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Watts Beauty ArganGold Refined Deodorized Argan Nut Oil, 1 oz.

Watts Beauty has taken argan oil to the next level of absorption, naturally. This products starts as a raw, cold pressed organic argan oil. It is then taken through some additional steps naturally to enhance its absorption by removing the larger fat particles from the argan oil allowing for a lightweight, better penetrating argan oil. This filter process is done naturally through clay filters. Absolutely no chemicals are used in the filtering or deodorizing process. It is then vacuum deodorized, leaving it odor free. Some high end cosmetic companies do not want the added odor of some raw argan oils detected in some of their formulas or it weighing down some of the their popular hair & skin care products, so this naturally filtered argan oil helps both the cosmetic companies and the consumers that demand the benefit of the argan oil without the heaviness and/or sometimes, unpleasing natural odor. Watts Beauty Argan Oil is imported directly from Morocco and is produced by a woman’s cooperative in Morocco that shares the profits among the local women of the Berber tribe. Watts Beauty is a small woman owned company that gives back to the community as they encourage young, single parents as well as single, older women to focus on the importance of obtaining independence while learning the processes of being part of a growing, caring company.

Key features

  • Ultra ArganGold is Triple Filtered Naturally Through Clay to Enhance Absorption by Removing Larger Natural Particles that may hinder penetration.
  • No Odor – Some Users Do Not Like the Natural Scent of the Raw – Unfiltered Argan Oil. This is a Superb Alternative as It offers the Benefits of the Raw Argan Oil Plus Superior Penetration. This size offered in a food grade safe plastic bottle. If you prefer a glass bottle, please select 60ml option
  • Ultra ArganGold is Sourced Raw From a Certified Organic Supplier in Morroco and is Naturally Triple Filtered & Vacuum Deodorized in the USA.
  • Excellent for face, hair conditioning, nails, stretch marks, pregnancy skin, infant skin, etc. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee from a Trusted Beauty Company That Cares About & Gives Back to the Community.
  • WattsBeauty 100% Pure Triple Refined Argan Oil is Lightweight, Allowing it To Penetrate Deeper and Faster Because The Larger Fat Oil Particles That Can Hender Absorbtion are Removed. Not Tested On Animals…

Honest reviews


Lovely stuff for hands, nails and any dry area of the body.

It sinks in and dries super quickly, so you don’t smear oily smudges everywhere (I like it on my hands and nails). Amazing this is an oil!Small bottle, but it came free with another product from the same company, so cannot complain, as…Free is NEVER a bad thing. But the oil is good stuff, and I will buy it when I run out.

Marisa Sibley, MO

Like Pure Silk for Hair and Skin

This new Watts Gold Ultra Pure ArganGold 100% Certified Pure Argan Nut Oil is the real deal, but better than the original because it is naturally filtered through clay. It is odor free and has a nice, smooth texture that is perfect for taming unruly hair and softening winter dry skin. A little goes a long way and is absorbed quickly into the skin and hair, so there is no greasy after feel, as with some oils. One pump is all you need: rub between palms and apply to face and neck or hair: a little more for hands, arms, legs…you get the idea. I especially like it for dry skin around my eyes. Because it is a natural oil, the skin recognizes it as food and responds accordingly. I prefer Watts to other brands of argan oil, which is why I am a repeat customer. In my opinion, all WattsBeauty products are exceptional, pure and effective.

Sheri Arkadelphia, AR

No Scent if you care about that

I noticed this has no smell – but since I don’t mind the smell of argan oil anyway, I just mixed it in with my other argan oil. A very nice perk, getting it free!

Marsha Brookwood, AL

Wonderful oil!

This is my second purchase of the Ultra ArganGold Pure Argan oil. I have sensitive, combination skin with the challenge of adult acne and melasma. This oil penetrates, doesn’t leave my skin greasy, and also doesn’t irritate my skin. I apply this immediately after using theWatts Beauty 100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Solution, Paraben & Alcohol Free / Multi-use – 60ml. Any oil that remains on my hands ends up being run through my hair or simply massaged into my hands. Both of these help my really dry spots, and I’ve even started adding this in with my homemade Shea body butter. I’ve purchased four products by Watts and I’ve been very happy with each of them. One of the others is theWatts Beauty ArganGoldTM 1oz/100% Certified Organic Cold Pressed Argan Nut Oil for Hair & Body – Morocco. I been switching between these two, but can’t tell a big difference yet. This seems to be an exceptional company that provides products that don’t contain all the parabens and sulfates that so many other lines put in theirs. I also love the fact that they offer so many specials which allow me to try a new product at a great discount… and some even for free.

Cornelia Ryland, AL

Watts Utra Argan Gold certified argan oil for hair and skinl

I love Watts products. I have not been dissatified with any of their products. They are very cost effective and do what they say they will do. I bought this because I had bought it before and loved it. Unfortunately, I did not get the bigger size. I use it on hair and skin.I’m definitely going to purchase it again.

Matilda Chattaroy, WV

It’s good product for the price

I won’t say this is the best.Although this argan oil is good, there are better Argan oil in Amazon..Price is right.I recommend this: Virgin Argan Oil

Lizzie Prinsburg, MN

very nice product

This product is very nice. It does not have an offensive smell. It absorbs easily. Makes my skin feel very nice. I am in a cold dry wintry climate. This product works great for dry skin.

Maude Vermontville, MI

Nice Argan Oil

This really does have less fragrance than most Argan oils. It is lighter but just as potent. It was good to get two for, basically, the price of one.

Christian Muscoda, WI


Great for using to moisturize skin (especially in winter with the indoor dry air from heating) and formoisturizing scalp and hair.Works better than most of the "moisturizing creams" that I have tried.A trick is to wet your face, then pat it dry and straight away apply this oil.It seals the moisture into your pores.Also the bottle lasts quite long.

Cecelia Terrell, NC

Great stuff from a great vendor

This stuff really is good for the skin and hair.Read about it online in various places and you’ll be convinced.I use it on my face and my wife uses it on her face and hair.She uses this and Watts hyalaronic acid on her face (as I do) and she has gotten many complements since using it.We love that it’s organic without a bunch of chemicals in it!

Briana Eckerman, MI

soft and silky

this stuff feels amazing on my skin and it’s so simple with no odor or greasy feeling after you put it on

Sharon Bayville, NJ

A fraction of the cost….

This is an excellent product, at a fraction of the cost of most argon oils. It works exactly the same. It’s like giving my dry skin a tall drink of water. It absorbs quickly and gives my skin a nice, fresh glow.

Christian Marysvale, UT

nice skin care product

i have oily skin, but i still like to keep it hydrated…this works well with other watts products. a small amount applied to a damp face sinks in quickly, skin feels great, and it doesn’t clog my pores. good for cuticles, too. highly recommended. great value if purchased as one of their package deals!

Susanne Odon, IN