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Watts Beauty 2% Retinol Serum – Hyaluronic Acid Gel Blend – No Parabens – Made in the USA – Perfect for Dull Skin, Aging Skin, Wrinkles, Large Pores, Oily Skin, Acne Prone Skin & Much More – 98% Natural / 72% Organic – 2oz

This product offers a facial peel without the pain and lengthy wait. Retinol is proven to improve mottled pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, skin tone, color, as well as your skins hydration levels.This suspension of Retinol contains a synergistic blend of active ingredients to help to soften and heal the skin with the most efficient and effective moisturizing system. Retinol has a molecular structure that’s tiny enough to get into the lower layers of skin where it finds collagen and elastin.

Key features

  • This Advanced 2% Retinol Serum is a Soothing Gel that contains the Top 5 Skin Care Ingredients.
  • The Perfect Blended Gel Serum of Retinol Enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid & Green Tea Offer Results Without The Pain of a Harsh Peel
  • Best Retinol Gel – A Blend of Proven Ingredients Offers Results While Protecting the Skins Delicate Layers…
  • Please note that this product contains Retinol and may result in peeling and redness as the product helps to remove dead skin cells to encourage the new skin cell generation.
  • A Cooling Retinol Serum That Feels Good and Offers Results. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee…

Honest reviews


Doesn’t work for me but it might work for you

To be honest, I am a little skeptical that this product could have so much great stuff in it yet cost so little. Unfortunately, it made me break out in little bumps and left my skin texture feeling rough. I decided I would still keep it and use it on my neck since I didn’t have any reaction there.What is nice about it is that it goes on smoothly, has a great consistency and does not have a smell. Many facial products have overpowering perfumes in them and this didn’t which I found really refreshing. If I were you, I would still give it a try because it is a good price for some great ingredients. The fact is any product can cause a reaction in a person and this is probably just a case of the product not agreeing with me.

Diana Kings Mountain, KY


It makes my skin rly dry… disappointedI just order other brand’s product and literally waste money for this one

Trisha Ceres, VA

Watts Beauty 2% Retinol Serum 5 (Vitamin A)

I use this almost every night. It is a great bargain compared to dermatologist products. I get wonderful comments about the texture of my skin. Highly recommended as long as the content remains the same.

Justina Jackson Center, OH

Watts missed the mark

I love Watts products. LOVE them! But this one made me break out terribly. Ill stick to their other goodies

Geneva Tipton, PA

not seen any diference at all

Boo hoo I purchased this because retinol is good and I am looking for a preventative wrinkle crème and this was like applying nothing, it did nothing for my skin, it didn’t feel like it was doing anything either which is odd, because retinol you usually know you have it on your face. this was a huge waste of money

Sharron Wildwood, FL


Super serum,lots of compliments,my face looks best ever,hope Watts will always have this serum its really good ,super etc..Thanks you.

Ashlee Ravenna, NE

Watts R Serum

no smell and does tighten – only used 3 times so far – each PM – have high hopes for longer use.

Miranda College Station, AR

So far so good

I just received this item along with the cream. I look forward to seeing what happens after a couple weeks. It goes on very nicely and soaks right in. I plan on ordering other creams once I am out of my current ones. Another thing I am Im impressed with is the price, I hope it never changes! It allows people like myself to afford great products at a very reasonable price. Thank you watts beauty

Roxanne Citrus Heights, CA

Not bad, but nothing spectacular

I haven’t noticed any significant changes in the month or so I’ve been using this (once a day). It isn’t bad, but I guess I was hoping for more. I have a few fine lines and some redness I was hoping it would address. I did notice a bit of sensitivity when applying other products around my eye area, which I assume means it is doing something, but not enough to make a noticeable difference. Will finish what I have, but am not planning to reorder.

Selena Tokio, TX

No difference.

I used for a month.. No redness or stinging. It goes on smooth. I like the Olay microdermabrasion. Product better. I would not recommend this product.

Lily Lutsen, MN

Watts Beauty Retinol Serum 5 (Vitamin A) – Hyaluronic Acid Gel Blend

Watts Beauty Retinol Serum 5 (Vitamin A) this product is such a wonderful product. I cant tell you how great this feels on the face and relaxed your skin feels so smooth after using this product. Beautifying your customers are priceless they use High QUALITY ingredients in there products just as wonderful is, Terri from Direct 2u Wholesale LLC there customer service Representative. Terri provided me with Excellent Customer Service. I love this product and such a wonderful experience with your customer service representative. from now on I will stay a loyal customer.Thank you,G.Kelley

Sally Thompsonville, MI

This works

I love this serum! I have oily skin so I don’t want anything that lingers – absorbs easily and has done a good job to keep my lines at bay! Would definitely recommend to anyone, great product. Will definitely stay with this one.

James Blackwater, MO


Excellent cream for the price, use it day and night and it’s cleared my complexion of small bumps in the chin and lightened a dark spot. I’m glad I tried this instead of ordering my expenseive Peter Thomas Roth Serum for $39.00 at half the price it does a great job. Will purchase again.

Annie Martinez, CA

seems to be working

I’ve noticed that when I forget to use this for a few days, my skin gets ruddy again. This helps keep my pores clear, gives me a better complexion. I follow it with moisturizer.

Raquel Beeville, TX

Good as a moisturizer, but that’s it

I’ve been using this twice a day for five months. It goes on clean with no greasy feel and does moisturize pretty well.However, I’ve noticed no change in skin tone, pore size, etc. I dont think the ‘Retinol’ is stablized, so exposure to light will degrade it over time (hence the dark bottle).I’m not sure how reputable the manufacturer is either, since their website is run by "Direct 2u Wholesale LLC" which makes me question the quality of the ingredients. "Watts Beauty" seems to be a made-up name they added to a generic product.It’s good as a moisturizer, but that’s about it.

Milagros Bishop Hill, IL

soooo gooood

It is soooo good .. From the first time I use it start to peel my skin and become soooo smooth and the color of my skin different … I use it for my face & my legs.. I really like it … It does not cause any irritation to my skin my be because I use it in winter … I thing I will order new bottle with different concentration for other parts of my body

Brianna Port Orford, OR