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Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil, 1.7 Ounce

Organic rosemary oil completely coats your hair and scalp with an indulgent treatment of fragrant, evergreen nourishment. burdock root extract has traditionally been used to alleviate dry scalp. your hair, rich in the revitalizing fragrance of rosemary, looks and feels softer, smoother and more manageable from root to tip. plan to spend some quality time blissfully running your fingers through your healthy, lustrous locks.

Key features

  • natural conditioner and treatment for the hair and scalp
  • Healthy that lacks luster gets intensive nourishment
  • restores moisture, softens split ends and adds radiant shine as it penetrates

Honest reviews



I have fine hair, and wondered how this oil would work. (No one likes the greasy look!)So far, this product has been great, and with a little effort, rinses out making my hair soft and shiny, without looking like an oil slick.(To further enhance getting conditioning oils out of my hair, I have a trick: When I am ready to rinse, I first take some conditioner, and put in my hair with the oil. Then i comb thru and rinse. I don’t know why this works, but it seems to assist with the rinsing process. Anyone with scientific factoids to confirm or {kindly, please} refute, I would love to hear it. )In closing, I did not find this product to smell too strongly- it isn’t artificial at all, and smells deliciously of Rosemary.I will continue to use it as an occasional hot oil treatment- lovely!

Donna Fairmont, WV

great overnight treatment … will never buy regular conditioner again

I have dry hair even when using organic baby shampoo and this product has solvedmy problem! I apply a few drops either before bedtime or 2 hrs before a shower.I brush it through and go about my business (no cap needed). So far my hair feelsthicker and softer. I love the earthy scent and the fact that it contains no toxicingredients — unlike most conventional conditioners. The bottle’s small but overallI’m saving money with Weleda because I no longer need to buy any other conditioner.

Angelica Nortonville, KY

Love it!

I have very light highlighted blonde hair, not natural of course lol. I have breakage, dryness, and my blonde locks can feel quite coarse at times. I’ve used deep conditioners (every kind) and as it may make me hair feel silky while rinsing it out and while its sill wet, once it’s dry it is still frizzy and feels somewhat coarse. I even contemplated chopping most of my hair to get rid of the damaged ends. But I have always had longer hair and I don’t like how I look with short hair. I then started realizing that your typical "deep conditioners" were not helping because of all the chemicals in them and I needed something natural to really penetrate my hair and help it. I tried coconut oil, that was okay. I tried olive oil treatment, that didnt make much of a difference… I then tried this rosemary oil. And oh my lord, it was amazing. Didn’t seem like much when it was on my hair, but after it was shampooed and rinsed out, it was amazing. I first shampoo’d my hair, put the rosemary oil throughout all my hair focusing on the ends, put on a shower cap and let it sit in my hair for 3 hours. The longer the better. Over night is great too. Then rinse it out with warm water, shampoo and use daily conditioner as usual… And voila. My hair looked so much more healthier, you could barely tell I had any split ends and was soft, silky with no frizz. And that’s pretty amazing since my hair is a dry blonde chemical disaster. My hair has improved drastically once adding weleda rosemary to my beauty regimen. It didn’t dull out my color either like olive oil does. You should definitely try it! You won’t regret it.

Ana Fields Landing, CA

Part of My Daily Routine Now!

I have naturally curly hair that tends to be on the dry side. I use a Cowash, that I purchase on Amazon (As I Am Cowash), and use this wonderful oil when my hair is still wet. After drying my hair, I reapply a thin coat of this oil on my hair. It is wonderful. And, whether I leave my hair curly, or straighten it, it always makes my hair shiny and conditioned.

Alissa Willington, CT

made my hair dry

something in the oil made my hair dry feeling and i did not like it at all. I color my hair so maybe that is why the ingredients and my tendency to have hair on the dryer side require a lot of moisture. I have some other products that work beautiful and I am happy with, just not this one

Marcie Moxahala, OH


My hair falls below my waist and, naturally, the ends are a little dry. I apply this hair oil and it really helps improve the look and texture of my hair. It also lessens the static electricity and makes it easier to braid. The fragrance is very light. It reminds me of a garden. I highly recommend this item.

Valarie Roy, WA

like it

This really is a multi-purpose and natural product. I have just gone through my second bottle. I bought this originally for myself because I had itchy scalp. It helped and had the extra bonus of moisturizing my hair. I started using it on my daughter’s hair which is thick, curly and tends to get dry and frizzy. I rub a few drops into damp just washed hair starting from the ends and avoiding the roots. It works really well and if you use it sparingly it does not make your hair greasy unless you have very fine hair then I would use it BEFORE washing as a mask. It will make your hair super soft after you wash it out. I also read that rosemary repels lice. Who knows…I love it.

Mariana Bastrop, LA

I swear by this stuff

I have used this hair oil now for the better part of 10 yrs. Apply to damp hair, or dry. Make sure though, that when applying to damp hair, you don’t overdo it. Your hair will be gross and greasy. Light application when hair is dry, it comes out of the bottle fairly fast. You can warm this up in a small saucer and use as a deep overnight hair conditioner as well. It smells really pretty.

Madelyn Bergman, AR