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Vivite Vivite Exfoliating Facial Cleanser – 6.76 fl oz

An intensely exfoliating cleanser Contains 15% glycolic compound & exfoliating microbeads Helps eliminate excess oils, debris & dirt while loosening the top layer of dead skin cells Enhances the natural moisture levels in skin Visibly reduces the appearance of signs of aging Unveils a suppler, sleeker, fresher, brighter & more transparent complexion To use: Apply a moderate amount & massage into wet skin. Rinse well with lukewarm water & blot dry with a clean cloth. Use 2 – 3 times a week

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  • Vivite – Exfoliating Facial Cleanser 200ml/6.76oz

Honest reviews


Thorough cleansing

I use this about twice a week to keep my face exfoliated and smooth. At first, the chemicals were a bit harsh and my skin felt dry and tight afterwards, but now that I’ve used it a few weeks, the results are much better. A thorough scrubbing seems to clean my skin better than other cleansers I’ve tried, and it rinses off easily, leaving me feeling smooth and clean with minimal fuss. In addition, the product is almost unscented, so there’s no fragrance in the way – just a nice smooth clean result.Definitely recommended, and Amazon’s price is about the best I’ve found for this stuff.

Eileen Alma Center, WI

Works awesome!

I’m 19, never had acne my whole life, only a little zit every few months. Once I hit 18 my hormones came all at once and I started to get all kinds of oil on my face and my pores got huge around my nose and cheeks next to my nose. I used neutrogena products twice a day but it didn’t do much, just dried out my face. I found this wandering around amazon one day and because of its great reviews I decided to try it out. Well my pores have greatly diminished and it’s really helped with the oil problem too. I finally can look at my face and see the girl I always used to see before I hit 18! It’s nice not to have ugly big pores anymore, plus it makes my skin wicked soft. I use it everyday but the bottle says only 3x a week. I haven’t noticed any problem using it everyday, maybe some people just need it more than others? Either way, it’s an awesome product!

Shawn Wishon, CA

Love this exfoliator

The exfoliator is a key ingredient that works very well with the serum, eye cream and night cream to obtain excellent results. I strongly recommend it.

Bernice Newport, VT


I use most all of the Vivite line. I just love this cleanser. It has just enough of the exfoliating beads that feel like they really work. You don’t have to use a lot… just a little drop so it should last a while. Would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Carole Conyers, GA


My skin feels really soft after using this. I highly recommend this exfoliant. Really! I have tried so many thing from Sephora. This one is great!

Edna Harmony, MN

Recieved a sample and now I am buying the large one!

I received a small sample of this from my dermatoligist, and I used it for 3 days with my clarsonic brush on my forehead and it got rid of the bumps on my forhead. I think this is and amazing product. I will continue to purchase!

Marina Perrineville, NJ

Great face wash

This is my go to fave wash, it is a scrub and I love the clean feeling I get after every use. Not greasy at all, just leave an overall clean face. Helps to keep away ant acne and it is great for aging skin because it has glycolic in it.

Noemi Melvindale, MI

Exfoliating, refreshing

Great exfoliator, not too harsh on skin and I love it. I’m now using most of this line and have seen wonderful improvement in my skin. Love it

Trudy Houston, DE

Recommended by my Dermatologist

I was first given this by my dermatologist after I had an IPL laser treatment on my face. It really smooths my skin out and helps my rosacea. I highly recommend and have been buying regularly.

Meredith Shrewsbury, PA


I love most Vivite products and this one is a keeper. I have problem skin and use this to improve my acne/lines.

Petra Captiva, FL

Caused dry, sunburnt skin

I had no problems with other Vivite cleansing products. This one however, caused my face to become really dry and "sunburnt", with peeling skin and everything. I work in an office, it’s winter so there’s no sun, and I’m outside maybe only 1 out of 24 hours.I stopped use and my face healed, but then I gave it another chance and thought that maybe the first time was a fluke… and even though I used very little, the symptoms came back again.On the bright side — aside from all the pain, red, peeling skin — my acne is gone. So I guess it worked… in a way.

Esther Milnor, ND

Great for blackheads

I am a 31 year old male and have blackheads on my nose. This has not eliminated them but had diminished them quite a bit. I use it morning and night to wash my face.

Serena Lake Hiawatha, NJ

nice glycolic acid exfoliating cleanser

don’t use this every day – use 3 times a week at most – I do Mon, Wed & Fri. It will help your texture for SURE, help pores shrink, keep your skin clear from acne, help with anti-aging too. Don’t push too hard – the scrubby beads will do the work for you. Expensive though – another one to try is Replinix clarifying brightening polish- it has glycolic acid as well, but also has salicylic acid, green tea, arbutin(brightening/lightening) and more but it’s more abrasive as far as the scrubby beads go so be even more light handed with that one. Glycolic acid is something you need to use consistently – forever – not just one bottle. You also have to use some kind of Retinol product to get anti aging benefits, but don’t use glycolic acid and retina-A within an hour of each other, I’d recommend even longer – because they cancel each other out. I use this in the AM, retina-a at night.

Lucile Dunmore, WV

Vivite exfoliating facial cleanser

Vivite products are available online and I have purchased several this way a few times. I’ve had no issues with any of the products, including this one. Pricing is far better than any salon/clinic, and I find there is no downside to the products. I have had only one bad product that I sent back due to an off smell as noted by other customers, but this was another vivite product than this cleanser, and was by a vendor no longer selling on Amazon. Good product for an excellent price.

Elsie Carlton, WA

Love this stuff!!!

I absolutely love this face scrub. I have used many differed products over the years, Rx and regular but this is the only product that keeps my acne at bay, clears my pores and scrubs away dead skin. I used this twice a day everyday and my skin looks great, the best it has ever looked. There is no chemical smell and my skin is super sensitive and this doesn’t irritate my skin at all. It can sting a bit if skin is broken or you have an open blemish but it’s totally worth it. I have been using this for a year now and it’s the best. 1 tube also lasts me 3 months so it’s worth the money. Do not get this in your eyes, it will sting a lot. Also has a bad taste so watch out for that too. But other wise, this product is amazing.

Angelina London, AR

Use it all the time

I love this. It is gentle and effective. A very fine exfoliate. I will buy it again until I find something better.

Estela Bronston, KY

Good Product

I have used this product for three years. I really like it. It exfoliates and cleanse my skin. I used it twice a week and it leaves my skin feeling great.

Rena Horton, MO