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Wahl 79900B Clip-N-Trim 23-Piece Complete Haircut Kit

Wahl Clip N Trim 23 Piece Clipper Kit with Powerdrive Clippers with Adjustable Taper Control and built-in Close Cutting Finishing Trimmer.

Key features

  • 23-piece complete haircut kit perfect for hair cutting at home
  • 2-in-1 device great for trimming around ears and necklines and touching up sideburns
  • Self-sharpening, high-carbon steel blades stay sharp longer
  • 5-year limited warranty

Honest reviews


Great clipper – needs improvement tho

I bought this for a bit more at Walmart becuase I needed it asap. My hair grows back at an incredible rate and if I don’t trim it within 2-3 weeks, it looks BAD.This model featured a Powerdrive system that’s supposedly more powerful at cutting thick hair more smoothly. It also sports this special detail trimmer that pops out and attaches to the trimmer blade like a silencer for a rifle. The only difference is that it makes 3 times more noise than the regular trimmer. It was so loud I couldn’t stand it buzzing next to my ear.I tried oiling it to no avail, it’s just very noisy and vibrates a lot. The regular trimmer is just like the old Wahl I had. In fact this trimmer looks and feels JUST like the old Wahl I had from the mid 90s.I didn’t feel any difference in how smoothly it cut – it just got really hot really quickly.But it’s new and it has a 5 year warranty. It would pay for itself in the 3rd or 4th haircut at home.UPDATE: After the 3rd cutting, the trimmer appears to be slightly quieter and doesn’t get as hot.I oiled the blades and made sure it was clean.The small trimmer attachment got a bit quieter but I found that if I just wear earplugs I can handle the noise. No Big deal at all.The hair trimmer already paid for itself and I’m getting really nice and clean haircuts by myself.UPDATE:After about the 10th use, the longer trimmer guides vibrate and the smaller “fuzz hair” adapter vibrates right off of the main trimmer body.It still cuts great for such an inexpensive trimmer. It does the job of an industrial strength trimmer and after about 3 haircuts, it pays for itself. I can pretty much get a brand new trimmer set each year and still save over going to a hair salon/barber shop.My hairstyle isn’t complicated: Guide #4 for the top, Guide #1 for the sides. High and tight. I see no reason to pay a barber ten dollars to do the same thing.

Louise Mickleton, NJ

good trimmer, bad case.

The trimmer arrived today. We tried it out by having the wife cut my hair. it trimmed it up nice and short. The finishing trimmer appears pretty delicate, but I think if handled carefully it will provide a relatively long life. Lots of cutter guides to use, theres even one for trimming eyebrows. Or should I say “eyebrow”, because if you need to trim it, you probably only have one covering both eyes.I am not to thrilled with the carry case. Mine arrived cracked. it appears to be pretty cheap plastic and there are no separators inside the case so everything will slide around.I gave it 4 stars because of the case. It does appear to be a pretty good trimmer for a very inexpensive price. I guess if I wanted extreme heavy duty and a great case I could have spent 5 times more money. But I don’t need to this time.

Tonia Cheraw, SC

Dogs love it with a passion

The thought of cutting my hair is beyond consideration but two little Yorkies just love this set. The main reason is that is is quiet and effective. Those, to me, are the operative words: quiet and effective. When you turn the clipper on it makes a humming noise instead of a loud “I’m going to get you” sound. Then when you start cutting small animal hair you actually cut it without pulling or leaving gapping holes in their fur. Maintenance is easy and with all the tools you could almost go into business but I’ll pass on that. Additionally, you have the Wahl brand and that makes a positive difference.

Rhea Hornell, NY

Loud and obnoxious!

I thought we’d upgrade our home clippers and get these since they seemed a little better quality than the ones we already. They did not cut cleanly, I had to go over the same spot many times. These also vibrated so loudly that it hurt my hubby’s hearing and I had to return them.

Beulah Hannibal, NY

Nice Set for the Price

My husband has been cutting his hair for several years and had an older Wahl set but really needed a newer, sharper set. We researched a little and found this set was a nice set for the price. It works great and included several size trimmer combs and other accessories too. Works like it’s suppose too with just average noise.Pleased with our purchase and recommend it.

Kathryn Morley, IA

Excellent clip n trim, lasted almost 10 years

I purchased the Wahl Clip N Trim here at Amazon and was stunned at how much use we really got out of it. It has a great assortment of different length guides. They snap on and off easily. They feel like "quality", too. You are not worried it is the wrong length. The touch up trimmer that is built on that "flips" to trim things like the back of a neck and sideburns is awesome but can be easily snapped off by mistake. You always have to watch it and be careful with it. Mine eventually broke off, but I was still able to use it by keeping a finger on it while I trimmed. This trimmer finally just wore out and needed replacement but it’s been almost 10 years. I came back to Amazon and am delighted to see they still sell this one. I have a cheaper Conair trimmer I picked up in the meantime at a local store because I happened to see it on a last ditch clearance, but the features of it are not as nice as this one. What makes this one stand out to me is the flip trimmer. This Clip N Trim is a great buy and will last years with proper care. Mine probably would have lasted longer had I oiled the blade each time, etc. Don’t hesitate on this purchase. We have saved hundreds over the years on haircuts I know. My husband was paying $20ish a cut years ago and basically I can put the #5 clip on this and give him a cut in minutes that is easy and it looks just as good. There is no telling how much this has saved us over the years. He gets a haircut about every 5-6 weeks, so we’ve saved a lot of money. If you are trying this for the first time & not confident in your cutting, YouTube has thousands (if not more) of clips on how to use trimmers and do cuts. They are worth a quick watch. You can do it with this little trimmer.

Patrice Harmony, IN

Good value for the money

I have learned now (after my third clipper of this type) that you truly “get what you pay for”. Not a bad product; does the job but it is NOISY !! You need to be diligent about lining up those adjustment blades with stationary ones- but all in all, good product for the little money you’ll spend.

Roseann Valley Fork, WV

Great product.

I got this as a gift for my father and he really likes it. it does a great job in cutting hair. Although, I would prefer that manufacturer will sell this item with fewer pieces for hair trimming. Very often 90% of them not needed.Bottom line is that I would definitely recommend this item to anybody!

Marietta Accord, MA

satisfactory product

This product is a good one for home users only. good points about it, you can trim your beard, cut your hair in various sizes and shapes, the blades of the Wahl are great. Negative points: It is a bit heavy and noisy. But in general, the product is satisfactory and gives good haircuts.

Priscilla Morgan, TX