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WELLA Color Charm – T18 White Lady 6-Pack

Wella Color Charm Toners are ideal to create pure double process blonde hair color results. These Toners remove remaining “brass” for perfect blondes every time. Professional Hair Toner.

Key features

  • Extra mild toner
  • Gentle to the hair
  • Tones pre-lightened hair evenly
  • Professional Hair Toner

Honest reviews


Perfect baby blonde beige – IVORY LADY toner

My hair is sort of a dishwater blonde naturally, with highlights. Last time around, stylist didn’t leave foils in long enough and my hair came out somewhat ‘yellow’. Not exactly brassy, but not what I wanted. I used this Ivory Lady toner with developer when I came home. I left it on for about 6 or 7 minutes. A warning about toners: if you leave them on too long, your hair will pick up a purple, blue or grey hue (depending on the toner used). This toner cooled down the yellow and left me with a very nice baby blonde beige color. As an added bonus, it lightened up my natural color a bit so as to blend better with the highlights. This was great because my stylist not only didn’t leave the foils in long enough, but didn’t give me the full foil (like I was scheduled for!) and only a partial. This toner will carry me through to my next hair appointment. With a new stylist, for sure.

Margery Farmers, KY

Love this color (don’t be shocked to see “ash blonde”)

LOVE both T14 and T18 (White Lady)- makes my hair silver white without the ‘chicken fat’ yellow tinge you’re often left with, even in salons… However, Wella has apparently changed the name of both this and it’s "sister" – they’re no longer "ladies," but rather shades of Ash Blonde… Don’t worry (I did!!!) – same colors, just different names.

Robbie Melcroft, PA

Good, but made hair very dry!

I needed to tone my hair after bleaching it and while it turned my strand test a dark grey I realized shortly after that I had put it on dry hair. So I washed it out (several times) and then shampooed my head and towel dried my hair, making sure it was still wet. I used the entire bottle and my 20 Vol developer. It got messy! It wasn’t thick, which I was glad for but it got messy when applying it. I applied it to my entire head and waited for 30 minutes which it calls for on the bottle. It really did the job. I was surprised actually. I’ve still got some stubborn orange that wasn’t light enough for it to tone, but I’ve plans to fix that.I would recommend doing a deep conditioner right after because as I was washing it out of my hair I found my hair was drier than it was going into this. Yes, my hair had been dry because of the bleach, but I didn’t tone until a week later so my hair wasn’t that dry, but this made it very, very dry. It even felt dry when wet! I’m sorry if that doesn’t make sense, but it’s the only way I can think to describe it.Nevertheless, it took out the yellow and orange tones I had going on in my bleached white hair.

Paige Bullhead, SD

Good product.

I love this toner. It is the only one I use for platinum blonde hair. However, one of the bottles arrived damaged.

Tammi Cisco, IL

The Color is a little off

Although the product worked in toning gold out of the hair , the color was slightly off more on the ashy side.

Angelique Woolwich, ME

good toner

I bleached my hair blonde this toner give a nice beige color to lighten locks .but be careful if u leave on too long you will het purple tones in your hair only leave on a few minutes

Marla Friant, CA

Great product and fast shipping. Great price. Wonderful blonde for my hair

Great product. It’s hard to find, so the bulk package makes my life easier! Great price and fast shipping! This blonde hair toner is a lovely shade and perfect for me.

Alejandra Lampeter, PA

Thank goodness

Wheather you lighten your hair blonde, gp to a salon and get highlight that shouldn’t have brass but do sadly, or in my case use Garnier bleach at home, it is Heaven sent. All the brass and ulgy orange is gone. I leave it on about one hour after lightening. I am in love, I buy in bulk. If you are thinking this color is white, or silver, it appears very light, but it does not deposit that color, it takes the brass away.

Margot Lyoth, CA

Great toner

I do my own hair at home. Black to platinum blonde and i will not use any other toner but wella. Its the best.

Joyce Big Pine, CA

Hooray!! My hair looks MAR-VEL-OUS!

Feeling that the salon prices are outrageous for coloring services, I decided, like many other women, to do it myself.Based on the favorable reviews, I selected this product for my developer. I must add that the reviews and instructions left by other buyers are great. My confidence level was elevated and I bravely went where I had never been before – -to the bathroom to highlight my own hair! I used this developer in combination with the Clairol BW2 Powder Lightener and after pulling my hair through the Magicap Tipping Cap, I applied the developer and lightener, waited the suggested amount of time, rinsed, and peeked at the results………Ahhhhhhh………the perfect pale yellow color as per a review by another reviewer. (THANK YOU!!!) She advised that in order to get silvery highlights/color, the hair must be bleached to a pale yellow color or the toner/color would not result in the desired outcome. I then applied WELLA Color Charm – T14 Silver Lady and MY developer, waited, rinsed and…………..PERFECT!!! Gorgeous, deliciously shiney, silvery highlights. And best of all? I know now that I can do it myself without reservation. Plus, I got the “Hubby Seal of Approval.” He kept repeating, “I can’t believe you did this by yourself.” Actually, I didn’t – – myAmazon buddies were with me every step of the way!!!To clarify: I left the Magicap on while rinsing the bleach/developer solution and then applied the toner/developer solution with the cap still on. I removed the cap and then rinsed, shampooed and conditioned. The Magicap worked great – the bleach did not leak thru to my scalp and I was able to place the highlights where I wanted them.

Rosanne Whitleyville, TN