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Vivo Per Lei Body Scrub, Devotion, 9.87-Fluid Ounce

Enjoy this divine combination of salts from the Dead Sea with luxurious natural oils

Key features

  • Enjoy this divine combination of salts from the Dead Sea with luxurious natural oils^Revives the skin^Nourishes, softens and conditions even the driest skin^Leaves skin soft and smooth all day^Specially created using pure, natural minerals from the Dead Sea

Honest reviews


The ingredients are total disapoitement, and the product start smelling 2 months after being open !

so, what you need to know is that the first ingredient is SALT, the second is MINERAL OIL, then comes deadsea salt, fragance and other terms, although the product is cheap (if bought around 12$) and can may improve some skin conditions (everything is always possible).. its composition is purely and simply rubish…-> u’d rather buy real dead sea salt, an organic oil of your choice (almond, argan, etc.) and blend your own scrub :pI wrote this review because the description says "Enjoy this divine combination of salts from the Dead Sea with luxurious natural oils".. THIS IS NOT THE CASE ! it is salt, mineral oil (which cannot have any nutritive property of any sort), and eventually an amount of deadsea salt that may be as low as 5%..

Alissa Wallagrass, ME

Vivo Per Lei Body Scrub, Devotion

Usually when I get scrubs, I quit using them not to long after the purchase as they tend to dry out my skin. I have had no such problems with this product. My skin is soft and smooth after using and the smell is pleasant. This is a scrub I intend to repurchase.

Jade Cecilia, KY

Skin looks and feels great after using this.

This body scrub removes a lot of crud and leaves my skin looking smooth and moisturized. It also has a hydrating effect. I really do love it.The package arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

Tabatha Violet Hill, AR

works great!

I recieved this today. I used it on both my hands and feet. This product really works. I feel as if i just had a mani pedi. Incredible!

Althea Novi, MI

Great Body Scrub and nice smell

the body scrub is not really different than others I have used, except the scent is very pleasant to me. It is soft and feminine. The scrub has oil to it so be careful using in the shower it can make your shower floor slippery. My skin feels soft and smooth after using.

Cassandra Jacksonville, OH

Great Body Scrub!

Over the years I’ve played with many body care products and never really liked them or enjoyed them. That is, until I found Vivo Per Lei! I’ve tried time and time again to find a really good exfoliant… something that I felt got the dead skin off my body without being so abrasive I might as well have just used sandpaper. When I stumbled across this I was sold. I didn’t buy it right away at the mall kiosk but I went back a few months later because it was Christmas time when they showed it to me and I didn’t have the money at the time to spend on myself and this stuff at mall kiosks tends to be pretty expensive. Used this when I got home and it’s been wonderful.Now, mineral oil does not nourish the skin like other oils can and do, however mineral oil has been used for a long time to soften up and help slough off the dry dead skin in spas and baths throughout the ages, so while this isn’t going to really moisturize your skin it sure will help all those dead skin cells come off which is what you want. Follow up with a shea butter based soap or body wash and moisturize afterwards and you’re good to go. The salt is supposed to help bring blood flow to the surface of the skin to help give you that glow and healthier skin. At least is this is what my general research of salt based body scrubs has turned up (and they were just salt scrubs in general, not anything from Vivo Per Lei or any other brand so not much in the way of bias there).My skin feels great, and exfoliating with this before shaving has given me a much smoother and closer shave than I’ve previously gotten. My skin also not only feels great but it looks great.I absolutely love this stuff and use many other Vivo Per Lei products. Already after only two weeks worth of use my skin is looking younger and firmer!Tip: Buy it here on Amazon, it’s MUCH cheaper than buying it from the mall kiosks or from I love these products enough that I would spend the money but it’s always nice to save a bundle!

Cecelia Ages Brookside, KY

Five Stars

Amazing product. I retail it at my wax shop.

Joann Wauchula, FL

This is disappointing….

Not a great scrub at all.Now I understand why the price dropped so significantly….Its horrible…..horrible….horrible…….Nothing more to add…

Katelyn Pyrites, NY