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Weleda Baby Calendula Face Cream, 1.7-Ounce

Delicate baby and child facial skin gets soothing protection from this lightweight cream. it’s a carefully selected blend of pure organic and natural plant extracts that support the natural functions of the skin and help keep it moisturized. soothing biodynamic® and organic calendula flower extract is known for its gentle antiseptic properties that calm inflammation and wrap your child in a layer of warmth, like a loving hug. the essential fatty acids in our base of sweet almond oil and beeswax are easily absorbed to enhance and maintain precious, natural moisture. your baby’s delicate face is nurtured and protected from skin-damaging environmental influences. that’ll put a smile on your baby’s beautiful face—and yours, too.

Key features

  • Europe’s #1 Leading Natural Baby Face Cream
  • Baby Face Cream made with 96% organic ingredients
  • Soothing organic Calendula Flower, grown in Weleda’s own Biodynamic gardens in Germany
  • Organic sweet almond oil and fair trade beeswax are easily absorbed into baby sensitive skin
  • Free of synthetic fragrance, chemical preservatives or petroleum-derived ingredients

Honest reviews


Too Sticky for the facial cream

Even to use as a night cream it is too sticky for the face. it covers the face with the film and you will swet at the place you have covered with this cream right away :(I use it for the feet now instead….Smels like real calendula though…

Selina Sargent, NE

Solved Terrible Eczema Outbreak

During high stress or the start of winter I develop terrible eczema around my lips and arms. I tried numerous other brands, and the only two that worked were this for my face & psoriasis coal tar cream for my hands (for some reason it stung on my hands but not my face, which is odd because the skin there is more sensitive). Disappeared after a week of use. Put on a dab at the first onset and it’s gone by morning. Miiiiracle cream. It’s a small container but it’s lasted me 6+ months.

Leola Rural Retreat, VA

Great for adult faces too

Great for adults too! I also use on my hands sometimes, especially when I accidentally squeeze out too much for my face ( a tiny little bit goes a very long way). Leaves the skin soft and smooth. Brought it to work one day and everyone loved it. One coworker, a mother of 2 young girls, immediately logged onto Amazon to buy some for herself and them. The scent is light and lovely, the cream is rich and thick. Absorbs fairly quickly. Price is more than fair since you need to use so little

Sheryl San Simon, AZ

Good for sensitive skin.

Once she started teething my baby was getting gross rashes on her chin. This really helps to keep the skin on her face from getting irritated by the constant moisture and wiping. Plus it doesn’t have any of the off limits chemicals that some of the major baby brands have. It absorbs well and doesn’t leave her face greasy.

Antonia Altamont, IL

super cream! used for many things but best calendula!

This is one of the best creams I have used. I actually use it on my own face or sensitive areas as it as a natural anti inflammatory. It’s not greasy absorbs excellent and is fantastic for rosacea, burns, itching, cuts, etc. It was priced excellent and I have become a fan of all their other products as well.It is very pure. There are very few brands that are in the purest skincare category, I would say weleda is the fairest priced and high grade!

Lorrie Espanola, NM

Love it

I use this as a face cream for myself. I am having a problem with dry skin and this with the cleaner is the only thing that seems to work.

Vera Lincroft, NJ

Best face cream for sensitive skin!

I have been through countless tubes of this product! As I use prescription retinoids and other medical facial products, I was looking for a face cream that was gentle, wouldn’t break me out and was emollient. This face cream fits the bill! So gentle I use it as an eye cream also. Why spend all that money on Weleda’s face creams marketed to women when you can get the baby cream for half the price! I love it!!!!

Erin Fayetteville, TX