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WALKER C-22 Citrus Solvent 4 OZ

A great cleaner for the scalp and hair system without the harsh chemicals; this solvent is fast acting on most soft bonds adhesives and tapes while still being gentle to the skin.

Key features

  • Quality Wig Adhesive
  • Use as Directed

Honest reviews


Love it!

It’s one of the best solvents on the market today. I’ve tried other solvents and always find myself coming back to this one. Gotta’ keep it on hand.

Cathy Tuntutuliak, AK

Works pretty well, smells pretty good

I use this product once a month to remove my hair extensions. It removes the adhesive pretty well and the smell doesn’t bother me at all. I rather like it! It smells like oranges.

Morgan Sargent, NE

Good stuff

I used this to remove my tape-in extensions. This stuff made them come right out, without any breakage. It is as gentle as baby oil. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because the bottle gets clogged often during use. It is extremely oily, so be sure to pick up a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the extra oil. Great product, very satisfied.

Sherri Lincoln, MT

thank u

omg im so glad i buy this… i wass thinking on not to buy believe is not necesary, but i make a mess on my hair with the glue and this thing save me 😛

Meredith Miami, WV


you spray this to the glue that you want to taken give off a fruity smell fresh feeling sense.i like work very this stuff.

Ethel Thornton, TX


ABSOLUTELY recommend this product! It does what it says and I agree with the other 4-5 star ratings! Never been more happy and will purchase again!

Kara Arlington, OH

love this product

I have been using this solvent for several years to remove my hair extensions. I use gold bond glue which works very well for me, but it was very difficult to remove the wefts until I found citrus 22. I spray it on where the weft is attached and leave it for a few seconds, and gently pull the weft free. It only takes a few minutes to remove all wefts with little glue residue that is easily removed. It is oily which although a little messy, makes it very easy to comb through and get all of the glue residue out of my hair easily. With C-22 and gold bond glue, I no longer dread redoing my wefts and ending up with hair that I enjoy.

Allene Jonesboro, AR

This is good stuff!

Please, please, please, do not use any wig/scalp adhesive or tape without some sort of scalp protectant for your skin and a solvent to safely remove it! This product is nicely scented and gentle on the skin. Along with this product I purchased the Walker Skin Protectant, Ultra Hold adhesive and a roll of supertape. It all arrived together, which was great because I wanted to practice before my lace front wig arrived. First, I cleaned the back of my hand with alcohol until the cotton ball was free of debris. I then spread 2 thin layers of protectant, letting the first layer dry before adding the second. When the protectant no longer felt tacky, I applied a thin layer of Ultra Hold. It goes on clear and dries clear. As an experiement, I added a layer of supertape to test the difference in the hold with and without the tape. I needed the solvent to remove the tape and glue. I believe the citrus base helps to remove the glues and soothe your skin. I can only imagine what it will be like to remove the glue and tape while under an attached lace front wig. If you are new to this, as I am, I would suggest you either go to your beautician for assistance or watch some of the instructional videos on YouTube. Type in “how to apply a lace front wig” and all sorts of results pop up. Videos in which the beauty expert applies the products on the model are helpful, but I prefer the ones where the model applies her own products as I will have to do. Overall, I highly recommend this product and the others I mentioned. Again, please do not use any wig/scalp adhesive on unprotected skin.

Clarissa Browning, MT