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Watts Beauty 1.5% Retinol Face Cream – Maximized Results Formula Enhanced with Blue Green Algae, Jojoba Oil, Hemp Oil & Green Tea – Works Wonders on Large Pores, Fine Lines, Blemishes, Uneven Skin Tone, Wrinkles, Sun Damaged Skin, Aging Skin, Dull – Lifeless Skin, Acne, Scars & Much More – A Light Peel Without the Side Effects / 2oz with Treatment Pump

Watts Beauty Retinol offers the maximum amount of Retinol per application of any over the counter cream. Retinol is the active ingredient in skin treatments, especially in wrinkle creams. It’s benefits are known to keep the skin young-looking, supple, smooth and clear of blemishes regardless of the imminent age factors. The Anti Aging effects of Retinol are being enjoyed by people from all over the world. Retinol deeply penetrates the skin and reduces the effects of free radicals which are responsible for accelerating skin aging in unbelievable degrees. Free radicals are unstable molecules of oxygen that cause wrinkles by breaking down skin cells. When free radicals are kept in check, naturally, the skin’s aging process is held back. Because Retinol works below the surface of the skin, it is a very efficient candidate for removing deep wrinkles and fixing damages. It works by going below the outer layers of the epidermis to the areas of the skin that contain elastin and collagen.

Key features

  • 80% Organic Retinol Cream (Vitamin A 300,000 IU per Bottle) – 2 oz Cream
  • Bottle Color will Vary – Brown or Green. Easy To Use & Precise Treatment Pump Minimizes Waste.
  • Helps to Lighten Age Spots & Acne. Contains Bursting Retinol Crystals to Maximize Benefits.
  • Minimizes Pores & Lightens blemishes. Retinol is known for repairing damaged and wrinkled skin
  • Watts Beauty select retinol formula nourishes and while it repairs and removes dead skin cells

Honest reviews


Good, mild retinol product

I normally use a much stronger (and much, much more expensive)4% retinol product. I thought I would try a lighter more moisturing product and this was a great price. It felt great going on and my skin did feel soft. Frankly, I will stick with the more powerful product and just use this nights when I think my skin needs a break. But this is much more gentle on the skin and if you don’t need an extremely strong formula it is ideal. I would have given this 4 stars since it just isn’t strong enough for me; but, gave 5 to offset negative reviews that don’t reflect the quality of the product. Yes, the four ounce option is sent in a larger approx. six ounce bottle but I received the promised four ounces. And unlike many skin care products the bottle wasn’t deceptively weighted to make you think it contains more than it does (see olay microsculpting cream, neutragena rapid repair line, etc) As far as redness, flaking- well, duh. If you don’t have some of this when you begin using retinol, it’s probably not working. Retinol works partially by exfoliating surface layers. The stronger it is the deeper and faster it works and the more redness you will see. For me at least this disappeared completely after a time. Since this product is not terribly strong and contains many soothing agents, it should be a good choice for most people just beginningto use retinol.UPDATE: I should note that my original review was for the 4 oz product without “copper and peptides” which was the only option available at the time. When I went to reorder, I accidently selected the 1 oz with copper and peptides. I don’t like it at all. First of all, in my opinion both the original and new versions are mislabeled as a cream. The original is a lotion as you can probably guess by the fact that it comes in a pump bottle. This new version appeared to be a “serum”- very thin and watery with no moisturizing. I eventually realized that it had separated and while it was thin and watery on top, on the botttom there was thick gunk. Since shaking hadn’t helped the product recombine, I poured into the old container and stirred. This helped some but it was still nothing like the feel of the original. And it wasn’t moisturising at all. Worst of all, I’ve been using for a couple of days and my skin doesn’t look nearly as nice. I hope someone can benefit from my $30 mistake. Stick to the original (and less expensive) product.

Olive Etna, WY

Snake Oil

I love Retinol and have used it many times so I do have experience with it. Well, you know what they say… If it sounds too good to be true, then it likely is. There is no way this is what they claim. PERIOD. Retinol helps acne, this gave me acne. Do you know how hard a white head is to correct? It clogs pores and I actually had my skin texture and fine lines WORSEN while using it daily. I reordered my skinceuticals 1% retinol and when I put it on, my face was very velvety and happy. I have thirsty skin and this stuff sat on top more like grease. Just give up the extra $ for a decent heavy hitter is all I can say. You don’t want this mess on your face.

Christian Ludlow, PA

Not impressed.

I was expecting dramatic changes, something I could really notice, but let me tell you, to me this is no better than a regular light moisturizer, I used the whole thing and I don’t know what really happened other than have a good moisturizer. All those 5 stars reviews I’ve been reading about this product, I don’t share the same thinking.

Minerva Peotone, IL

Broke me out a bit and smells wierd

I’ve used this on and off for a couple of weeks and noticed that everytime I used it, I would wake up with a few small whiteheads. I exfoliate using glycolic acids and papaya enzyme peels regularly to keep my breakouts at bay. I may be sensitive to one of the oils used in this product or something.Also, I’ve been comparing this product along with SkinMedica’s Retinol Complex and have to say that Skin Medica’s is more effective even if it does have preservatives and other chemicals. Skin Medica’s product did not make me break out and also smoothed out fine lines a bit better than Watt’s retinol.While both products smell bad, this one was worse for my senses. It smelled like old oil to me that’s been sitting out for a while.

Kristin Meridian, TX

Nothing special

This lotion came with the top 1/8 th of the bottle empty but the pump did not look like it was used so I kept it even though it looked kind of odd. I have nit seen any difference in my skin after 2-3 weeks of use so I cannot recommend it. It works just as a light moisturizer but not for wrinkles or brightening of skin.

Isabelle Gardendale, TX

It’s ok

I notices Roc was better making my skin less blotchy and smoother compared to this product. Perhaps I had my expectations set too high. Also, I don’t have really problematic skin but when I use roc I can actually feel the difference. Also, this product feels sticky and I’m not a huge fan of stickiness.

Estella Sharon, KS


Received this item on time and the price was great. This feels so smooth. It’s more like a high-end lotion than a cream. It’s gentle and I’ve put it all over my face (even around eyes). I also put it on my hands at night. It has lasted for more than 2 months. I would recommend; as the ingredients are anti-aging and natural. I am in my 30’s with combo skin and this works just fine for me.

Inez Converse, LA


Wouldn’t this be 0.15% retinol? The conversion factor is 1 IU = 0.3 mcg of retinol. So if you do the math, percent weight by volume is 0.15% and percent weight by weight is 0.16%. Misleading.

Gail Byars, OK


I used this at night and woke up with smooth skin. However, looking in the mirror I was very pink. I waited a few days and tried again with the same results. I tried four times, with wait time for the pink to disappear and have decided it is not for me.

Justine Hampton, TN

No noticable results

Purchased this for lines and wrinkles and after using for a few weeks, I’ve seen no changes. Three stars because I haven’t yet finished the bottle and who knows, maybe it’ll surprise me!UPDATE-No surprises,this was a waste of money for me-actually made my skin worse (very drying).

Geraldine Elwood, NE

Works for me

I’m in my low 20’s but I like to use retinol for targeted issues. I like this one because it comes in a pump rather than a jar. I love the organic content; those sort of “healthy” ingredients is what I look for in my beauty products, and it is hard to find in a retinol cream.

Frankie Desmet, ID


Okay, so I was not sure about getting this – but it is amazing. I use it two or three times a week and every time I do I wake up and my skin looks like new! Tightens pores and eliminates redness; I use it over some argan oil and it’s perfect.

Amalia Winnfield, LA

Watts Beauty Retinol Cream

Very rarely have I encountered a product that produces visible and real results on my skin, but Watts Beauty Retinol Face Cream delivers. Within a few days, I noticed a change in my skin’s texture: it was smoother, softer and clearer. Inspired, I decided to try it on my neck and chest in the hopes that it might address years of sun damage. Once again, I have found success. I would estimate the improvement to be about 50% after using Watts Beauty Retinol Face Cream for approximately three weeks. A little goes a long way and the cream is absorbed almost instantly. I have very sensitive skin and this produces no irritation at all, which is a definite plus. Direct2U Wholesale LLC is the supplier I use, and I have always gotten great service from them. I will defintitely be ordering more.

Liza Randolph, AL

Trust the purity of Watts Beauty!

My skin is getting a wonderful treatment with these products. I feel that this is helping to clarify my skin and also I like that there are no scents and other harmful additives in the formula. I trust in the quality of the Watts Beauty products.

Helga Groveport, OH

Love it

I had to rate it 5 star because it work for me.I like this product because it is alcohol free.I will recommend it to any one who cares to listen.

Bianca Dillon, SC

great product

I like this product: it is light, no strong smells, absorbs fast and does the work. My skin became noticeably softer and smother after few days of use. No side effects , peeling or redness. Considering the price, just awesome!

Estella Saunemin, IL

2nd Review

My first review was deleted by the seller. Now that I’ve used the product for a few months, I still cannot see a difference. I’ve resorted to using the product as a basic moisturizer for areas other than my face.

Judy Port Norris, NJ

Skin smoothing and clearing goodness!

After a recent protracted illness and surgery, I noticed my skin looked tired and lackluster. I had been dealing with cystic outbreaks along my jawline for months. The bumps were quieted with a mixture of sulfur and salicytic acid, but I needed to improve the texture and tone of my skin. I bought this product and was astounded at how quickly my skin looked better! I was surprised that it actually got rid of the bumps along my jawline. I use this with the hyaluronic serum and emu oil from this seller, and I add a salicytic acid/sulfur cream only on specific breakouts. Although I adored the glycolic product I was using previously, my skin was very happy when I switched to this product.

Angelina Granby, CO

Awesome product at a very affordable price

I’m only 24 so I figured this would be a good option as a mild retinol product, suitable for my age and skin needs.I have been using it daily at night, and exfoliating with ground oatmeal every other day (as I don’t want to cause any irritation using harsh scrubs).So far so great>> The dark spots and rosacea on my nose folds and around started peeling without any redness or irritation.I honestly wasn’t expecting clearer skin this soon specifically in that area as I’ve tried dozens of products without success.The fine lines on my forehead got A LOT better and overall my face looks and feels smoother.And a little goes a long way.. Really good deal for the size. (4oz with grape seed, green tea and hemp oil)

Sandy Daniels, WV

Part of my nightly beauty routine!

I have been searching for a retinol cream that is high in antioxidants and NOT tested on animals. I found it here! I was nervous some of the organic ingredients might break me out, but instead I was left with plump and glow-y skin:) I only purchased the 2 oz this time, but definitely will purchase the 4 oz next time. It is somewhat of a light moisturizer, so if you have extremely dry skin, maybe add this to your current beauty routine. It’s a great value and my skin feels really smooth! There is a slight medicinal/herbal scent but it disappears quickly. Love this product!

Amber Cottonwood, AZ

Great Product.

This product is wonderful,I recommend same to my friends,they compliment me on my skin always,Retinol face cream works please keep product.

Brittney Fall Creek, OR

Didn’t Do Much for Me

This product didn’t do much for me. Since educating myself more about various skincare products, I’ve learned there’s a big difference between retinol and prescription RetinA. In researching online, I’ve found out that retinol in skincare products is rather ineffective, which was the case for me. The real deal has given me much better results.

Elisha Braselton, GA

works great!

I see a little improvement in wrinkles and I seem to have slightly smaller pores, my face is not as oily and seems to feel less irritated, its only been a lil over a month so only time will tell.

Henrietta Warren, OR

It’s okay

I haven’t seen much effect with this product, but that may be because I had been using Perlabella previous to this one. I would definately recommend Perlabella over this one. But eveyone’s skin is different,so each to their own!

Elva Dennis, TX


I have been using the Watts Beauty Retinol for a few years and decided to order it w/peptides…etc.I absoultely love it…works wonders on wrinkles

Dolores Sells, AZ

so la la…

Its ok, I have tried many retinol creams, dont feel anything upon application, dont see a lot of difference to my skin even upon completion of whole bottle, or at least for my skin. Will not rebuy again. But it felt smooth upon application, so just as a simple moisturiser and then sunscreen on top maybe. Concentration just too low for me.

Bridgett Clam Gulch, AK

Seems to tighten my facial skin!!

Seems to tighten my facial skin!!! I apply after a shower to my face over my expensive moisturizer and I believe it makes it stronger. A little goes a long way. I am happy with this product. Will order again. Fast shipping and seller is great!!!

Yolanda Taylor, WI

Wow…it is really good

I am very careful with my skin on my face. I am 46 and have some sun damage, which I am trying to correct and I do a light chemical peel once a month and I have had fillers and Botox treatments in the past. My Dr. Told me to not spend a lot of money on OTC products as nothing is a miracle worker and the only items the you must use is a cleanser, toner, retinol cream and sunscreen. She stated that exfoliating is very important as well. So I purchased an expensive Skin Medica Retinol and used it for two month….was not impressed with the results. I am tight on cash this month and desired to try to find a cream on Amazon and my research ended with this one by Watts Beauty….well I must say I am very happy with this Cream….it is down right awesome…I do use a skin buffer each with a light cleanser before bed time, I use a toner then rub about two pumps of this cream on my face. I wake up in the morning and my skin is new skin soft…I think I found a cream that actually does what a retinol cream is suppose to do. I will have to give it a rest during the week I do my chemical peels…as I believe it will be to much, but so far I have not had any redness or flaking….but it maybe because I use the buff everyday when washing my face.

Araceli Colonial Heights, VA

really works!

the only reason i gave this 4 stars is because it makes your skin very tight, somewhat uncomfortably, but it’s not drying it just closes your pores very effectively. This can also only be used at night or the sunlight will have an adverse effect on your skin

Rachael Hiawassee, GA

Pretty good!

This product is pretty good. I didn’t experience any peeling or severe dry spots or anything like that. I would have given it a 5 but I haven’t used it long enough yet to see if it helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Elisabeth Hasty, CO