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Watts Beauty Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Advanced Skin Gel, 2.0 Ounce

This is the latest product released from Watts Beauty. The perfect blend of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and L-arginine. Hyaluronic acid holds up to 1000 times its weight in water and drawing moisture out of the environment and onto the surface of your skin, there is not a more effective moisturizing agent on the world market today. This non-comedogenic, 98% natural/72% organic formula enhanced with vitamin C and L-arginine, penetrates deeply. Popular ingredients are known to activate collagen production for a fresher, younger, firmer, brighter complexion.

Key features

  • All in one product saves you time and money; Hyaluronic acid with vitamin C and L-arginine offers results in 1 easy application
  • Watts Beauty offers the latest technology in hyaluronic acid solutions; 100% vegan; No animal cruelty or testing
  • Non-comedogenic, penetrates deeply, ingredients known to help activate collagen production; 98% natural and 72% organic
  • Ingredients known to boost elasticity and collagen production; Works great alone or added to your creams
  • Popular demand brings this beauty secret to Amazon, sold to high end spas and clinics

Honest reviews




Jasmin East Dixfield, ME

Can’t hurt, but not sure it helps

I bought this product because I’ve wanted to try hyaluronic acid in a facial product. I use it in the morning under my makeup. I might see a little short-term tightening effect, but I wouldn’t swear to it. The ingredient that follows the hyaluronic acid on the label is witch hazel, so I’m thinking that’s what any difference can be attributed to.

Dominique Hillsville, PA

Noticed a difference

After reading other reviews about this product gave it a shot. Good delivery and good price. I use twice a day along with Elf primer and only after a couple of weeks my skin looks cleared more refreshed. My fine lines especially around my eyes are not as noticable. I am 48 do not have deep wrinkles but I feel this product definately makes a difference.

Ramona Biddle, MT

Best Anti-Aging product I’ve ever used!

I’m 65 yrs. old and after 3 yrs. of continuous physical/emotional stress, my skin looked well-worn and 10 yrs. older. I tried products by L’Oreal, Covergirl, Revlon, Neutragena but none seemed to make a difference. Then I saw an ad in a magazine for Hyaluronic Acid/Vitamin C; was skeptical but did some research on it and was interested in it enough to give it a try. After the first application, my skin felt smoother…just 3 days later when I applied my foundation, it went on so smoothly and I noticed an improvement in the texture. After a little over a week, I happened to look into my cars exterior mirror…in the bright sun…and was astonished at how much younger my face looked!! Smooth and healthy! Believe me, this stuff works and I’ll be buying another bottle when this one is half gone…maybe even TWO bottles! I can’t say enough for this "magic potion"!

Jeannette Bemus Point, NY

caused breakouts

I’m in early thirties, I have sensitive skin prone to environmental damages. I wanted to like this serum, it’s good quality, and the price is very affordable. However, it caused tiny tiny breakouts all over my face.

Allison Bronwood, GA

Love it

I’m a big believer in hyaluronic acid, it’s one of the few things that shows immediate results. This serum is excellent. It not only has hyaluronic acid but also vitamins C and L. I notice an immediate difference within a few minutes of applying it.Before applying it, I always spritz my face with a little water. I pump two pumps into my palm and then rub my hands together and apply it to my face. It absorbs immediately and feels great.One of the best things about this brand is it is made in the US. It’s not some cheap Chinese import that contains who-knows-what.

Bobby Cross Village, MI


It is RARE for me to write a review for ANY product, and if I do, it MUST be good!! But I have used several of the Watts serums and oils, and they all work wonders!!! This literally make your skin glow, decrease blemishes and pimples, and give an all-over firming appearance. After my cleanser, I use my toner, then apply this all over. I have found that using the Watts argan oil right after seals it in really well, then follow up with your normal moisturizer. This serum of Hyaluronic acid/Vitamin C-L Arginine is a great mix and my face has never looked better or healthier!! Note: I am 41 years old, and I have been using this for about 5 months, and my skin looks better now than when I was 20!! Thank you Watts, and keep bringing these great products at reasonable prices to us "working folks!"

Edythe Belmont, MA

Watts beauty moisturizing hyaluronic acid/vitamin C-L-Arginine

Ordered the product not knowing anything about it. Loved what I read about the ratings. This was an excellent choice and excellent price. I do get positve comments about my skin. I use it on my face, neck, upper body. I will continue to use.

Pam Hornitos, CA

The Best

Very very good product,seeing results all the time,nearly time for a new purchase,prompt delivery….Would recommend to friends,Thank you very much.

Marquita Lanai City, HI

Just buy this, you won’t regret it.

Awesome! Stop, don’t look any further. You have found the hyaluronic/ vit C combo you want. A great product for a very great price. The packing isn’t a pretty as others but the product is just as good if not better than others I have tried. I will be reordering.

Greta Clarksboro, NJ

Worst Hyaluronic Acid Gel I’ve ever used!

I have used several different brands of hyaluronic acid gel. This is the worst! It’s very thin. It feels like you’ve put water on your skin. I tried reading the ingredients. The printing was so small I had to get a magnifying glass to read them. Hyaluronic Acid is the 4th ingredient. There’s too much of other ingredients to get the best from this mixture. Good hyaluronic acid will make your skin feel tight right after you put it on. This did not. My skin feels incredibly soft after using "good" hyaluronic acid. This one didn’t make it feel that way. I will not be buying this. There are much better brands out there.

Delores Colton, SD

Does what it says

Really great value. I love the thicker consistency and a little goes a long way. Has a very faint smell but nothing overwhelming. I use this after cleansing and with my micro needling. I will definitely order again.

Lucia Port Haywood, VA

Feels wonderful on my skin.

I have not used it long enough to see if it makes me look like I am 35 but I love the feel and it has hylauranic acid which is very good for my skin.

Eve River Rouge, MI

If you want silky soft skin, this is it!

The bottle on this is teeny-tiny, but it doesn’t take much! It makes your skin feel silky-soft after use, and that feeling lasts all day. It’s improved my skin (very dry normally) quite a lot. For the money, this is better than far more expensive skin creams!

Evelyn Grafton, VT

This is a very good product

Personally I like the plain old hyaluronic acid by itself better but I’m no expert. I have seen that Watts makes good stuff at a good price and that’s all that counts. As to which works better it probably depends on YOU and your skin. Try them and see which one works best for you.

Hester Rockland, DE

i have just started using this on my clients and i saw very gd results in only a few weeks time

Viola Hoffman, MN

Love this!

I love this product! It is so hydrating and my dry skin looks and feels so much better after just a few times of using it. I went overboard with my retin A treatment and burned my skin so I used this with vitamin E and in 2 days my skin was back to normal.

Paulette Cedar Point, KS

Good Stuff

I really like this stuff use it every night and at a good price keeps my skin looking better then it did Thanks Amazon!

Antoinette Haviland, KS

Works very well on my skin.

98% natural, 72% organic with ingredients such as aloe, witch hazel, botanical hyaluronic acid, MSM, L-arginine, carrageenan, jojoba oil, green tea, geranium essential oils, vitamin C, vitamin E (and including the preservatives sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate).To use this, you apply it after washing and pat drying the face and, of course, after the application of any toners, if you use them. After the serum dries, I apply an additional moisturizer such as an Oil of Olay or derma-e product because I have rather dry, aging skin that needs extra care.So far, in the past year, I’ve tried four hyaluronic acid serums (including this one) and have been pleased with them all. I’ve usedBest-Selling Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin– 100% Pure-Highest Quality, Anti-Aging Serum– Intense Hydration + Moisture, Non-greasy, Paraben-free-Best Hyaluronic Acid for Your Face (Pro Formula) 2 oz.,#1 PREMIUM Hyaluronic Acid Serum – 100% Pure, Undiluted & No Fillers – Ultimate Skin Rejuvenator & Moisturizer HA Serum – Best Anti Wrinkle Serum with Vitamin C – Nutrient-Rich Organic Herbs For BETTER Results – Enhances Collagen Growth – Best Hyaluroni…,Best Vitamin C Serum Beautifies Face: SALE! Shown to Restore Facial Skin ~ FADES Sun Spots, Age Spots, Fine Lines & Wrinkles ~ #1 in Luxury Skin Care Anti Aging Products With Organic Vitamin C + E + Hyaluronic Acid Serum ~ Want The Finest For Your Face?…and now this Watts product.All these products work well for me but I like the consistency and smell of this Watts product and the way it leaves my skin feeling perhaps more than the other three products. All tout themselves as natural and mainly organic but who knows what that really means. I just like the results I get from hyaluronic acid skin products. They seem to refine my pores and leave the skin feeling soft and do not irritate or cause any breakouts. These, of course, are just my personal results. YMMV.

Jillian Bullock, NC

Really Does Firm and Smooth!

This WattsBeauty bottle says: “Works great on ageing skin, uneven skin tones, dry skin, blemishes and more”…I have all of these things, and the “more” would be wrinkles and incredibly sensitive skin. I’m 70, and most skin creams, and all sunblock that I’ve tried on the market today irritate my skin. This WattsBeauty product feels wonderful, with not the slightest bit of sensitivity or irritation.With just a few days of using this WattsBeauty serum, I can feel the tightening and smoothing, and can see the difference too. It’s excellent to put on after taking a shower. I wait a few minutes, and then put on a moisturizer, usually Argan Oil. It has a handy pump that puts just the right amount in the palm of my hand, and a little goes a very long way. Just one squirt will do your whole face, and neck too. The bottle mentions using it on hands…I think I’ll try that too. I love this product!

Alison Leslie, GA

Loved it, until my face and neck broke out…

First the good: The smell and texture of this product is outstanding. I’ve been using similar, much more expensive products by Kiehl’s and Vivite and this has the best texture. It’s cooling, feels great on the skin, is organic, and not tested on animals. At this price point I was looking forward to replacing those other products.Now the bad: You can imagine my disappointment when after several days of using it, my face and neck broke out severely.Even though my experience was poor, I’m giving it three stars because I think the product is good and my experience isn’t the norm–just try it on a small patch of skin for a few days before you slather it on like I did!

Justine Jayton, TX

This stuff is great!

I have good skin however I did see an improvement after using this for a couple of weeks. Love it and would recommend to others to try:)

Monika Crockett, TX

Best Moisturizing Product Ever

This gel goes on smoothly and sinks right into my skin, leaving it soft and moist…without feeling greasy. I love the natural scent, and my makeup goes on well. This moisturizer actually acts like a primer under makeup. I would highly recommend this quality product to anyone who needs a good moisturizer product without it feeling heavy or greasy. Of course the addition of hyaluronic acid as an ingredient is a great bonus. It plumps up wrinkles and hydrates your skin. All in all a superior product. Highly recommended.

Keri California, MD

very good product

I bought this for my 50 year old daughter. she is a smoker and had lots of wrinkles. and this really made a difference. she is in the right direction and looks much better

Jodie Stony Ridge, OH

Full strength with a tingle that you can feel!

My wife had Laser surgery on her face to stimulate the skin to reduce her wrinkles. One of the items which the dermatologist believe important was some moisture adding products so that when the collegian came back it would do what it had been doing for years. This product by Watts is excellent to do just that treatment. Adding moisturizing to the skin. My wife says that she can feel the tightening effect and her face is responding well.

Lana New Castle, IN

Loved it… until my face began to break out

First the good news: my skin tends toward being naturally slightly on the oily side, and I do appreciate serums that reduce fine lines and increase collagen like this Watts beauty product does. I love the look and feel of my skin immediately after applying this skin gel, which shows nearly instant positive results. I noticed visible improvement in reduction of lines and increase in collagen after the first application (truly instant results), which was absolutely amazing!Now the not-so-good news: After a few days of regular application–not too heavy, just a drop gently spread around–I began experiencing facial break-outs like I haven’t much had since my teenage years. I suspect this may be more a matter of my own specific skin type than anything wrong with this serum, and would thus encourage those with dry skin types to enjoy the youthful revitalization possible with Watts Beauty Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Vitamin C & L-Arginine.* I received a complimentary review copy of this product for review.

Carissa Thackerville, OK

Great Product. More like a gel rather than watery …

Great Product. More like a gel rather than watery like other brands.I noticed a definite improvement in skin tecture within a week.

Donna Blanchard, ND

Nice stuff!

I wasn’t expecting too much since the price is so reasonable, but this has helped my cystic rosacea more than anything else. Better even than the prescription vitamin A also.

Reva Berwick, IL

Amazing serum and especially at this price

I had never heard of Watts Beauty. Have been using serums for a while — Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting — don’t care for the smell and leaves your skin sticky. Paula Dorf Resist — nice, but really expensive. The Watts serum is better than either of these, and at a much lower price. Received this through Amazon Vine. First thing I noticed — is almost totally fragrance free, which I like. It has a nice slipper consistency, but is not sticky. But most important, it really does seem to plump the areas around the marionette lines a little. I am really happy to have discovered this (received it through the Amazon Vine program). Great value and I will be buying more when I use this up.

Odessa Gilman City, MO

Great product

I have been using Hyaluronic Acid and decided to give this one a try since it had Vitamin C and L Arginie (which means I don’t have to buy it separtely and mix my own). I love the way it slips on and isn’t sticky-dries very quickly. I will continue to use this product.

Aline Sun Valley, NV