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Wally’s Ear Oil is an all-natural blend of essential oils and herbal extracts specially formulated to soothe irritated, itchy & sensitive ears. This moisturizing, antibacterial, antifungal formula can also be used on the skin to help relieve irritations such as rash & eczema. It may also help prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. Wally’s Ear Oil has also been shown effective in reducing scratching and killing mites in the ears of dogs and cats.

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Honest reviews


One of the best ear oil we have used.

We are first time users of Wally’s Natural Ear Oil Liquid and my husband and I give it a thumbs up without any reservations. My husband has a chronic problem of ear wax that has to be coaxed out and ear oil with a bulb to irrigate the ear gets the wax plug out almost efortlessly. The product was packaged very well so no breakage or leaks and it arrived within estimated delivery time.

Manuela Newhebron, MS

did not work for me

i do not recommend this…. waste of money. it did not do nothing to my ears. I should have bought something else

Angela Greensboro, VT


This smells so bad I really can’t stand to use it. It did work all right when I did use it, but it’s just so so bad smelling. Mostly I smell onions and garlic, which are two things I can’t stand the smell of. If you do use it only use it the comfort of your home, not when you are going out unless you want everyone to side eye you. I’m going to have to search for something else. Still giving it 3 stars because it does work somewhat and it would be fine for your cats and dogs.

Candice Santa Ynez, CA

smells terrible

I wanted to try this to go more of a "natural" route….I’m not sure if it works, but the smell is awful!! The garlic smell is very overwhelming!

Erna Edgemont, AR

woks well, just has a bad smell

This product does what it says. It works well and will continue using it. I just have to make sure I use it when I am going to be at home, since it has a strong bad smell to it. I also found that if you apply to a q-tip and very gently apply it to your ear the smell and taste are not as strong. I would recommend this product.

Charlene Beecher City, IL

This product is great!

I bought this for me and my son. Mostly my son who is disabled and for some reason his ears are always dirty (like he has dirt faries in his pillow) I was hesitant about cleaning someone elses ears so I ordered this and the syringe. Now my son’s has very clean ears and so do I. This product is easy to use and gentle.

Bethany Gainesville, NY

Like the oil

"i received the item before the actual delivery and was very pleased. The item was as described,it does smell really…I have only used it once and plan to use it again. I put the wax oil inside my ear(hoping to loosen the wax) and waited a while and then cleaned my ears afterward with a ear syringe to clear the ear wax out. I think the combination worked well."

Arlene Logan, KS

not impressed

Last year, I used a different ear oil and didn’t find relief throughout the ordeal I was going through so I decided on this oil due to the reviews I read. I bought it over the summer in preparation for winter.I’ve been using this for four days and started at the first sign of discomfort. Unfortunately, my condition is getting worse! It is acute pain now. I am so disappointed, this oil doesn’t seem to be working for me.

Elisha Rhododendron, OR

Like it but lives residue

Delivered on time and great packaging. The only complain I have is the residue it leaves behind and how hard is to clean it off. I scratch my ear canal trying to clean it and got an outer ear infection which is very painful, so be careful. It does provide relief to the itchiness.

Kay Winnie, TX

Hope you don’t mind garlic

Works for me in two days when I have itchy, irritated ears. It’s thick stuff. A bit too expensive in my book, but I would buy it again. Don’t forget to shake it–that will minimize the garlic smell some. I find the smell strong enough that I’ll only use this at night. I don’t want to smell like garlic at work.

Elsa Stonewall, LA

Works but…

I would give this 5 stars but I hate the garlic smell. Way too overpowering. I decided to go back to using olive oil instead. I would buy this again if they get rid of the garlic.

Meghan Carlsbad, TX


This really helped my ears! I felt like pressure and they hurt a bit. I tried this for 4 days and it was like a major ear cleansing! I recommend it!!!!!!!

Stefanie Forestville, WI

Soothes painful ears — but not for sensitive noses!

I love all-natural products and was eager to try this based on the positive reviews. It really is soothing to sore ears, and it helped ease the pain I was feeling during a recent sinus infection.That being said, the garlic oil that is used as one of the ingredients is so strong that it literally almost caused me to get sick to my stomach. It’s the last ingredients on the list, but the strongest smell, and it doesn’t dissipate at all. Since the oil stays outside your ear a bit, I kept getting the oil’s smell on my fingers when I rubbed the exterior of my ear.I wish that the smell wasn’t as strong but it’s so overpowering for me that I think I may just end up throwing this out since I’m not sure how hygienic it would be to give it to someone else. It’s a good product, but the smell makes it un-usable for me.

Rosanne Moorhead, MS

Works well!

My daughter had some wax build up that seemed to bother her. I used this on her a couple times and she no longer grabs or scratches at her ears! I just put some on a q-tip and held it to the opening of ear canal (just so it wouldn’t be too much). She didn’t mind it!

Gabriela Santa Isabel, PR

Good ?

I bought it to have it ‘just in case’ for my baby … i ended up using it on myself once I felt a little earache coming (I used to get ear infections all the time up to few years ago) … I think it somehow helped although the mell is extremely powerful, it smells like very strong garlic, I have to store it in a ziplock otherwise my whole cabinet smells.

Lorene Remington, VA