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Vivo Per Lei Anti-Aging Eye Serum, 1-Fluid Ounce

This revolutionary Anti-wrinkle Eye Serum will nourish the delicate area around your eyes and provide the skin with the necessary vitamins it requires

Key features

  • Vivo Per Lei Eye Serum helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines surrounding the thinner, more sensitive skin around the eyes.

Honest reviews


Soft and Smooth

I have been using this product now since I received it. It has not been a month yet but so far I like how it makes the skin around my eyes feel. You don’t have to use that much. It seems to have taken away my dark circles but as soon as you stop using it the circles come back? That could just be me? During the day if my eyes start to feel dry I will use it and they feel so good after applying. I will keep using this product and see what other results happen. So far I am happy with it.

Clare East Princeton, MA

Immediate difference!

I am currently using this product every morning under my makeup. It dries quickly so it doesn’t gunk up the makeup. I have been using it for a month now and someone recently asked me what foundation I was wearing and I wasn’t wearing anything! They told me my skin looked radiant and clear and it truly does. I am using the Vivo Per Lei Day Cream, Night Cream, and Facial Peel. I have been using the day cream for 6 months and recently incorporated the others. Truly great results. I will be 33 next week and my skin was looking dull, lifeless, ashen, and I had fine lines under my eyes. Now, I can look at a picture of myself from 15 years ago and my skin looks more like the picture! I will ALWAYS use Vivo Per Lei. Worth every penny!

Joy Columbia City, IN


It’s okay. Gave it away to my Mom because she usually loves what I only think is alright, but she said the same thing, it’s okay. Nothing different and non-irritating.

Margaret Tylersport, PA

Prefer Premier

Eh, I like the premier eye cream better in the green container. I seemed to get instant results with the other stuff. The Vivo also came in a tall clear squirting bottle with pump. Not like the one pictured here.

Sylvia Arrow Rock, MO

I don’t see any improvement….

Not sure if I’ve used this for long enough (about 7 weeks now) so maybe it’s a great product, but in the time I’ve used it I’ve noticed no difference. Won’t be purchasing again.

Mina Chunchula, AL

This product is great

Love this product line. have used it before and will continue to buy this product in the future. this product nongreasy

Wilma Westland, MI


I have been using this product since I saw it for sale in Las Vegas. I love the way it feels on my skin and I think it has made a difference in my appearance.

Debora Lagunitas, CA

I really like this but have not used it long enough to rate it any higher

I can tell as soon as I put this on my face freezes just like when I had botox several years ago. I put it on for my husband’s Company Christmas party and it stayed perfect all evening long. Just in the past few weeks I have noticed that the one wrinkle I have on my brow is completely gone and the crowsfeet are getting more plumped up everyday. Great product.

Kristie Seahurst, WA

Just a cream

I just wanted to try this as someone told me it was good for them. I like it but it is just an eye cream.

Hannah Nesquehoning, PA

Vivo Anti-aging eye serum

This is my very first time to try the Vivo Per Lei Anti Aging Eye Serum, so far I have no complaints and the other Vivo Per Lei proucts are super. I’ll let you know on this as I use it for a while. Thanks again for carrying these on Amazon.

Melva Manville, RI