on this one. I had to return mine. I love the smell of apple, but the “spice” is just overwhelming. I didn’t smell any apple at all.

Miranda Farnham, VA

If you love the smell of maple..

I should know by now that if it’s a spice + something in Wen’s conditioners for scent, the spice will kill the something! This smells like pure maple syrup. I don’t smell any apple at all. I don’t know why they are so heavy handed with the spice and nothing on the fruit,in this case apple- last time pumpkin. Such a shame. Should have apple first then a hint of maple- now that would be a hit!

Elsa Magalia, CA

Scent Review / WEN Use Tip

I just ordered this and hope to try the Cranberry Mint. Should have read the reviews b/c I was hoping for a fresh Apple scent like Bath & Body Words lotion but the scent is a very heavy and strong cinnamon spice. A bit over-the-top. Reminds me of Glade air freshener and also how a Christmas gift store smells. A nice smell, but I don’t want to wear it. I know many women who like vanilla, pumpkin, and other fruit and food scents, but I prefer fresh, clean and some herbals. This is too much for me. I will say I did try it just to see if the scent lingered and I can say it does not. Does not go away completely, but if you rinse it out really well and follow with other hair products you may use, you probably won’t smell it. It’s expensive so I plan to use it up and never order again.As with all WEN products I have found that diluting with water works best. It’s easier to apply, I use much less, and it does a great job. I have long straight hair a bit on the fine side and I have been using WEN for years. I tried it, could not get the hang of it, stopped, tried it again, and finally figured out how I needed to use it. They suggest way too much for most people so I would recommend you experiment. No two heads are alike. The key is to pull the wet hair with the WEN product on it through your thumb and index finger while your other fingers comb. Do this 10-12 times for each section until it “feel” silky between your fingers. Leave it on while you finish your shower and then rinse REALLY, REALLY well, rubbing the scalp with your finger tips. Happy WEN’ing.

Clarice Riegelwood, NC

This works, but the smell is RIDICULOUSLY strong

I was expecting this product to smell like apple cider. It does not. The best way to describe this scent is to say that it smells like a Yankee Candle store in the fall, when they have every single fall scent going at the same time. The apple scent is faint, but the vanilla/musky/woodsy scent is STRONG. I washed my hair with this product on Saturday, September 21st. I have washed my hair five times since then, with different shampoos and conditioners (not this one), and when my hair is wet, I can STILL smell this scent, very faintly. This is after using a very large amount of shampoo one day to try to get the scent out. And on the actual day you wash your hair with this scent, brace yourself. You will smell nothing else. This does happen with other Wen conditioners (specifically the mango coconut), but this particular scent is more overwhelming than any other Wen scent I have encountered.However, all that being said, it does work. My hair is conditioned afterward. I have long, thick hair that requires a lot of conditioner to detangle it, and this one does do the job, the scent notwithstanding. If you like apple conditioners, I recommendWEN Kids Cleansing Conditioner (Apple)instead. This is a true apple scent and is less overwhelming. I also think the Kids’ conditioner works even better than the adult formula.

Kaitlyn Pennellville, NY

one of the best WEN scents yet

the smell is amazing and lasts a long time. left my hair soft and manageable. perfect scent for the autumn

Sarah Vista, CA

Best Wen fragrance yet !!!

I’ve used Wen for years and usually after your final rinse you can no longer smell the fragrance, especially after your hair is dry. But this Fall Apple Spice lingers on and I LOVE IT. It’s a very spicy heady fragrance yet smells wonderful!!

Charity Cottekill, NY

Product 5 stars, scent 3 stars…

Love the product, but not crazy about this smell… I have Gardenia, Pumpkin, and other scents. I hoped this would be better, but I personally didn’t like the smell of this product. It works great on my hair, but the scent was just not a winner for me.

Jeannie West Harrison, IN

Great shampoo

Great product as I have experienced with many different wen products try it you will like it like no other

Ashleigh Alstead, NH

I love the Chaz conditioner/cleanser

I love the Chaz conditioner/cleanser. this does a great job, as does all his products. The initial smell is not exactly what I expected, but the conditioning effect is great.

Patsy Duncan Falls, OH

Love the “flavor”

I really love this scent. It took me a couple of times using it to get used to it, but whenever I use it now. I really relish the wonderful scent. It works well when I mix half the pumps with Wen Sixthirteen cleanser.

Clara Leslie, MI


I am embarrassed to go out in public that is how strong the smell is YUCK! Like a strong yankee candle in your hair

Leona Suttons Bay, MI

my hair is almost literally edible now

wen is amazing, obviously. i am only offering feedback on this’s not apple, but it’s luscious. it smells as much like apple as an apple fritter… the whole scent is apple fritter dipped in a soy chai latte… flavored candy. there’s definitely a candy coating to the whole thing that seems detached somehow, like they wanted to sweeten the fragrance, but couldn’t quite get it to blend. it’s wonderful on your hair, but in the shower it’s a bit much, like huffing a vanilla/brown sugar yankee candle.if you’re a fan of the pumpkin and you want to level up on the omgiwant2eaturhairNAHW, you’ll love this. if you prefer the lavender or the tea tree oil, steer clear of this sugar-n-spice bomb.

Clarice Ninnekah, OK

Holiday Surprise

My favorite WEN so far, I purchased it since it is one of the newer in his line and I tend to try them ALL and was not sure what to expect with my long, thick, difficult to manage hair (think mixed chicks hair).This WEN has left my hair smooth, supple, shiny and extraordinary manageable more so than any of the others. The scent is reminiscent of an Autumn Spice Cake, a warm Apple Crisp, etc., it may not be apple per se but it has that fresh, sweet deliciousness of so many treats that apples make an appearance in or are the star of, especially at this time of year.

Vera Brownsville, KY

The smell is so bad and lingers

This product smells just awful. It is very overpowering. I also thought it did not work as well as other forumulations. My hair felt dry. I wish I could return it because I am just going to end up throwing it away. I cannot imagine anyone I know would want to smell like this stuff smells.

Muriel Shidler, OK

New Favorite Flavor

I totally love this fragrance!! Next best are the Pumpkin Spice and Sweet Almond. It seems to be extra thick so I need less on my hair. (Makes the bottle last longer too:) ) With the winter dryness, the extra moisturizing helps my hair soft and shiny. Love it!!

Vilma Martell, CA

I love Wen!

Have used this product for years now and I absolutely love the way it makes my hair feel! Made me a believer

Cora Winter, WI

No real results for me

This product makes my hair soft but I don’t see any real difference in it. I guess my hair isn’t special enough to start with – the girls in the WEN ads already have great hair. I’m not sure I’ll buy it again, probably won’t.

Nikki Saint Helena, NE

Great stuff

I am a WEN girl! I have been using WEN for more than 4 years now and love the product. I am trying this "flavor" to use during the Fall months. WEN is top of the line and I have never been disappointed. You may say that WEN is expensive. I do not think so. I find that I would spend as much on regular shampoos and conditioners for the amount of use that I get from a container of WEN. AND I would not get the excellent results that I get from using WEN. This is great stuff!

Lupe New Hartford, NY

Love This

I use all Wen products and unlike some posters, which are entitled to their opinion, I loved this scent. It reminds me of incense. I feel really bad that most did not like it. Not only did I enjoy this one but it had the loveliest label on the bottle. I kept looking at it and thinking it’s really pretty. The colors blend nicely and there are many colors in this label. The only Wen product that I did not like the smell of is the Tea Tree BUT…Tea Tree gives the best results. Wen truly is a product in a class by itself and I know there are copy cats but the original Wen cannot be beat.

Ella Goldsboro, TX

High price, but nothing compares

I’ve tried the knock-off versions of Wen "cleansing conditioner" (Wen’s version of shampoo) but the less expensive brands all seem to have a build-up problem. I need body as well as help keeping my processed hair healthy looking. I have no build up issues with Wen, which I’ve been using about 2 years now. I do use a high-end lathering shampoo about once a month which may not be necessary, but like most people, I associate lather with squeaky clean. I can understand why some people might not like this scent, as it is very sweet and not light and breezy. I like it, but am glad it doesn’t linger for hours because it is rather strong. For reasons I can’t explain, this one works best on my hair of any of the Wen cleansers I’ve tried. I’ve used Wen’s body shampoo with a lavender scent and the regular one with a minty scent. Those two seem to work exactly the same, but this one seems to give me a bit more bounce and shine. Could be my imagination, but I’m going to stock up while it is available.

Estelle Liberty, TN