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Vivo Per Lei Vitamin C Facial Serum, 1.34 -Fluid Ounce

Effectively texturizes the skin preparing it for the absorption of day or night cream while providing it with vital vitamins and minerals and protection from free-radicals

Key features

  • Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) is a powerful antioxidant^Helps your skin to repair damage from the elements^Leaves skin glowing, ultra-smooth, detoxified^Zingy citrus aroma^Not test on animals

Honest reviews


First 2 week review

Smells like children’s tylenol, and is very greasy. Besides that I have nothing to report yet, will update after a few uses. Great packaging though.Update: think it is the packaging that is behind that originally huge price-tag. There are too many emmollients (minral oils, vaselines) in this for it to be high quality because they cause the product to just form a film on the skin. This may be protective and therefore preventive, but I recommend mixing it with another lotion or sunscreen. Used underneath other lotions meant to penetrate, such a rich night cream, this serum with hinder absorption. It needs to be mixed. use the back of your hand and rub in the extra there to add niceness to your hands! Also this serum is likewise excellent as a primer for around the nose and upper lip. It fills in pores and small lines without being absorbed, so it can smooth out skin under a foundation which is also meant to sit on the skin. If used entirely by itself at night or AFTER everything else has sunk in completely, it will be very slippery, almost like their is a silicone in it. I’ll checK the ingredients and find out! Update to come real soon!

Billie Malden, WA

Vivo Per Lei Vitamin C Facial Serum

Love it. Makes my face feel wonderful. Effects on my skin is great. My face feels so smooth, refreshed and healed after a day of stress and polution. I used to use a vitamin “C” skin serum from another manufacturer about 15 years ago but for some reason they stopped producing it. I loved it then and I love it now.

Dawn Bishopville, SC

I like it

I like this and use as part of my night time care regiment. I was using it in conjunction with a new salicylic acid toner along with other stuff I bought so I’m not sure if my skin improvement is solely to this. I had been breaking out alot along my chin line, cheeks and forehead recently but that has now cleared up and my general skin quality has improved. I liked it though because it seems luxurious with its packaging. The bottle came nestled in its own cushioned box that was high quality, definitely not a throwaway box. When I tried to price check, I found the $ for other online websites was >$100!! I paid under $20 for this, which is on the higher end of what I tend to spend on skin products considering the amount of product you get. The texture of the product is smooth but I feel like it can make your skin look oily but I think of it as essential oil for your skin. If you are going to use int he day time make sure it’s under some type of makeup. I used it with BB cream and it was perfectly fine.

Dora Santa Maria, CA

Love it this serum is awesome

I am 49 years old and this product has made my skin so smooth. Someone told me about Vit C and how it worked for them. I was purchasing other Vivo products and saw this and decided to try it. I have been blessed to have good genes and do not have wrinkles, just a few fine lines. I have noticed my face is smoother and brighter. I use it with the Vivo moisturizer and the two together feel great on my face. At first I was using way to much, a little goes a long way. I now use the size of a pea, it covers my entire face and neck. It smells so good, I love the way this smells, it’s hard to describe the smell but I really like it. If you don’t like smells in your face serums or creams you might not like this. I do recommend this product and the company I ordered it from was awesome, they sent it to me quickly and the product was as described and new.

Marisol Darlington, WI

worked exactly like a much higher price product !!

for the price, it was a great deal. will definitely buy again. I bought this product in place of a very expensive one, that i used in the past, and this one felt and worked just exactly the same.

Gale Rexburg, ID

Facial serum

A little goes a long way. It absorbs into your skin instantly and leaves it feeling and looking great! IT is a must have.

Colette Wapello, IA


This is a good product. Smells great. Looks like it has some oils inside, which helps make the skin dewy and radiant.

Jeanette Maury City, TN