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Vivite Daily Firming Lotion-10 oz

This smoothing, toning and tightening formulation is designed to boost skin elasticity and firmness, resulting in a sleek, smooth and sexy appearance. It hydrates, exfoliates and softens the skin while caffeine and Regu-Shape slim and re-shape the contours of the body, resulting in a more attractive silhouette. In clinical studies, this exceptional lotion was proven to reduce thigh circumference and provide improvements to the appearance of cellulite and skin dimpling.

Key features

  • Clinically proven
  • Smoothes, firms and tightens skin
  • Effective treatment for mild cellulite and skin dimpling
  • Boosts elasticity while moisturizing
  • Gentle enough for daily use

Honest reviews


Good Cream…

This is a really nice thick firming lotion. I like the way it smells, and it glides on easily and absorbs quickly.However, I wouldn’t say it was worth the extra money. Most of the other firming creams that were $10-15, such as Nivea, worked a lot quicker and better, so I’d say hold off and try the Nivea Goodbye Cellulite firming serum or the Jergen’s Skin Firming Lotion. Everyone’s body reacts differently to different lotions, but I just wasn’t that impressed.

Bianca Highland, NY

WHERE has this BEEN all my life?!?

My weight has been flip flopping for the past few years, so it’s really important for me to have a really good firming lotion. I’ve tried tons of different creams, gels, serums and lotions. This is by far THE BEST I have tried. I’ve been using it for about 4 days, and the difference in my skin is INSANE. Everywhere. It totally firms. That little stomach flab that interferes with buttoning your pants…gone. Any discoloration or bumps on arms and legs from shaving or whatever…gone. I just ordered a second bottle, I’m hooked.The only only downside to this stuff is that it feels more like a gel or serum rather than a lotion. It’s not creamy, it’s very thin feeling and takes a good amount working into the skin to absorb (which is fine cuz I massage all my problem areas vigorously to help fight cellulite). I don’t mind all that, however, it does leave your skin kinda sticky or tacky to the touch for quite awhile after applying. I put a hoodie on within the hour of applying and when I took it off I had little fuzz fibers all stuck to me and wiping to get off just made the fuzz smeary. So, just take precaution.All that aside, this stuff is definitely worth trying out if you aren’t sure.Oh and also, Vivite is all made by Allergan who owns Botox, Latisse and the Lap-Band.

Myra Jodie, WV

No smell

I have been using this for over two weeks and it does seem to help firm the problem areas, the only thing I don’t like like is the scent, sort of smells like Elmer’s glue. I will keep using it though because it works 🙂

Dale Brant Lake, NY

Insanely effective.

I went to see a dermatologist for a little Botox, and she noticed my bumpy upper arms… keratosis pilaris. I didn’t even know it was a thing. She game me this for free, and I was skeptical, but this is incredibly effective for smoothing skin, addressing those bumps, and keeping skin moisturized. Truly incredible product.

Sharlene Riverton, NJ

soft skin

i just started using this a few days ago,and it makes my skin so soft,i dont know yet about its effects on cellulite but time will tell.I use a scrub all over my body a few times a week,and then use this lotion,i had some dry,bumpy bits on my body but this has smoothed it and my skin feels lovely,if i works for cellulite then i will give it 5 stars.

Allison East Alton, IL

Clogged my pores

This surprisingly started off well then after a while started to clog my pores. I literally, had big acne in my inner thighs. This was the only product I was using to make sure that no other product would interfere which it. Way to expensive for what it did to my skin. As for my skin texture did absolutely nothing.

Alicia Rising City, NE


This product always improves my skin tone and look – I try to use it on my legs and arms daily.

Trisha Pablo, MT

It works

I think this works well. Doesn’t smell great but also doesn’t bother me. I bought one for my mom too.

Kerri Eskdale, WV